HeavenLee's Beach Resort Story#2: Passed By The Wind That Is You

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 Passed by The Wind That Is You 

Hunzy Fanfic



 I- They tried to run from each other, passed on each other like ‘the wind but the wind made its way to make them meet again. Is it a coincidence or is it destiny?


II- Suzy never falls in love and seeing both her friends Jaebum and Hyeri fell apart made her wonder even more what it’s like to fall in love and fell out of love. Is it just part of human nature? Loving and hurting. Two opposite words that stem from the only reason. Or maybe she could do something to avoid it from happening. Seeing her best friend gets hurt only added to her opinion that relationships shouldn’t be taken seriously because it will only leave you damaged.

Well, she experienced something less likely of what’s being left by someone but not by the person she has an emotional attachment to or of some sort. It was the time when she was boycotted by the man she was supposed to meet on a blind date her friends have arranged for her.


 III- Sehun is constantly being played and teased by his friends about dating girls but he finds the idea horrible because he never got interested in girls in his whole years of existence on this planet. A young man with no experience in love got chase by different situations and it always includes the cold girl who appears to be the same arranged to him by his friends in the supposed to be a blind date to find him a girlfriend months ago that he boycotted. But now, it just seems so different. After days of encountering the same girl over and over again, it felt like there’s no chance for him to escape again cause now she’s stuck all over his head.




As of now, there is still no official theme song for this story but I wanted to show you a very beautiful FMV made by Hyelin Lee. I'm following her Youtube account and liked all her videos and this one is my favorite FMV she made.

This is the link to her channel:


Please do check it out. 

About the video:

She used "Melting" by TWICE in this breathtaking Hunzy fan video. Notice how the lyrics just perfectly fit on each frame and the music works best with the video. Loved the effort of putting it all together. Enjoy!






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