A Miracle For Us

Story Ideas by LayDZhang

A Miracle For Us

Drama, Slice of Life, Romance




 Lee Hi always dreamt of becoming a baker when she grows up but life took a different turn when the path to her dream crashed after meeting an accident that caused her to lose her sight. It was too painful for her but instead of taking it negatively, Lee Hi tried to do different things and one of the skills she learned is gardening- the earliest she had learned from her mother who owned a flower shop. 

Every day that she put on a friendly face to the customers the more Lee Hi realized that you don’t need to like a profession to be happy with your work. You can learn to love it as time goes by.

One day, a rich customer came to her shop to buy all the flowers she sells and introduced himself as Bobby. Someone informed that he’s new to the neighborhood and what’s crazy is he even comes to the shop almost every day to which the girl suspects?

Why does he have to buy flowers all the time? Where does he need the flower for?

But those questions will yet to be revealed together with an unexpected twist.


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Chapter 31: Oh did I missed anything??
Chapter 31: Oh I have never heard about this disorder. I will surely search about it. To know more details
Chapter 31: I've never heard of that illness before, plus the plot sounds really interesting why lie!!
Chapter 31: Omg i didn't know abt this disorder before?!!!!
Chapter 30: 'Fascinated with the word death' gosh you've caught my full attention!!!! Gosh that sounds so interesting.
Chapter 30: Ohhh wow that sounds like a horror kind of story!!! I really liked it hahaha u always come up with interesting ideas!!
Chapter 30: Oh What happened next?
It's interesting
Chapter 29: Omg are u really drunk 😂😂😂 the idea sound intetrsting!
Chapter 29: It's been a long time and in sure it's a challenging task to write.
Well, I ship Lee hi and B.I XD😂😂😂😂