Let Me

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Let Me

A JinJeong Fanfic



OST: Let Me by GOT 7


Park Jinyoung and Yoo Jeongyeon



After the painful heartbreak Jeongyeon had experienced, everyone was shocked that the girl cut her hair short and refuse her friend's request to lengthen it.

Ever since then, Jinyoung the once bully classmate of hers started to change his treatment towards her and to her shock, he started acting nice. He even saved her poor heart from breaking more when she saw her ex getting intimate with his newfound lover. That time, Jinyoung was by chance walking around and when he realized what's happening, the guy didn't hesitate to run to her side and gave her the comfort she most needed by giving the warmest embrace he could give her at that moment.

From then on, Jinyoung is always seen beside her. Even she didn't want him following her, the guy always makes excuses just she could allow his companion.


GOT7's "Let Me" is the main OST for this story. 

JB's intro vocal is a killer that's why I love this song so much even though this story is for GOT7's member Jinyoung.





This is an FMV I made for this story. Hope you like it ! ❤☺




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Chapter 31: Oh did I missed anything??
Chapter 31: Oh I have never heard about this disorder. I will surely search about it. To know more details
Chapter 31: I've never heard of that illness before, plus the plot sounds really interesting why lie!!
Chapter 31: Omg i didn't know abt this disorder before?!!!!
Chapter 30: 'Fascinated with the word death' gosh you've caught my full attention!!!! Gosh that sounds so interesting.
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It's interesting
Chapter 29: Omg are u really drunk 😂😂😂 the idea sound intetrsting!
Chapter 29: It's been a long time and in sure it's a challenging task to write.
Well, I ship Lee hi and B.I XD😂😂😂😂