Love You Like A Fool

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Love You Like a Fool (Not A Story Idea)

Genre: Romance, Drama, Comedy

Main OST: Like A Fool by TWICE




A simple mistake that leads to something right’






Claire(Yoo Jeongyeon) likes Dylan(Im Jaebum) for four years and in the middle of their last year in high school, she decided to confess her love by putting a love letter inside the man’s locker but unbeknownst to the sixteen-year-old girl, she did a mistake by putting the letter inside Zeke’s locker.


Zeke(Park Jinyoung) is Dylan’s friend who suffers from a tragedy that made him be a withdrawn and awkward person. Because of this personality, he is often misunderstood by everyone. He happens to witness Claire’s mistake and when the girl realizes that Zeke saw everything, she just ignored him clueless about the error she made.

Days had passed and the girl became anxious when she hasn’t still received a response from the person she likes.

One day, the girl was asked by their homeroom teacher to help him bring his things inside a room for Science club members. When Claire switched the lights on inside the room, she was surprised to find out Zeke was also there sitting silently on one of the desks. Like the last time he saw her in the lockers area, the man gave her an intimidating look but this time, he talked to her and even recited the letter she made for Dylan in front of her face. On an impulse, Claire slapped Zeke on his face, and Zeke who also got mad then yelled at her.

Since that day, Claire started to get annoyed with Zeke’s presence, and even though she doesn’t want to be near him, they sit next to each other during Science class because of the sitting arrangement made by their Science teacher(JYP). This caused small silly fights between the two yet Zeke still surprised Claire with his unusual behavior because inside the coldness he displayed, there's a caring side he never showed to anyone.



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This story is up to chapter 22 but because of document problems it wasn't finished. Luckily, I have a draft on my paper and I'll continue writing when I feel like it. Only I have to make sure that all pages are complete.



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Chapter 29: It's been a long time and in sure it's a challenging task to write.
Well, I ship Lee hi and B.I XD😂😂😂😂