HeavenLee's Beach Resort Story#3: Clueless Intuition

Story Ideas by LayDZhang



Clueless Intuitions 

Do KyungsooX Min Dohee



I- To don’t have the power to decide for yourself, to have something planned for you even against your own will, to be trap in a place you know that is not for you, to don’t have the ability to control your fate, would you stay or would you run away rather than sacrificing yourself to an unknown world?

Two people from the same mission to escape their fate found themselves in a place new to them. It’s a paradise-like beach resort that gives them freedom and space to think about their own lives far away from the crowded space filled with business-associated people that they never dreamed of becoming. Fate arranges for d them to meet each other after running away from their own lives and now fate is the reason they got each other.



II- Since the moment she was born, Dohee was given rules that she must obey as a daughter from a fine wealthy family in the business field. From the clothes to wear to the things needs need to learn, and even the group of people she should be associated with was already chosen for her. A life she doesn't choose to have but haunts her like a nightmare. With that, she hopes that one day to just disappear without a trace.

When she turned eighteen, her parents fixed her to an engagement she doesn’t know of to a son of their business partner.  On the same day that she was supposed to meet her fiancé, Dohee runs away from her parents and in her search of herself, she went to a beautiful place called HeavenLee’s Beach Resort far away from the crowded place filled with business-minded people. She lives there what normal people do and she even got her first job as a lifeguard.


III- Kyungsoo never complains about the life arranged for him. He always does everything his parents assigned him to do and accept his duties like an honorable good son. He manages to do everything well but when his parents started to mind his personal decisions like telling him to stop writing and only focus on the business, Kyungsoo started to grow apart from them.


Writing in a quiet place is Kyungsoo’s only gateway to stressful life from his work and to grant his own wish once in his life, he went away living only a note then contact a friend named Hyeri, the one who can provide him a place to stay that no one knows of.



Main OST:


It took a while before I decided that TWICE'S " 'Someone Like Me" will the main theme song for this part of the series.

The song is about expressing how much feelings they have for someone which can't be measured by anything in this world. The sound also has that calming yet fun sound that suits the story.



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