HeavenLee's Beach Resort#5: Path To Your Light

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Path To Your Light

A SuJi Fanfic (Kim Junmyeon X Jeong Eunji)



 I- Youth is the only hope in this darkening world. Two-person who have the same belief that knowledge and youth should be protected and strengthened for the world’s betterment. They both find comfort in each other’s arms but what if one day they learned about each other’s past. Is it still possible to make things out?



 II- Eunji is the kind of person to give her sweetest smile to anyone. Being a high school teacher for three years made her a better person and she even befriends kids from in and out of school that she works. In the past, she used to be judgmental and unfriendly to anyone she dislikes but through the years of teaching, she learned that love and knowledge are what every people need in this world and from then on, she made a pact to become a good person and a good example for younger generations to come.

One day, she discovers a group of kids living in an abandoned school near her house that no one goes other than these kids. She was amazed by the simple life and friendship they share despite the lack of living. She already had this great urge to help the kids but then, she didn’t expect to meet someone with the same mission as hers. A wealthy-looking man with a handsome pair of eyes. Eunji then thought she has more reason to help the kids not just because of the urge but because of the man who captivates her heart in the first meeting.


 III- Junmyeon wants to know the reality more than he could bear to live the quiet life in his own country. It’s the same reason why he gets himself to a mission the county’s government has planned for a very long time. It’s not that he doesn’t trust their leader’s voice. He only wants to find out what’s really outside the North and now that he reached the South, it doesn’t feel any less different to him. Living with the group of kids who became his friend in his quest gave him a clearer view of the people in the country. Not all what the leader says is right. He even gets to know a girl with a pretty smile and a kind attitude.




Main OST


"Beautiful" by Exo 






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