About Me


History of Writing 



Since when I was child, I already love writing stories and poems because it is the cheapest possible entertainment I can do for free at any time. It all started when I was very young after reading books. Once I'm hooked on a story, nothing can't stop me from reading until I felt my eyelids closing from tiredness until I eventually fell asleep. I suddenly have this thought: "I want to make a story, one that will catches the reader's attention like the same effect it did to me. I wanted to create my own story."  Then from that moment I already want to be a writer. I like constructing words and ideas from movies, music and almost everything I saw on the media by writing it on a piece of paper but later on compiled it on my old notebooks at the back of the used pages. I can't actually describe the satisfaction it brings to me but I felt challenged that I want to write almost all the possible genre I could. Amongst all those genres, I stick the most with the fantasy and romcom not that I'm a fan of it but because I can reread it again and again using an image as an output. 'Imagination' played a big part on helping me decide to think for the best suitable situation to get on with the story. I sometimes laugh at my own idea. I felt foolish for letting others read it just to ask for their opinion


I love Gotwice pairings (Jinjeong, Jihbum, Markyeon, Dahjae, Jackmo and Bamchaeng) and I'm an Exo-L <3 I forgot to mention other ships but Hunzy is among one of them


I love writing romance but an avid fan of the horror and mystery genre.


If you're interested to check my other works you can find it here: