8 Facts About LayDZhang (Tagged byCorgiFae)

Hello everyone! I hope you're all having a good day! So CorgiFae tagged me to do 8 Facts About Me and I’m here taking the challenge. Without further ado let’s proceed and get to know more about LayDZhang!

1) I'm a really shy and timid girl during my elementary days I only have a few friends and some of them didn’t last long. Well I originally wasn’t like that back on my first grade but on my second grade I don’t know what transformed me into a shy and quiet person and I won’t talk unless someone starts a conversation but when I respond, it only consists of a few words.

2) I used to be bullied during elementary days due to my lack of social skills and clumsiness. When someone tries to talk or start a conversation, it’s just because they need something from me or want to take advantage of me (not to brag but I’m a top student in our class before and I was a girl scout when it comes to my things). Thankfully, that changed as highschool began (but I become a lazy student) and I met different type of friends that are still good friends until now.

3) I am usually teased in our house because I’m always in my own world. When everyone is together having fun, I find myself alone in my room sketching or writing stories and playing my most treasured guitar. I love peacefulness and when I’m alone I could concentrate a lot more but I’m not a total loner or anything. I also enjoyed being with everyone and having fun together.

4) I like reading weird stuffs on the internet. For example: Cults, religion, crimes, deep web, etc.

5) In five siblings, I am the center and everyone thinks I’m weird and crazy especially during full moons. Idk if its a coincidence but it happens that my mood can be extremely happy or sad during these times.

6) I love animals but sometimes they are stressing me out. One time, I’m going to school and discovered my dog take a pee on my textbook. Sometimes they are the reason I have a bad mood but when I’m feeling down or tired,  they are a good stress reliever.

7) I'm good at playing guitar but not like a pro or something and it was something I am so confident of doing (esp. because I was heavily inspired by local bands)  I was chosen by a male classmate to be part of their band to perform for our Music project. Luckily, it didn’t happen because the class ended and I was relieved because I have stage fright.

8) Since I was a child, I love drawing and writing and that’s mainly the reason why I’m big fan of manga and anime. They said I took my hobby from my Mom because she’s good at drawing and sketching. People used to praise me but I got tired doing it as its frustrating that I didn’t progress with it. And then I realized what I really love is writing because I really enjoyed writing even the story is so-so.

Whew! That’s a lot of facts but I’m glad to able to share it to you guys and before anything, I would like to tag these friends to do it:
Foxyfangirl013, Natsukio, FantasyQueen, xoxoyeolmae, -shouko, the_fictitious, WannaBeA_Singer, sleepingprince

 Hoping you would all participate. Come on  it's fun! :)



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Oh, wow! Dude, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 8! Same! T^T
1: I used to be one hella shy kid, still am shy but not a kid!
2: I was bullied a lot during elementary. I hated it, then my parents changed my school and I made good friends there. Lol!
3: I don't get teased but I got scolded a lot, even till now. When I go home, and there is a family gathering. I would still be found in my room, sketching, painting randomly, or just simply reading tons of books I have. Lol!
4: lol! Sometimes I think if someone would check my browsing history they'd think I'm either crazy or am a criminal. Haha!
5: I think either your ovulation period or your periods are around that time usually. That's why such 360° mood swings. Lol!
6: I don't really like animals that much, I mean looking at them is okay and all, as long as there involves no touching, especially stray animals. Pets are okay, as long as they're clean, and not dirty.
7: My best friend plays guitar, I sing. Lol! Although I do try playing guitar once in a while but I can only play some of the memorised songs which my friend has taught me.
8: Same!! I love drawing, sketching, basically anything related to art ever since childhood. I love reading manga, and watching anime too. lol!

Wow, we've got a lot of similarities between us! (^・^)
I guess we're kinda alike in some ways. You can play the guitar that's so cool . Got chance kindly play for us if it's okay with you :) I'm glad that you managed to overcome those hard times. Being bullied can leave a huge impact . I hope that people will stop it . Its great to know more about you . I also like to read about weird stuff like secret society , Illuminati and etc so High 5 on that. Thank you for tagging me .
yay. I can kinda relate to you. tnx for the tag :)
I'm very similar to you in most ways. Thank you for tagging me❤❤❤
I can relate with you in some ways... Xd
I love you already! CULTS?!?!? Yes mami