Not Real Fan

Hello everyone. It's my first time writing a blog post because I really don't feel the need to write in here but now  I can't just stay silent from all that is happening to the fandom EXO-L where I belong.
Everyone knows the news of Chen getting married and while some people express their genuine support and happiness for the idol, some people who aren't just happy and even protesting for Chen to step out of EXO.

Those pathetic fans aren't ashamed of themselves. I shouldn't even call them EXO L because they don't deserve to be in the same fandom who loves EXO from the bottom of their hearts.
Their real color shows up. They're not ExoLove but just a pathetic bunch of EXO Lusts who only have this fantasy of making the boys an object they want to possess.
Who knows what they really want with EXO? Their face? Their body? Or just they're attracted to them and doesn't want them to live their life normally as a person who have the right to decide for his life. Those people are still trying put up this worthless fight in order to ruin someone's life and career. Then after that, did they feel good about themselves? Surely no. They only bring hate to this whole fandom but because of that, we now  know that there are bunch of fake fans that needs to be eliminated. If there's someone who needs to step out, it's them, not Chen nor any of EXO members.  


 I'm sorry for pouring out my anger like this, maybe you'd think this is so pointless but I just can't stay still without saying my inner thoughts.



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I definitely feel the same way. When I heard the news about Chen, although I was shocked about it, I was happy for him. It does hurt, but then we should remind ourselves that those idols we look up to are people with feelings as well. Those celebrities have the right to love and be loved as much as the next person. They're not comodities to own and it does not matter whether you paid to be in the fandom or not. It's the membership thry paid for. They did not buy Chen. They don't own Chen. It's disgusting how they are stooping down to that level enough to demand he left EXO. Whew.