Wild Butterfly

Story Ideas by LayDZhang


Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Drama

Main OST: Hotarubi by RYTHEM



This Japanese song is one of my favorites. I appreciate how Japanese music brings so many emotions in their Lyrics and song. And the RYTHEM duo who sang this always associate music with nature and the country's culture with its traditional sound.



The English translation of Hotarubi (Firefly)


Underneath the sky full of fireflies, I try to contact the unreachable you.

With the luminosity from my bare self, “I want to become a part of you”.


The smooth and lukewarm winds inform summer of its end.

Walking towards the direction of the clanging noises, it is the place in my memories.

I always had a lid over my heart so as to never open it,

but my eyelids keep recalling your dazzling features.


As if to dye myself in red, I put on my yukata.

Even if just for tonight, I want to capture your eyes.


Underneath the sky full of fireflies, I try to contact the unreachable you.

If I could relive it once more, I would gently embrace your smile that day.


The two of us squatted down side by side while holding sparklers.

Because they don’t last long, we were sure to watch them carefully.


Why is it that people tend to forget things?

Even the things we love and used to love.


Underneath the sky full of fireflies, I try to contact the unreachable you.

With the luminosity from my bare self that’s disappearing into the darkness of the night,

“I want to become a part of you”.


Because I loved you so dearly, even now you are special to me.

Should I meet someone new in the future and fall in love with them, I will still remember why I loved you.

Walking along as my memories pour out and turn into flowing tears.

With the burden of not being able to turn back, people must learn to move on.


Underneath the sky full of fireflies, I had wanted to contact the unreachable you.

But without looking back anymore, I will embrace the smile of that day in these hands of mine.



After his mother's funeral, Sehun who is still grieving from her death went to the garden her mother used to visit when she was still alive only to find out the mystery girl in a black dress lying on the ground. Like earlier on the ceremony held, she still wears black cloth on her head acting like a lady living from the vintage times. What is she doing in her mother's garden? How could she recklessly trespass into her mother's property on the day of her funeral?


The enraged young man startled the lady but to his surprise, she said in a soft voice: "I owned this place."


At first, he didn't believe her but after questioning her father, he confessed that he sold it to the Doctor which is Suzy's father as what Mrs. Oh wished before she died. His mother sold it to the mysterious lady? Just how important is she to her mother?



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Chapter 31: Oh did I missed anything??
Chapter 31: Oh I have never heard about this disorder. I will surely search about it. To know more details
Chapter 31: I've never heard of that illness before, plus the plot sounds really interesting why lie!!
Chapter 31: Omg i didn't know abt this disorder before?!!!!
Chapter 30: 'Fascinated with the word death' gosh you've caught my full attention!!!! Gosh that sounds so interesting.
Chapter 30: Ohhh wow that sounds like a horror kind of story!!! I really liked it hahaha u always come up with interesting ideas!!
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It's interesting
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Chapter 29: It's been a long time and in sure it's a challenging task to write.
Well, I ship Lee hi and B.I XD😂😂😂😂