Moon Lovers

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Moon Lovers



A Jihbum (JB x Jihyo) fanfic

A story about a boy and  girl who met and fall in love inside a dream.






Jihyo, a product of a broken family always loves to dream of beautiful things to escape from the sadness reality life has given her and inside her dream she feels free and happy to experience all the things she wished to have in real life. But that all change one day when someone gets into her own dream and transform the whole place into a nightmarish land.


Just after the bright and beautiful scenery of a resort someone turned it into a land without anything, no trees, no human or any indication of living things. She look around only to realize that she is on the moon. She landed on the moon?! And as ridiculous as it seems, a storm comes over her away from where which a man in a black cape appears.



Short Clip


"Please stop crying." He looked at me, sadness is evident in his eyes before caressing my cheeks that is now wet with my tears.

I took this chance and look at him straightly in the eye. "Can't I really see you again?" I asked with a weak cry. 

He didn't respond with my question and instead looked away. I cried more to his reaction. I already know the answer but I'm still looking some. I can't explain the sadness that swells inside my heart. I never feel this sadness and pain in my life and the weirdest thing is I eperienced it inside a dream, a dream I know doesn't exist on the reality. 

His world and mine are different but I know this feeling is real.


You can check the image on my gallery or to another site from the comment below. 



Here's a video playing the song that mainly inspired me for this story:




The title of the song is "Come" (Inuyasha Closing Theme) by Namie Amuro.  To anyone who doesn't know her, she's referred in Japan as "Queen Of Japanese Pop" and my inspiration for singing Japanese songs during my teenage years. She had retired in the music industry after 25 years and in the present,  she's currently enjoying her life with her family. Well, that's a little bit of info I can give about her!


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