Jeon WonWoo

Stay Strong Seventeen

After a long day at work, Seventeen members came back to their dorm to finally rest their tired bodies. They all hurried to take their late night showers and just get burried under their warm blankets but Wonwoo was out of his usual self today, he was just dazed and off the beat.

He was making just too many mistakes while practicing, and even though everyone else could notice it, Wonwoo denied that there was something wrong with him and never answered his fellow members' worried questions. 

It was late that night, everyone already had their showers but Wonwoo was the last one to go and by the time he went to take his shower, everyone was starting to get ready to go to bed and some have already turned off the lights in their rooms.

Wonwoo was feeling really down, something was bothering him and it was obvious, he wasn't the type to show his sadness or express his worries, Wonwoo is known for having a great strong personality and he wouldn't open up about things that go wrong with him so easily and for these reasons, he couldn't say anything to his friends earlier when they asked what's wrong. 

He stepped inside the bathroom and under the shower and he let the water fall on his tired body, he hissed and sighed as the water came down on his body making his bruises sting a little. He closed his eyes and just stood there. It has been a while since Wonwoo got under the shower, nothing was heard from the outside other than the sound of the water. For some reason, Jeonghan couldn't sleep because of that sound and he felt that WonWoo's shower was getting a little too long so he decided to go check on him and ask him to hurry up.

He knocked on the door not once but twice but Wonwoo didn't answer and Jeonghan got worried "Are you ok in there ?" He asked but the younger didn't answer and Jeonghan knocked again louder this time and again, no answer from the other side and that's when Jeonghan decided to just burst inside the bathroom where he found Wonwoo simply standing under the water, he was topless but still fully covered with his pants which he didn't expect. 

Jeonghan approached the boy, he noticed the odd posure of the younger and the coldness of the room.

The shower was running cold on WonWoo's body.

When Jeonghan realized that, he immediately screamed and tried to pull Wonwoo from under the water "What the hell you think you're going Wonwoo?" 

Jeonghan grabbed the other's arm tightly and pushed him closer. Wonwoo was freezing cold, he was wet but Jeonghan didn't care less and brought the trembling boy closer putting his arms around his shoulder as he dragged him out and then quickly grabbed a towel where he tried to cover his cold body with it.

"My God Wonwoo what happened?"

WonWoo never answered,  he wasn't in his right mind to answer, he was feeling numb and drained and if it wasn't for Jeonghan's continuous talking, he could have fainted a long time ago. Jeonghan's screams made the whole dorm up again. When S.Coups came inside the living room, WonWoo was in Jeonghan's arms all wet and tumbling and Jeonghan asked him to bring more towels, fresh clothes and blankets.

It was all so strange to grasp at the beginning but soon enough everyone else got involved. They made him change his wet clothes and completely dried his wet body and finally warmed him up with blankets. The only thing that they couldn't understand was Why ? Wonwoo wouldn't talk and they were worried sick 

When S.Coups went to get WonWoo's blankets, something fell off right from underneath them and just next to his pillow,  there was a pile of papers. S.coups picked them up and took a look at them "Anti" he said and sighed, this must be why WonWoo is feeling this way, this must be why he acted this way, they should have known better that the younger was struggling with all those hate and anti fan messages, the harassing and the threats, he couldn't talk because it would sound very stupid and he couldn't act because there was nothing nobody could do about it.

S.coups went back to the living room handing the blankets to Jeonghan who covered Wonwoo tightly. S.coups looked around himself, everyone was here, he smiled and hoped that Wonwoo would realize that. They all brought their blankets and pillows to the living room sleeping next to WonWoo.

Even though WonWoo wouldn't talk, S.Coups told them anyways righ after the boy had finally fell asleep after seeking warmth in Jeonghan's arms. 

They felt bad for him, and they couldn't let it pass and as soon as the morning light broke through their windows, S.Coups took it upon himself to talk to their manager and try to get them few days off. He told the manager everything that had happened and that they really need a rest, the manager took their request to the higher board and they all had their fingers crossed as they waited for the answer.

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I'll reading tonight when my three kids are in bed 😀 !
Chapter 12: At first i thought that hansol was admitting to having feelings for someone (coming out), but then having his heart hurt for seemingly no reason, really hit me. there are times where all i feel is my heart hurting. im perfectly healthy, but my heart hurts so much. nowadays it doesnt happen as much, but when i did feel it, it really . i felt it a lot 2 years ago when i was isolated from my peers for coming out as a lesbian. it feels really hopeless.
Chapter 27: Chapter 26: I came back and read the whole thing again, your stories are so alluring and when you read them to the end, you end up wanting more. I hate it when good stories end, I wanna read them forever. I don't comment on your other stories I've read because I don't know what to say because I don't listen to some of the groups but I still read it. Anyways, this made me feel better, my dog attacked me and bit my face a few days ago and it hurts me so much because I love him but the idea of putting him down or giving him away is to much to bare. I can't wait to read more of your seventeen stories in general, they are my ult group mostly read about them. luv ya auther-nim!!
I would love to see a sequel! But you don't have to right away, you can take your time if you gotta. I just love these things and can it be Mingyu centric? You seem to have a thing going for that, he's also my ult and Inlove him so much and he's such and understated puppy. Love you!
Chapter 6:
My sister said it was look like Wonwoo…
The one i intentionally draw is not him though, but she keep say it look like him…
So what do you think?
(I'm sorry, the only one seventeen ff i read is yours, so… you got my point)
illymaisara #6
Chapter 29: Can you d more.of.seventeen but with Chan he such an underrated baby
Nightowl22 #7
Chapter 29: I will read the suquals now :D also take your time on this, but You should make a sequel to stay strong seventeen, and make the chapters a bit longer for each member. I know it's a lot of work but that would make me so happy. You can also make it centered on one member. Like Mingyu, he needs more sick fabrics of him bc it's so underrated. But first, rest well, eat 3 times a day, don't overwork yourself, take a break from writing if you need to. Remember that health is top priority and we will all be waiting for your return. Sarangha~ Authure nim~ ^o^
JoelynnJessma #8
Chapter 29: I love everything. More stay strong seventeen please!!
annaflafi #9
Chapter 11: I would love to read more about sick! Seungkwan and the rest of the team taking care of him. Thank you for writing this fic