Choi Hansol Vernon

Stay Strong Seventeen

Vernon was being so quiet lately, it wasn't so noticeable at first as Seventeen had just so many things to do and everything was just so loud around them, but these days his quietness is throbbing louder than everything else around them.

Everybody seemed to notice that Vernon was just drifting away from them and questions have been rising among the members.

Today, Vernon came back home exhausted, he silently took a shower and immediately went to bed without having dinner, again, he said that he didn't want any. He just flopped on his bed and minutes later, he was in deep sleep.

Mingyu was staring at him as he set on his bed across the younger looking at his chest going up and down in a slow motion. Mingyu then exchanged worried looks with S.coups who was doing whatever on his laptop.

Coups seemed worried as well, he gently closed his p.c and whispered to the younger "I'll wake him up and talk to him so you go make sure that the others keep quiet" Mingyu nodded and headed outside leaving Vernon and S.coups together.

Seungcheol moved next to Vernon on the bed, he ruffled the younger's hair pushing his bangs away until he slowly stirred and woke up looking confusedly at his leader.

"Hyung what is it?" Vernon asked, slowly sitting up pressing on his elbows 

"We need to talk Vernon-ah" S.coups said with a gentle voice helping the boy to sit up on the bed and face him, Vernon looked rather confused looking at his Hyung

"Are you okay?" S.coups asked, Vernon shrugged his shoulders and said "Yeah"

"Don't you dare lie to me Vernon" 

S.coups said firmly "You don't look good, I can see that Vernon-ah, please if there's something wrong just tell me, tell us, at least one of us"

Vernon tossed and tried to hide his face from the older but where will he hide now that he's facing him ?

"Hyung ... I'm..." 

 Vernon said breaking eye contact with his leader, he couldn't finish his sentences while Seungcheol kept focusing on his face. Vernon was stuttering, he wasn't sure about what to say

"Hyung ... actually, I ... it's complicated I don't know ..."

"Vernon-ah you're making me feel worried, what is it?"

Seungcheol was getting extremely worried and somehow impatient, his eyes anticipating the younger's answer

"Hyung, do you think it's normal for your heart to ache without an obvious reason?"

S.coups frawned "Your heart ?" He asked rather confused


Vernon suddenly pressed his hand on his chest and clutched the fabric around it, his hands turning into fists "It hurts" ... "It beats funny, everything feels weird" ..."It's hard for me to smile freely" ... "It feels heavy"

Vernon said, his tone really low and sounded just sad. As he spoke, he kept  his head down, looking at his lap and his blanket until he felt his body getting warmer.

Seungcheol hugged him so tight but gentlt as well, the leader's warm body against his own felt soothing. Vernon let out a sigh in his leader's embrace, still holding his chest, he gasped for air as he sobbed so hard, tears floating from his eyes

"Why does it hurt so much Vernon-ah?" S.coups asked, still holding Vernon in his arms.

Vernon gasped "I don't know" he whispered loud enough to reach the leader's ears "All I can do, is sleep it off every time" he continued

Coups tightened his grip around the boy and now playing soflty with his hair tapping his head occasionally until he calmed down

"Do you want to go see a doctor?" Seungcheol asked, Vernon has calmed down but the older couldn't let him go yet so they cuddled and S.coups got in bed next to Vernon pulling him close. Vernon closed his eyes and just accepted whatever the leader did for him

"No" he muffled 

"Don't you think that you need to get help?" Seungcheol hesitated before he said that but he did anyways

"I have all the help I need right here" Vernon said tightening his grip around the leader's waist. Seungcheol smiled "But still ... I'm worried" 

Vernon looked up "Don't worry Hyung, I won't be doing something stupid"

Seungcheol smiled ruffling the boy's hair "I know"

Vernon finally rested his head  on his own pillow drifting back to sleep. Coups watched the younger as he fell asleep and immediately called for an emergency meeting with the rest of the members, he told them about everything, how Vernon was feeling and how important it is to keep an eye on him, do whatever it takes not to leave him alone, monitor every step he takes and just make sure he was ok.

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I'll reading tonight when my three kids are in bed 😀 !
Chapter 12: At first i thought that hansol was admitting to having feelings for someone (coming out), but then having his heart hurt for seemingly no reason, really hit me. there are times where all i feel is my heart hurting. im perfectly healthy, but my heart hurts so much. nowadays it doesnt happen as much, but when i did feel it, it really . i felt it a lot 2 years ago when i was isolated from my peers for coming out as a lesbian. it feels really hopeless.
Chapter 27: Chapter 26: I came back and read the whole thing again, your stories are so alluring and when you read them to the end, you end up wanting more. I hate it when good stories end, I wanna read them forever. I don't comment on your other stories I've read because I don't know what to say because I don't listen to some of the groups but I still read it. Anyways, this made me feel better, my dog attacked me and bit my face a few days ago and it hurts me so much because I love him but the idea of putting him down or giving him away is to much to bare. I can't wait to read more of your seventeen stories in general, they are my ult group mostly read about them. luv ya auther-nim!!
I would love to see a sequel! But you don't have to right away, you can take your time if you gotta. I just love these things and can it be Mingyu centric? You seem to have a thing going for that, he's also my ult and Inlove him so much and he's such and understated puppy. Love you!
Chapter 6:
My sister said it was look like Wonwoo…
The one i intentionally draw is not him though, but she keep say it look like him…
So what do you think?
(I'm sorry, the only one seventeen ff i read is yours, so… you got my point)
illymaisara #6
Chapter 29: Can you d more.of.seventeen but with Chan he such an underrated baby
Nightowl22 #7
Chapter 29: I will read the suquals now :D also take your time on this, but You should make a sequel to stay strong seventeen, and make the chapters a bit longer for each member. I know it's a lot of work but that would make me so happy. You can also make it centered on one member. Like Mingyu, he needs more sick fabrics of him bc it's so underrated. But first, rest well, eat 3 times a day, don't overwork yourself, take a break from writing if you need to. Remember that health is top priority and we will all be waiting for your return. Sarangha~ Authure nim~ ^o^
JoelynnJessma #8
Chapter 29: I love everything. More stay strong seventeen please!!
annaflafi #9
Chapter 11: I would love to read more about sick! Seungkwan and the rest of the team taking care of him. Thank you for writing this fic