Stay Strong Ateez

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Eight Makes One Team 



"Eight Makes One Team"

Characters: Ateez

Genre: Drama, Angst, Sick, Hurt & Comfort, Fluff


My Stay Strong Sequels 

Stay Strong VIXXStay Strong VIXX 2Stay Strong VIXX 3Stay Strong BTSStay Strong TXTStay Strong Stray Kids

Stay Strong EXOStay Strong Monsta XStay Strong Monsta X 2Stay Strong GOT7Stay Strong GOT7 2,

 Stay Strong Wanna OneStay Strong SeventeenStay Strong Pentagon

Stay Strong Shinee  Stay Strong ONEUS, Stay Strong The Boyz


Scent:  Of Wolves and Scents of Survival 

                   Cosmos: You'll never be Lost again Changgu is a loner, an orphan who has never felt a spec of love,

his last year at high school has been the worst so far until he met Hongseok, a medical college student who just seemed to care

Healer:  They called themselves the "Valkyrie" coming through a portal hidden in the walls looking like fatal warriors and dragging me to their world saying I was their "Healer"     

A Shadow's Love:  Loving you was the mistake I made knowing that you'll never love me back so I'll just keep on watching you from the shadows. A sad short story

 Dear Diary: A few months ago, I went as a volunteer to a foreign country and some of the story's events did actually happen.  

All In My Head: There is a thin line between reality and fiction, and when that line disappears, they call you Crazy.


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Chapter 14: Please take your time, don't let yourself aside. Once you're stronger continue this fanfiction ^^ I know you love ATEEZ but if you're strong ATEEZ are strong too ('When you go up, I go up' : ATZ Dreamers) :)
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Chapter 13: Waiting for next chapter
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Chapter 12: Waitin for next chapter
Chapter 10: I wish this gets slightly positive fanfic it destroys my remaining glimpse of positiveness inside me
Chapter 9: Why did I choose to read this sad part of yeosang on his birthday
Chapter 7: I love their interactions. >happy tears<
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Congrats on the bid! ^^
Chapter 5: Please be okay, Seonghwa
I saw this advertised on my wall and I’ll consider reading!
Chapter 4: Just read these 4 chapters in one go. Very nicce story.....very well written.
Feel bad for wooyoung, poor soul.
Do update soon.