Bonus Chapter: WonWoo Part 2

Stay Strong Seventeen

It felt like everything was their fault. After finding out why Wonwoo did that, everybody felt something inside of them shutter, it seemed like Wonwoo wanted to die just to save them. They felt gratitude and shame at the same time, they should have known better. 

They started to look deeper for him after what they saw and Thank God Mingyu found him, he could have been a cold dead corpse now if he didn't find him. Shortly after Mingyu got him, everybody joined following Mingyu's loud screams for help. Wonwoo was motionless in his arms and Mingyu was traumatized by the scene in front of 

S.coups and the others did not hesitate to get help immediately after that, WonWoo was taken away by the paramedics who later told them that the boy's vitals were stable and they will do everything they could to make him get better before sending him home. Mingyu excused himself to his room where a while later S.coups came to check on him

"He'll be okay"

"I know, I feel ... empty"

"I know that you got shocked by what happened and I'm sorry for that, I wish it was me instead"

​​​​S.coups's hands turned into fists and he guiltly bit his lower lip "It's okay Hyung ... I don't mind, He almost killed himself for me, For us, I don't mind getting a little traumatized for him" Mingyu sounded senciere, his tone gentle and grateful making S.coups smile in return. The leader was so proud of his kids but guilty of their love, it almost killed his brother.

It was a tough night for seventeen, they spent it together in the living room some coming in and out of sleep, others couldn't sleep at all. The manager was still taking care of WonWoo in the hospital, they kept calling the manager but all what the other said was "Don't worry" ... "He's okay" ... "Go to bed" 

They weren't sure if they should believe him or not but either ways, they couldn't stay put. They were all exhausted and they leaned on each other for support physically and emotionally until the next morning rose up. One by one, they cleaned up and silently made some breakfast which nobody had the appetite to eat, they all waited for WonWoo.

It was around 4p.m when the manager called them and confirmed that he was finally coming home with WonWoo and only 15 minutes later, they could hear the door being opened and in no time, everybody lined up to see WonWoo. The boy looked exhausted, his eyes puffy. They figured that he was probably crying, he was pale and for some reason he wasn't able to talk. No matter how many questions his brothers asked him, he never answered, his mind was somewhere else and God knows where.

They kneeld in front of him, cupped his cheeks and gently asked him to talk to them. Jeonghan was never this cautious, he held the boy's hands as if he was about to get broken, they hugged for reassurance as if he was a piece of thin glass but all what he could say later was "I'm sorry" and "Forgive me" while tears has never left his eyes.

It was super obvious that WonWoo was extremely tired both physically and emotionally and he needed proper rest. They prepared everything for him in order to rest a bit before dinner after they managed to calm him down a little

"The police is taking care of this and in no time, they will find out who is this psychopath who kept sending all of this so don't worry" The manager explained for what seemed to be the 10th time since he brought WonWoo home. The thing was that their company couldn't help to let this news go viral and they gave Seventeen couple of weeks off until the police solve this one thing for all. They knew that Seventeen was in danger for now and thst they had to find whoever done this no matter what.

Meanwhile, Mingyu laid next to WonWoo who was staring aimlessly at the ceiling of their room "Hyung" the younger called making WonWoo flinch. Mingyu didn't say anything more than that and he hugged him so tight. WonWoo sighed letting out a pained suppressed feeling inside of him "Don't blame yourself" Mingyu continued "I would have done the same if I were you but it's over now, don't worry the police has probably already got him"

"I hope so" WonWoo said giving up to Mingyu's hug

"I can't bare loosing you Hyung"

"But if I lived ... you ..."

"NO ... not gonna happen ... NEVER"

WonWoo sighed again "I'm tired"

"I know ... why don't you sleep for a bit ?" WonWoo didn't answer "I'll be right here don't worry, nothing will ever happen again I promise"

WonWoo nodded believing the younger's faithful words and closed his eyes. He felt safe in his embrace and around the other members knowing that nothing will ever happen to them now. WonWoo fell asleep and Mingyu refused to move an inch after that afraid to wake his Hyung up. About an hour later, the manager peeked inside the bedroom, he smiled "They got him" he said before he heard some relieved sighs and muffles 


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Chapter 6:
My sister said it was look like Wonwoo…
The one i intentionally draw is not him though, but she keep say it look like him…
So what do you think?
(I'm sorry, the only one seventeen ff i read is yours, so… you got my point)
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