Bonues Chapter: MinGyu Part 1

Stay Strong Seventeen


The music stopped throbbing in the dance practice, everybody was relieved to finally take a 10 minutes break. Everyone took a spot on the dance floor trying to catch their lost breaths.

Mingyu was panting heavily, sweat dripping from his face to the dirty floor while he supported his exhausted body with the wall 

"You're sweating too much " a voice startled him, Mingyu turned his head to meet the worried face of his band mate and roommate WonWoo "Are you okay?" The older asked and Mingyu nodded hesitant

"Are you sure?" WonWoo got closer, he knew that his friend was being hesitant, he took a look at the other's face, Mingyu wasn't in his best conditions "Hey buddy say something" WonWoo continued 

"I feel like I'm gonna throw up" Mingyu said and WonWoo could feel the discomfort in his voice. Mingyu was holding the fabric around his abdomen pressing it gently and closing his eyes in the process. Wonwoo tried to get closer and make the younger lean on him instead of the wall but Mingyu suddenly pushed him away and ran past the practice room's door "MINGYU!" WonWoo called for him and followed him immediately while the others got startled and made them go on alert mode. 

Mingyu went directly to the washroom, he kneeld in front of the toilet seat and he didn't know what to do next, he pressed his abdomen, it hurt so bad, he was gagging but nothing came out, he was already feeling dizzy and all sweaty from the practice, there wasn't anything he could vomit but it hurt so much and he was about to faint when he felt a strong pair of arms holding him from behind 

"It's ok" WonWoo's voice ran through his ears too soothing but Mingyu wasn't in his best conditions to say thank you for being here "Just let it out" WonWoo said again gently holding the dizzy boy "I-I can't" WonWoo held Mingyu's hands and helped him up on his feet, WonWoo was a little confused as he helped the dizzy boy to stand up "Then what's wrong?" He asked at the same time as S.Coups came inside the bathroom "What's going on what happened?" He asked as soon as he saw WonWoo holding an almost fainted Mingyu in his arms.

Mingyu took small steps toward the door holding  S.Coups for support as well "He's not feeling well, let's take him to the nursery room" 

Going all the way to the nursery room was a little exhausting for Mingyu "What's wrong?" S.coups asked again "I'm dizzy" Mingyu said between his deep breaths "He's having a stomach ache I guess, he wanted to vomit but nothing came out" S.coups got a little worried "Ok ... just lay down" ... "What did you eat?"

"Nothing ... we ate together hyung" Mingyu painfully said as he layed down on the bed "Then what's wrong?" 

"It's just a stomach ache Hyung! I'll be fine" 

With those words, S.coups and WonWoo went to the medicine cabinet bringing some stomach ache pills for Mingyu who took them without hesitation and layed back down on the bed. He closed his eyes for few minutes and the pain was almost gone

"How do you feel now?" WonWoo asked 10 minutes later 

"Better" Mingyu said swallowing thickly 

"You don't look like it Mingyu-ah" S.Coups said pressing the back of hia hand on Mingyu's cheeks, neck and eventually against his forehead "You're feverish, it's a little high ... are you sure you're Ok?"

"I don't know Hyung" 

S.coups sighed "Well Just wait some more and if the medicine doesn't do you good, I'll ask manager Hyung to take you to the hospital .. ok?"

Mingyu nodded and WonWoo helped making him feel more comfortable as S.coups excused himself to go and check on the others and maybe get them to go home early today. 

Mingyu was dozing off under WonWoo's watch. The boy was really tired, feverish and in pain. He thought sleeping it off would help him ease the pain. WonWoo was watching his friend slowly drifting to sleep, Mingyu was asleep for about 15 minutes now when he started tossing and turning groaning saying something incomprehensible. WonWoo got closer only to see Mingyu slowly opening his eyes and groaning muffeling something's that slowly turned to be small cries and screams.

WonWoo became so alarmed "What's wrong Mingyu?" Mingyu held his abdomen and stood up immediately "It hurts" he mumbled leaning forward, WonWoo grabbed him by the shoulders, he tried to see his face but Mingyu grabbed into him "It hurts" he said again and WonWoo could feel his heart beating too fast 

"Ok ... ok just breathe Mingyu-ah, I'll go get S.coups and Manager Hyung"

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I'll reading tonight when my three kids are in bed 😀 !
Chapter 12: At first i thought that hansol was admitting to having feelings for someone (coming out), but then having his heart hurt for seemingly no reason, really hit me. there are times where all i feel is my heart hurting. im perfectly healthy, but my heart hurts so much. nowadays it doesnt happen as much, but when i did feel it, it really . i felt it a lot 2 years ago when i was isolated from my peers for coming out as a lesbian. it feels really hopeless.
Chapter 27: Chapter 26: I came back and read the whole thing again, your stories are so alluring and when you read them to the end, you end up wanting more. I hate it when good stories end, I wanna read them forever. I don't comment on your other stories I've read because I don't know what to say because I don't listen to some of the groups but I still read it. Anyways, this made me feel better, my dog attacked me and bit my face a few days ago and it hurts me so much because I love him but the idea of putting him down or giving him away is to much to bare. I can't wait to read more of your seventeen stories in general, they are my ult group mostly read about them. luv ya auther-nim!!
I would love to see a sequel! But you don't have to right away, you can take your time if you gotta. I just love these things and can it be Mingyu centric? You seem to have a thing going for that, he's also my ult and Inlove him so much and he's such and understated puppy. Love you!
Chapter 6:
My sister said it was look like Wonwoo…
The one i intentionally draw is not him though, but she keep say it look like him…
So what do you think?
(I'm sorry, the only one seventeen ff i read is yours, so… you got my point)
illymaisara #6
Chapter 29: Can you d more.of.seventeen but with Chan he such an underrated baby
Nightowl22 #7
Chapter 29: I will read the suquals now :D also take your time on this, but You should make a sequel to stay strong seventeen, and make the chapters a bit longer for each member. I know it's a lot of work but that would make me so happy. You can also make it centered on one member. Like Mingyu, he needs more sick fabrics of him bc it's so underrated. But first, rest well, eat 3 times a day, don't overwork yourself, take a break from writing if you need to. Remember that health is top priority and we will all be waiting for your return. Sarangha~ Authure nim~ ^o^
JoelynnJessma #8
Chapter 29: I love everything. More stay strong seventeen please!!
annaflafi #9
Chapter 11: I would love to read more about sick! Seungkwan and the rest of the team taking care of him. Thank you for writing this fic