Bonues Chapter: Hoshi

Stay Strong Seventeen


It has been a couple of days since Hoshi got that cold, coughing and sneezing every 10 minutes.

"You did take your meds right?" S.coups asked that morning when they were going on their way to start their schedule. Hoshi caughed and answered his leader with a small nodd. S.coups frowned, the dancer looked exhausted,  he was wearing a black mask vovering  and his eyes looked just dull and by the way he walked around, exhaustion was really obvious,  Hoshi couldn't walk straight for 15 minutes without taking a rest. Coups sighed, he really tried to get him a day off but he couldn't, they had a lot to do, the only thing he was able to do was taking him to the hospital for a shot last night but it doesn't seem to be getting him any better without proper rest. 

The others were also very worried,  glancing the other with worried looks every time they had the chance, offering him something to eat or drink and reminding him to take his medications. 

By the end of the day,  Hoshi was soulless but they still had to practice for few hours before they could go back home. They had to go through some parts in the new dance but Hoshi, the head of the performance team, wasn't in his best conditions and the practice was going really slow. From time to time, Hoshi would stop, take in a deep breath and stays still for a while 

"It's ok, just stop whenever you need to" S.coups reassured over and over again

"Hyung shall I get you something?"  The8 and Dino kept asking but the older never asked for anything

Jeonghan was getting really worried this time. Hoshi stopped again about 15 minutes later pressing down his abdomen and kneeling down with a loud groan. Jeonghan immediately went by his side "Are you okay?" He asked throwing a hand around Hoshi's shoulders. Hoshi inhaled deeply, he lifted his head  up slowly and nodded to the other but this time S.coups firmly stepped in "Hoshi just go sit down somewhere" 

"I'm ok Hyung"

"Don't you say that again, just lay down"

Coups then dragged him to the couch where he made him lay down. It was obvious that Hoshi was struggling to stay awake, his breaths going up and down quickly "Is it your stomach?" Jeonghan asked kneeling down next to the panting boy 

"I ... I didn't eat much ... today,  I feel ... dizzy"

They had to make him eat something, Hoshi's body was practically empty on everything. He had low blood pressure and sugar, he was about to faint, Jeonghan made him sit up as the others gathered all what they could find to push it down Hoshi's system. For 30 minutes, they just gathered  around the sick boy trying to make him feel better and shortly after that, they all went back to the dorm. 

As soon as they arrived, Hoshi went immediately to bed. He fell into deep sleep not wanting to do nothing more than that just resting his weak body for few hours before the next daylight breaks in.

The next morning was really quiet.  Hoshi was awakened by their maknae. Dino tried to be as gentle as he could be, he softly shook the older up. Hoshi opened his eyes weakly not really wanting to leave the warmth of his bed. Dino helped him to push the blanket away and sit up a little "How do you feel?" Hoshi smiled "Don't worry about me Dino I'm good" 

Even though the younger knew that his Hyung was lying, he just nodded, he really hoped that Hoshi would finally get a day off. Hoshi left his bed with heavy steps toward the bathroom where he washed his face and took some time to look at his face in the mirror. He looked awefull. He felt sorry. Guilty.

As he walked out of the bathroom, he walked toward the hallway to the living room. Everyone was doing something getting ready to go. Hoshi stood still, looking at the boys packing but then it got harder to breathe, he felt his body as stiff as a rock and the floor moving beneath him and suddenly,  everything was upside down and his eye lids felt heavy,  he couldn't feel or hear anything and simply blocked out. 

Everyone was on alarme mode, Joshua was the first to reach him "Hoshi-ah" he called for the younger in his arms, dead as a corpse. Mingyu hurried and called for his leader,  S.coups came running inside the living room, he kneeled next to the unconscious boy in Joshua's arms.

He run his hands on the younger's cheeks patting them soflty. But something seemed wrong, Hoshi's face was getting paler with the seconds,  Jeonghan came near them after asking the rest of the boys to give them some space and to immediately call their manager, he tried to feel Hoshi's breaths but he wasn't feeling anything. 

"He's not breathing" he said really traumatized

"What do you mean he's not breathing? " Coups asked not really comprehending what Jeonghan just said, not until he felt the other's breaths himself

"Oh my God call an ambulance"

Waking Hoshi up right now became the most important thing. Jun called the manager while Wonwoo took care of the ambulance part. It was so hard for both of them to describe the situation, their voices were shaking as they talked on the phone. 

S.coups was litterly shaking, he couldn't understand what was happening or what he should be doing until Woozi slightly pushed him away and started hoovering over Hoshi's chest opening the buttons of his pyjama shirt.

He then crushed his cheeks,  when his lips parted he leaned and gave him CPR. He left Hoshi's lips and headed to his chest softly pressing it "1, 2, 3" he counted and went back to feel Hoshi's breaths again but nothing.  So he did it again, he pressed his lips against Hoshi's and then he pressed on his chest "Come one Hoshi please"

He did it again one last time and in the middle of Woozi's pressing down his chest, Hoshi caughed inhaling some air inside his lungs, he moved his head to the other side eyes still closed shut. Everyone released a relived sigh, for a second, they thought they lost him.

Seconds later, they could hear the ambulance's noise coming closer to them. At least from now on, everything will be okay. 

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Chapter 12: At first i thought that hansol was admitting to having feelings for someone (coming out), but then having his heart hurt for seemingly no reason, really hit me. there are times where all i feel is my heart hurting. im perfectly healthy, but my heart hurts so much. nowadays it doesnt happen as much, but when i did feel it, it really . i felt it a lot 2 years ago when i was isolated from my peers for coming out as a lesbian. it feels really hopeless.
Chapter 27: Chapter 26: I came back and read the whole thing again, your stories are so alluring and when you read them to the end, you end up wanting more. I hate it when good stories end, I wanna read them forever. I don't comment on your other stories I've read because I don't know what to say because I don't listen to some of the groups but I still read it. Anyways, this made me feel better, my dog attacked me and bit my face a few days ago and it hurts me so much because I love him but the idea of putting him down or giving him away is to much to bare. I can't wait to read more of your seventeen stories in general, they are my ult group mostly read about them. luv ya auther-nim!!
I would love to see a sequel! But you don't have to right away, you can take your time if you gotta. I just love these things and can it be Mingyu centric? You seem to have a thing going for that, he's also my ult and Inlove him so much and he's such and understated puppy. Love you!
Chapter 6:
My sister said it was look like Wonwoo…
The one i intentionally draw is not him though, but she keep say it look like him…
So what do you think?
(I'm sorry, the only one seventeen ff i read is yours, so… you got my point)
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