Xu MingHao

Stay Strong Seventeen

Inspired from the time when The8 had to cancel his scheduals due to his back injury

"It's just so hard for me to move right now" The8 said to JeongHan with a weak tone, panting heavily while he was laying on the practice dance's floor.

Jeonghan was pushing the younger's sweaty hair away from his face with a frowning expression, Minghao dropped his tired body on the icy cold floor minutes ago and couldn't stand back up which made Jeonghan go immediately by his side.

The boy's statement made the older worried. At first, he thought that Minghao was just tired like the others but obviously it was more than that. 

"Are you hurt?" Jeonghan asked, Minghao swallowed thickly, closed his eyes and nodded in pain "WHERE?" the older asked rather alarmed

"My back Hyung it's just ..." Minhao sighed, he seriously couldn't move anymore, this was going on for over 3 days now and he couldn't hide the pain any longer.

Few days ago, The8 was reheasing with his team members when he made that wrong move and landed weirdly on the ground. Everybody ruhed to him but he winced and said that it was just a minor fall that's all. At first, that was exactly the thing, but as time went by, a practice after a practice and a show after another, his back pain escalated and he couldn't hide it anymore.

Jeonghan got extremely worried, he tried to help The8 to stand up but he couldn't, Minghao was praticaly screaming under his touch and the older felt the need to get some help. He called S.coups, their leader, and Hoshi, they were the only two peope who could help righ now. S.coups being their leader and Hoshi being the performance team's leader, they knew exactly what to do in times of injuries like this.

"Ok can you at least stand up ?" S.coups asked kneeling downn next to the boy on the floor but Minhao nodded with a wincing "No"

"It is bruised" Hoshi set down near The8's waist line holding his hand as the younger used it as a pain releaser pressing his hand against his Hyung's palm and gaining the same answer that S.coups got.

"Ok, here's what we're going to do" Hoshi exclaimed "I'm going to give you some pain killers, don't move until you feel that the pain is gone  a little and then I'll ask the manager to take you to the doctor ok?"

That sounded logic, Minghao nodded and S.coups confirmed that the suggestion was okay for now, so Hoshi went immediately to get him some painkillers. The practice room was starting to get crawded, the group's eldest two seemed worried making the whole team worried as well. Jeonghan stood up and asked everyone to remain calm and told them that everything wil be okay and that Minghao needs some space to breathe.

Minutes later, Hoshi came back with a medecine box in his hands. Minghao was staying still on the ground, S.coups holding him up a little as he winced and panted. The leader hated to see one of his brothers in such a condition especially one of the youngests.

"Why you didn't say anything earlier?" Hoshi asked after he helped the younger gulping down his pills "I thought we agreed about not hiding things like these" Hoshi sounded really worried about the younger. Minghao laid down this time resting his head on S.coups' thighs

 "I'm sorry" Minghao muffled closing his eyes and breathing deeply.

It was the first time that Seventeen have seen their sweet chinses friend in such a situation. Usually, he is bubbly and cute but today he can't even move. Jun was the most worried one, even though he wasn't allowed to get so close to the kid, his eyes never left him. Looking after him from a far. 

About 15 minutes later, it was obvious that the medicine was giving a great effect as The8's body started to relax a little and his eyes were dropping, he was about to doze off when Hoshi shook him gently "Hey buddy, the manager is here, stand up slowly let's get you to a doctor"

Minghao nodded, now that the pain is almost gone, he can at least move and go for a check up. The boys helped getting him up safely and they waved him goodbye and asked him to stay healthy when the manager drove him away to the hospital. 

It has been already 2 hours since Minghao left them. They all went to the dorms after that, and waited for his return. Everybody was worried, The8 wasn't the type who gets sick or injured easily, this was indeed a rare thing to happen. 

The door's key click was loud and clear for everyone to hear and to immediately gather in the hallway just to see Minghao

"Hey kido are you ok?" Jun was the first to arrive and asked the obviously too exhausted boy. Minghao was just drained, the manager dragged behind him "He's ok" he said "It's nothing serious but he needs to take few days off, no dancing until he fully recovers"

Sighs of relief could be heard from different directions "Is that true ?" Jun asked again still needing an answer from the younger. Minghao smiled and nodded "I'm okay Hyung, just a little tired"

"Ok just lay down for now and rest" Jun said offering the boy his hand to help him walk all the way to his bed. Helped him change and made sure that he wasn't in pain until he finally fell asleep. 

S.coups came around opening the bedroom's door gently looking for Seventeen's Chinese boys "Hey" he greeted

"Hey" Jun answered back

"How is he? "

"Ok I guess just sleeping"

S.coups smiled at the sight of the younger sleeping soundly "Ok .. well we ordered some food so try to wake him up and eat something together"

Jun smiled "Sounds great I'll see what I can do"

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I'll reading tonight when my three kids are in bed 😀 !
Chapter 12: At first i thought that hansol was admitting to having feelings for someone (coming out), but then having his heart hurt for seemingly no reason, really hit me. there are times where all i feel is my heart hurting. im perfectly healthy, but my heart hurts so much. nowadays it doesnt happen as much, but when i did feel it, it really . i felt it a lot 2 years ago when i was isolated from my peers for coming out as a lesbian. it feels really hopeless.
Chapter 27: Chapter 26: I came back and read the whole thing again, your stories are so alluring and when you read them to the end, you end up wanting more. I hate it when good stories end, I wanna read them forever. I don't comment on your other stories I've read because I don't know what to say because I don't listen to some of the groups but I still read it. Anyways, this made me feel better, my dog attacked me and bit my face a few days ago and it hurts me so much because I love him but the idea of putting him down or giving him away is to much to bare. I can't wait to read more of your seventeen stories in general, they are my ult group mostly read about them. luv ya auther-nim!!
I would love to see a sequel! But you don't have to right away, you can take your time if you gotta. I just love these things and can it be Mingyu centric? You seem to have a thing going for that, he's also my ult and Inlove him so much and he's such and understated puppy. Love you!
Chapter 6:
My sister said it was look like Wonwoo…
The one i intentionally draw is not him though, but she keep say it look like him…
So what do you think?
(I'm sorry, the only one seventeen ff i read is yours, so… you got my point)

illymaisara #6
Chapter 29: Can you d more.of.seventeen but with Chan he such an underrated baby
Nightowl22 #7
Chapter 29: I will read the suquals now :D also take your time on this, but You should make a sequel to stay strong seventeen, and make the chapters a bit longer for each member. I know it's a lot of work but that would make me so happy. You can also make it centered on one member. Like Mingyu, he needs more sick fabrics of him bc it's so underrated. But first, rest well, eat 3 times a day, don't overwork yourself, take a break from writing if you need to. Remember that health is top priority and we will all be waiting for your return. Sarangha~ Authure nim~ ^o^
JoelynnJessma #8
Chapter 29: I love everything. More stay strong seventeen please!!
annaflafi #9
Chapter 11: I would love to read more about sick! Seungkwan and the rest of the team taking care of him. Thank you for writing this fic