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There's nothing Jennie wanted, but to forget her boyfriend now her ex after he cheated and broke her heart. And so,  she and her friends, they went to a nightclub to forget and start moving on. Then she ran into her... Her night with the girls turned into a life-altering event, and since that night, Jennie's life has become more interesting...and dangerous.

Lisa is a vampire and meeting Jennie is the least she expected to find, but from the moment her eyes laid on Jennie, she knew that Jennie was her SOULMATE. But Jennie is  human, and she learned the hard way that human cannot be trusted or so she thought.   And when Jennie's life is in danger,  she’ll do everything in her power to protect and save her.  Lisa is willing to give her life for her. 

Two individual beings bound by destiny....  

But a twist of event has forced them to risk everything- when more secrets are revealed, left them with no choice - accept their destiny or follow their hearts desire. 

They must choose or someone's will be taken... 




Hi there I'm Jen and this is actually my first story...

I choose Jenlisa because I fall in love with all the jenlisa fanfic that I've read so, I wanted to make one too and also Lisa is my bae !

Just don't expect too much that it will going to be a perfect since english is not my first language and also this is my first time writing one... ^o^


Declaimer: This story is a work of fiction using the name of kpop idols. The characters,  the places, the events and incidents are all products of my own imagination. The plot and storyline are all property of mine. No portion of this story may be reproduced in any form without my permission.  

Special thanks to blqvkdonut and The Pearl Graphic Shop for my poster and Jelly bubble Graphic Shop for my guys are awesome !!!  ^o^


These shop is awesome !!!  Try to check it out !




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Chapter 21: Update soon! ?
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Chapter 21: I can wait forever for another upfront.
Stay safe author x)
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Chapter 21: Wow so complicated. I love it
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Chapter 21: This is so complicated and i love it! Haha
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