Made With Wendy's Tears

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"What the kind of bakery is this?!" Irene thought to herself.


Characters: Irene,Wendy,Joy,Yeri, Seulgi,and Somi(Possible others)

Satan: Park Sooyoung (Joy)

Satan's footsteps: Kim Yerim (Yeri)

A story in which Irene walks into a bakery full of gorgeous workers and never ending insults.

Joy and Yeri argue too much. Seulgi swears too much. Wendy flirts too much. Somi is a naive high schooler.


WARNING: this is crack. like full on crack with a little seriousness to keep the plot going. some things will make absolutely no sense whatsoever, and there will be a lot of cheesy, greasy, and cringeworthy content that I wrote in the darkness of 3AM nights

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