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Seolhyun feels her life is normal. She has a loving parents. Handsome and caring fiance. However, Seolhyun always feel her life is not yet intact, there is empty place in her heart. Until She meets Taeyeon. And she knows her life will never be the same again.

Taeyeon has a successful career. And knows that she's not like most women. Taeyeon never doubts what she wants in her life. Until she meets Seolhyun and establishes a working relationship, something deep and changes their views and feelings forever.


You're the only one that I want

Think I'm addicted to your light

I swore I'd never fall again

But this don't even feel like falling

(Halo, Beyonce)

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thantthant7 0 points #1
Chapter 9: Seoltae is really weird..Not lovers yet but they seem to be in a fight XD..Jealous Seol??Haha
0 points #2
Chapter 9: seoltae acted like they were close since chap 1 .. i thought they started to get close in chap 7.. not even that close
YhoTaengoo 0 points #3
Chapter 9: Damn! You make me so curious! Come on author-nim :( update~ i want seoltae ???
tomohisaY #4
Chapter 8: Subscribed to this story cause SeolTae. Waiting for your next update author!
Casti1004 33 streak #5
Chapter 8: Can't wait for the next chapter....more Seoltae please :)
thantthant7 #6
Chapter 8: Wow.Seolhyun made a bold move..Has she realized her feelings for TY?
Bihter #7
Chapter 7: Kekeke Taeyeon being bipolar is funny and scary at the same time >_<
XmisteryGamerX #8
Chapter 7: i need the next chapter, i like this story so much i cant wait
faralurvsu #9
Chapter 7: I'm rooting for this story and your plot! ;)