Dear Love, I Left You Behind Once, so I'm Grateful for Encountering You Again

Paper Heart
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With the door opened a smidge, Luhan let his narrowed eyes wander around the practice room. As they quickly found the target lazily dancing in front of the mirror, Luhan smirked and pushed the door open. The fact that there was no one to witness, and thus, stop him from murdering his roommate was a great start for the operation Kill the jerk to be successful.




Sehun stilled and turned around. His eyebrows were raised in surprise from Luhan’s sudden outburst certainly, and maybe from his deep frown too, or was it the way he was stomping towards him? Either way, Luhan didn’t allow him to speak his thoughts out loud as he jabbed at Sehun’s chest with a finger.


“Insulting your hyung is inacceptable, do you know that? You owe me respect!”


No expression was shown on the younger’s face as he let himself be pushed back until his back hits the mirror behind him. To Luhan’s great displeasure, Sehun was anything but intimidated as he stared down at him with an amusing smile. Luhan’s uncontrolled ire was slowly boiling up, and it showed through more painful jabs at Sehun’s chest.


“Yah! It’s not funny! I expect an apology from–”


“I’m sorry.”


“–you this instant! You– what?”


Sehun’s smile widened, and if Luhan wasn’t so utterly shocked by his words, he would have gladly beaten up the out of his roommate when the latter put his arms around his waist and pulled him in closer.


“I said, I’m sorry.”


Luhan was rendered speechless.


“You guys are seriously too cute.”


As Luhan twirled his head in the direction of the door, Lay’s sweet smile had him realizing the position him and Sehun were in. The fact that the position in question could seem like a couple happily embracing their significant other after a long school day provoked a familiar emotion that turned Luhan’s insides upside down, creeped up his cheeks at an agonizing slow pace and painted them a dark shade of red to display his embarrassment against his will for everyone to see.


Sehun laughed, bringing Luhan’s attention back on him. The latter puffed his cheeks in annoyance, but that unfortunately didn’t stop Sehun from giving him a wide, toothy grin.


“Lay hyung has a shift in ten minutes. I was about to go with him, want to come?”


Luhan shrugged. “Yeah, yeah, why not.”








As soon as he took a step outside, Luhan regretted accepting the invitation. The uncomfortable sensation heating up his body had nothing to do with the chilly weather, or the enjoyable conversation he was having with Lay and his contagious laughter, no, it had everything to do with Sehun’s arm thrown around his shoulders, holding him close and closer every time Luhan tried to utter a single word at his new friend.


Luhan wouldn’t mind if the actions didn’t appear so possessive, and less if they went unnoticed by Lay who was glancing at them from time to time with a knowing smile. Luhan chose to remain mute, thus a pesant silence followed them for almost half of the way to Paradise, after Luhan had the bad idea to awoke Sehun’s jealousy with an unconsious comment on Lay’s beautiful smile; a compliment apparently said with a bit too much of enthusiasm and wonder.


Actually, Luhan didn’t mind it one bit as he enjoyed feeling Sehun near – and though he would not admit it, Sehun’s jealously was always welcomed to cause their relationship to take a few steps ahead through skinship or any other affection. Sincerly, Luhan would accept every attention he could get with no complain. Anyway, they quickly reached the ice cream shop that was glowing with artifial lights and its usual good mood as the afternoon came to an end. Once they reached the counter, they waved at Lay as the latter went to change into his uniform.


The shop seemed busier than usual with so many customers. Sehun was looking around in search of Jongdae, Luhan was doing the same but, to his surprise, he found someone else; in the line of customers waiting to order was Chanyeol looking down at his phone, an usettled expression on his face.


“Do you need help?”


Luhan’s question wasn’t mean to startle his friend, but it did just that.


“Wow, hyung, you scared me,” Chanyeol said while clutching at his heart.


“Sorry,” Luhan chuckled. “What are you doing, though? Is something wrong?”


“No– I mean, yes. I came here to buy ice creams for Kyungsoo so we can eat after our practice, but Baekhyun might be there too and I don’t know what flavor he likes–”


“Strawberry,” Sehun answered suddenly, appearing at Luhan's side and resting a hand on the smaller's

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