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Paper Heart
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"His ex-what?! Someone hold me, I’m going to faint."


Jongin thought that his kidnapper’s – who he now knew was named Baekhyun – behavior was a bit exagerated; he really fainted and would be on the floor if Jongin hadn’t stretched his arms in time, but he himself was staring at Sehun with wide eyes, taken aback by his revelation.


"Just, how many boyfriend did Luhan have?" Baekhyun wailed, dragging on the last word breathlessly as if he was dying – or just came back from death world. "There’s no way I’m letting my Yeolie go."


"Yeolie…? You already have a nickname for him?"


"Shut up!" Baekhyun snapped, pushing Jongin’s arms away to kick him. Satisfied with the number of yelps he could get from Jongin, he turned around and pointed a wavering finger at Sehun. "Is he the reason you and Luhan broke up?"




"Was Yeolie with Luhan after you two broke up?"




"Does Luhan still like him?!"


Sehun sighed. “Go ask him if you want to know.”


Baekhyun whined, “Why is everything so hard.” His voice decreasing as he rushed to the door and disappeared behind it.


"Let’s start now?"


Jongin turned around to see Sehun bending down to put the music on. He found that weird that Sehun had never once told him that Chanyeol was Luhan’s ex. The two don’t see each other often, but they sometimes cross path since Chanyeol is Jongin’s roommate.


As he stood next to his best friend, Jongin stared at their reflections in the mirror and wondered if Chanyeol was the reason behind Sehun’s sharper moves and hard gaze.








Luhan was on his way back to school, a smile on his face.


Running into his old friend in this university wasn't even a possibility to him. So sharing a class with him was even more incredible.


They had met up after Luhan’s last class of the day and talked about what they were up too as they walked down the street to go further into the busy town.


It had felt good to hear Chanyeol’s loud laugh that could cover the sound of cars outside the cafe, stop the chatter, earn judging looks from the last customers and glares from some employees looking annoyed to serve a “crazy person” like Luhan had heard one mutter under his breath.


Chanyeol must have heard him too, but he didn’t give any sign that he cared. That was what Luhan had always admired about Chanyeol; he was always himself and he couldn’t care less about what people think of his personality.


"So, still not interested to team up with me?"


"Sorry, my answer’s still the same."


"Even after I payed your dinner?"


Luhan gave him an accusing look. “Were you trying to bribe me with food?”


"Yes," Chanyeol replied with a toothy grin while casually throwing an arm around Luhan’s shoulders. "But it didn’t work so it doesn’t matter."


Luhan shook his head. Another thing he envied Chanyeol for was his honesty.


The chilly night had engulfed the warmth of the sun when they reached the dorm. Chanyeol had insisted on walking all the way to Luhan’s room and, even if it meant hearing awful jokes that made Luhan stumble over his own feet because of the boisterous laugh shaking his body and hurting his chest, Luhan didn't argue his proposition.


"Hey, be careful." Chanyeol whispered with a voice laced with amusement as he hoisted Luhan up by the waist. "Not everyone is in their rooms yet."


"What?" Luhan looked up and indeed, leaning on the wall opposite of his room’s door, someone gazed up from his phone. In a situation like this one, red would creep up Luhan’s cheeks because looking like a fool in front of strangers was a

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