Dear Link, I Think You're Not Broken

Paper Heart
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"It must be somewhere," Luhan mumbled while angrily opening Sehun’s wardrobe's doors. He had been searching for minutes for something that he could exchange against an apology, but he was still looking for it.


Apart from some magazines and other school supplies, there was nothing else in the drawers and his wardrobe appeared to be full of his clothes – of course. The rumors about Sehun being the perfect student may be true after all. Everything was clean and neat. Even his bed.


Now that Luhan thought about it, Sehun’s bed was the last thing he didn’t put his hands on. Walking towards it, Luhan threw the pillow and blanket aside. A groan left his mouth because there was nothing on it. Luhan started roamming his hands through the sheets but, not feeling anything, he frowned and kneeled down.


That was when Luhan saw it.


Under Sehun’s bed was a box and, without hesitation, Luhan grabbed the edge and pulled it towards himself. When the box was fully out, Luhan grinned. When they were younger, Sehun had once showed him his secret spot where he hid some toys he didn’t want his mother to find and give to some kid because he was "too old". But it seemed that, even if she was not around, Sehun’s fear was still present and Luhan could understand why; It had happened once and he had been the one to comfort a ten years old Sehun for hours until a promise to buy him another one had stopped his cries.


Luhan was surprised to be greeted with the two letters he had given Sehun yesterday when he opened the box. And a lot more when he saw that they were opened. A smile played on Luhan’s lips at the thought of Sehun listening to him and not throwing them away anymore.


Almost forgetting why he was sitting on the floor in front of a box full of colorful letters that were definitely not for him, Luhan plunged his hand in it, the purpose of his doing back in his mind.


As the clock on the wall indicated 7pm in a few, which meant that Sehun would be done with his dance practice and back in the room really soon, Luhan knew he had to hurry. But after searching cautiously and checking every angles of the box six times, Luhan concluded in defeat that only letters were in it. He huffed and pushed the box back under the bed, stood up with a sigh as his eyes found the english book on his desk that he wished he had opened yesterday in order to not fail the test this morning.


"It’s all your fault." He murmured to no one while arranging Sehun’s pillow. "I hate you, you stupid–" Luhan suddenly paused his movements at the sound of something coming in contact with the floor when he lifted up Sehun’s blanket. He blinked at the bright object laying lonely on the wooden floor.


Luhan picked it up, analized it, then blinked again before a smirk slowly spread on his face.



"Here. I found you."








Sehun panted as he collapsed on the floor. He gulped down the last half of his water bottle then pat Jongin on the shoulder to show his contentment for his good job.


The two had been working together for a talent show that will happen in some weeks. While one of them create the choreo, the other add his opinions or own steps. They shared the task like that, like a perfect team.


"We did great today but we should work more on the last part."


With his eyes closed, Sehun hummed. He could feel himself drifting off from exhaustion but he wanted to take a shower and anyway, if he wanted to sleep somewhere, he’d choose the comfiness of his bed over the dance studio’s hard and dirty floor.


Two knocks were heard and, as Sehun wondered who would be out of the dorm at this hour, the grinning face of his roommate popped out of the now opened door.


Sehun groaned. What the is he doing here? Once Luhan entered – as if someone had told him he could – Sehun asked him the question out loud, his voice laced with annoyance to make Luhan understand that his presence was truly not welcomed.


But Luhan wasn’t bothered by it – or simply didn't care. Actually, his smile widened when he took another step to stand right in front of Sehun. The single word that got out of his mouth made the younger scoff.




Is he serious? “Apologize? Me? To you? I do hope you’re kidding.”


"You don’t want to?" Luhan asked with a tilt of his head and Sehun wanted to laugh at the pout on his face but settled on an amused smile and a flat,




"Oh." Luhan blinked down at him. "Well, maybe you’ll change your mind if I tell Jongin about that thing you can’t sleep without?"


All the emotions coloring Sehun’s face drained out, leaving his expression blank if it weren’t for the daggers his dark brown eyes were directing to the standing boy looking at him expectantly.


"So? I’m waiting."



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