Dear Instinct, There's a Reason You Exist

Paper Heart
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If Luhan was the one deciding, he would stay in bed a few more hours, or days. But after hearing knocks threatening to break the door, Luhan grudgingly got up with a yawn.


He had an idea of who was at the door as that person had been sending him messages the whole morning that Luhan didn’t bother looking at after the twenty-sixth. They were oozing with too much joy and Luhan was really not in the mood to smile for someone else’s happiness. That was why, when he opened the door and was met with a beaming Baekhyun, Luhan just wanted to curl around his sheets and ask the darkness why life hates him so much.


"He’s so perfect, I swear!" Baekhyun exclaimed loudly with a grin that could blind Luhan, but not as much as the sun throwing his rays in every corners of the room because Baekhyun allowed it to by shoving the curtains aside.


Luhan shield his closed eyes behind his palm and groaned. Realizing with a sigh that even the weather was happy, he closed the door and sat next to Baekhyun who deem it acceptable to lay on someone else’s bed without asking.


"There’s so much I have to tell you!"


And then, Baekhyun was recounting his two hours spent with Kyungsoo and the “love of his life” in between squeals and giggles, without forgetting to tell how handsome and flawless Chanyeol is for a good half of his speech. Which Luhan listened half-heartedly as it was no different from the texts that woke him up at ten. Luhan was glad when the subject changed to Kyungsoo and his good singing skill. Even though Baekhyun dismissed it a second after because “his voice is way better and it’s a pity that Yeolie didn’t ask him instead because they’d make the perfect team.”


"And he’s perfect." Baekhyun concluded with a blissful sigh and a loving smile that Luhan wished he could dream of rather than see. The person wearing it being on the only place Luhan wanted to be at right now since a coffin is damn expensive.


"Now I’m hungry," Baekhyun suddenly said while sitting up. His grinning face slowly contorting in one of disgust when he finally looked at Luhan; his disheveled hair, the dark circles underneath his half-lided eyes and his lips reflecting his whole apparence; sad and tired. "Ehhm… you know what? Go take a shower, anything that can make my pretty baby come back while I’ll search for nice clothes you could put on, okay?"


No. No, that was not okay. Luhan wanted to sleep the day off, watch a sad drama or cry about his miserable life while eating candies, and he showed it through a grimace, claimed it with protests and whines but to no avail as he ended up being shooed inside the bathroom with a last ‘Don’t come out until you're beautiful’.


Luhan heaved a sigh but winced once he got a glimpse of his face in the mirror. Walking closer towards it, he lifted an hand in a attempt to comb his hair but, seeing that he was only aggravating the mess, Luhan thought that following Baekhyun’s order may be a wise decision to take after all…










Though a mattress would be better for his aching back, Jongin sighed in relief when his behind met the floor. Never he thought that an action as easy as sitting down could make him want to shed tears of joy.


Sehun had been extremely mean to call him at 7 am for their dance practice when they usually start it after noon on weekend. Sehun should feel lucky to have a friend like him as Jongin had the decency to show up two hours after getting out of an awesome dream thanks to the person who welcomed him with a frown.


So ungrateful.


If Jongin knew it was the first thing he was going to see on a bright saturday morning, he would have stayed in dreamland, where Sehun’s kind side was, apparently, still at. When it comes to dance, Jongin knows that Sehun is serious and always seeking for perfection since Jongin is pretty much like him but, no matter how much Jongin loves this hobby, five hours of dancing without a single break was definitely not something he would do again. Jongin knew better than to ask for a pause when creating steps was like a therapy for Sehun’s grumpy mood however, today, it didn’t had any effect on it.


After drinking a gulp of his water bottle, Jongin calmly advised, “You should relax a little,” as if he didn’t plea Sehun the same thing during the whole session because of the numerous steps he couldn’t learn and his lack of synchronisation.


"I am relaxed."


You sure seem like you are. Jongin rolled his eyes, amazed by how bad of a liar Sehun was. Sure, his face always had that emotionless expression on, but his annoyance could be heard in his tone and Jongin’s aching back was a proof that Sehun was an who didn’t give him a mere rest. Instead of speaking his thoughts out loud and adding some curses, he grumbled, “Do you know how much my arms are aching? My legs hurts, my feet too and my heart is broken.” Jongin pouted for emphasize, but it went unnoticed by the one causing it as Sehun was finding whatever was on his phone more interesting.


"Will you come see Lay’s performance tonight?"


Staring blankly at the boy sitting next to him, Jongin realized that his supposed best friend didn’t only made him go through five of the worst hours of his life and just ignored his complains, Sehun was also not listening when Jongin answered that same question an hour or two prior.


"No…" Jongin refuted with a sigh. "You know I have somewhere else to go to." As his answer only got an absentminded hum from Sehun whose eyes were still fixed on his phone’s screen, Jongin inhaled deeply.


Sometimes, he wondered why Sehun wasn’t dead already.








Being in a place full of persons wasn’t what Luhan had in mind when he woke up from his second slumber an hour ago but, since waking up wasn’t on his to-do list of the day, Luhan ended up thinking that socializing would maybe help his current state more than moping all day in bed. And Baekhyun probably thought so as he had been the one ignoring Luhan’s whines to forcefully drag him out. Baekhyun was really convincing, Luhan decided, his bright personality earning smiles from Luhan every now and then on their way to Paradise.


That was the name of the shop they were currently in and the decoration defined the name well; it looked like one of those colorful, comfy place you would find in a modern disney movie.


"Byun Baekhyun! Why don’t you visit more often?! I’m so lonely here."


That was the question they got once they reached the counter. It came from someone wearing a plaid blue apron and a little s

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