Dear Trust, Don't Try to Fool Me

Paper Heart
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“Soo!” Baekhyun cried as he opened the door of his room and ran towards his friend, hugging him tightly. “Thanks God you’re alive!”


Kyungsoo wrapped his arms around Baekhyun, holding him as his roommate wailed about what sounded like his misfortune. “Why wouldn’t I be?” Kyungsoo wondered out loud. The question was unnecessary, since it was Baekhyun he was talking with, and would have been ignored if it wasn’t for an annoyed Jongin standing at the door.


“Don’t ask, he’s crazy,” Jongin said, earning a glare from Baekhyun. The latter burrowed his face in Kyungsoo’s shoulder and whined.


“Why are you in love with this awful individual?”


“What did you sa–”


“Anyway!” Baekhyun lifted his head up. “Where did my Yeolie go?”


Kyungsoo shook his head. “I don’t know. He didn’t tell me.”


“Mmh… it’s okay. I’ll follow my lover’s instinct.” Baekhyun grinned.


Jongin scoffed. “What are you talking about? Chanyeol isn’t your–”


“See you!”


With that, Baekhyun pushed past Jongin and left the room. Once he was out, Jongin turned towards Kyungsoo and asked, “Hum, mind telling me what’s going on?”








Sehun opened his eyes slowly. Trying to clear up the fog that was blinding his vision, he blinked, tiredly. Judging from the dim atmosphere the room was envelopped in, he had probably been asleep for an hour or two. Closing his eyes, he debated over staying in his warm bed or hurrying outside and find something to sastisfy his empty stomach. His laziness quickly admitted defeat though, after Sehun reminded himself that the cafeteria was going to close soon.


Quietly, he sighed and buried his nose in Luhan’s fluffy hair. He wasn’t sure if the boy was sleeping or not so, as he took a whiff of the lime scent, he mumbled, “I’ll go grab something to eat.”


Luhan didn’t answer but snuggled closer to protest his words.


Sehun smiled. “I’ll be quick,” he informed, ignoring Luhan’s little whines pleading him to stay. Still, Sehun untangled their legs and removed his arms from around Luhan’s waist, earning more complains as he got up even after covering Luhan with the blanket. Amused by Luhan’s displeased frown, Sehun playfully ruffled his messy hair and asked, “Do you want something?”


Luhan’s lips jutted out to form an adorable pout. “Yes, you,” he replied. With his eyes still closed, he blindly reached out to tug Sehun back next to him and huffed in annoyance when each attemps turned out to be a failure. “I’m serious,” he muttured at last, even though Sehun wasn’t done laughing and comparing his behavior with a childish act – which deepened Luhan’s frown further more.


“I’ll be back,” Sehun said while running his fingers through Luhan’s black hair, letting them the skin of his cheek to finally pinch his nose. Scrunching up his face, Luhan slapped his hand away and hummed grudgingly, turning around. Sehun stiffled a chuckle.








Sehun heaved out a sigh of relief when he saw the cafeteria’s neons lights still switched on. He made a straight beeline towards it, letting out another pleased sigh as there were still food on the stand. He ordered a sandwich. It wasn’t much but better than nothing. He thanked the saleswoman and was about to leave when he noticed a lone, familiar figure slumped down on a table in the back; one of the few that weren’t vacant.


“What are you doing?” he asked Chanyeol who raised his head up in surprise, obviously too absorbed in the papers scattered over the table to hear him taking the seat in front him.


“Oh, hi Sehun. I’m, well, I’m working.”


Sehun nodded. “You should go to sleep though, you look tired.”


Chanyeol smiled. “Are you really being kind to me right now?”


With a shrug, Sehun replied, “As long as you’re five good meters away from Luhan hyung, we’re okay.” His voice was coated by a joking tone and accompanied by a lopsided smile, but the raw emotion underneath specified that he was quite serious.


A genuine laugh errupted from Chanyeol’s lips, though he was most likely aware that Sehun’s statement wasn’t only meant as a joke. Everything sounds funny to Chanyeol’s ears anyway; even when a word is sharp enough to bruise or open up a wound, he would laugh to appease the pain, using it like a shield.


The vibration of Sehun’s phone pulled him out of his thoughts. He took it out of his pocket and looked at his notifications.


From: Baek hyung

That’s right, Hun! Tell Yeolie that my baby’s taken!


Sehun frowned at the message. He gazed around and was quick to find Baekhyun two meters behind Chanyeol, hiding under a table and listening to their conversation. He seemed attentive to Chanyeol’s every gesture and, if Sehun wasn’t mistaken, he was also taking photos of the boy’s back. Sehun grimaced at him, but Baekhyun’s only answer was to give him a thumb up before returning to his previous occupation. Sehun rolled his eyes.


“I was wondering,” Chanyeol began slowly, bringing Sehun’s attention back on him. “Why

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