Dear Brain, Select These Thoughts and Delete Them

Paper Heart
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After leaving Luhan and Sehun’s room, Baekhyun was now walking to his own with a smile.


A few hours before, when he learned that his man and Luhan not only knew each other but were with each other, Baekhyun had called his roommate. Pitiful whines and mumbles of ‘I’m going to die’ were enough to see, in front of his blurry eyes, his roommate rushing towards him with a worried face. The tears had fallen down when Kyungsoo brought him into his arms and pat his back while listening to the whole story.


Baekhyun was thankful to Kyungsoo. Even when the reason behind his tears completely changed when the soothing on his back transformed into rough slaps on his head.


Well, it was true that freaking out his roommate and getting him out of his class just to let him hear yet another one of the crush stories he had for lullaby the past 6 months was a tiny bit too much, but for a strong person like Baekhyun, crying was a serious matter and he needed comfort. Kyungsoo, being the first person Baekhyun thought of to give him that, should feel blessed.


Anyway. Welcoming his room with a grin, Baekhyun shouted his usual greeting, “Kyungsoo! I’m hungry!”


Now, what he was awaiting for was the usual sight of his roommate not looking up from his laptop’s screen and ignoring him. As usual, Baekhyun would handle the situation calmly by advancing towards him, closing the laptop lid and repeating his greeting with a smile despite his roommate’s death glare.


In other words, what Baekhyun was awaiting for was the usual routine.


Not an heart attack.


Because his man being in front of him was not the usual routine.


Not at all.


"Hey, Baekhyun, right? Are you feeling better?"


With his mouth agape, Baekhyun nodded dumbly, even though he didn't know what that gesture meant anymore.


"Good," Chanyeol said with a toothy grin that had Baekhyun’s eyes widening because hey, he wasn’t ready for another heart attack. "Well, see you?" With that, Chanyeol waved and passed by an awestruck Baekhyun who watched his man’s slim body walking down the hallway so graciously, Baekhyun had to clench his hands to not run after him, bring him in his bed and get rid of his sinfully tight clothes. Baekhyun shook his dirty fantaisies away, those were for later because, right now, he needed to talk to his roommate.


"Do ing Kyungsoo!" Baekhyun yelled while stomping to said boy’s side. "What the ing was my man doing here?!"


Without looking up from his laptop, Kyungsoo answered, “Chanyeol came to ask me something.”


"What the ?! How does he even know you?!"


"If you listened to me sometimes and stopped wailing every ing night about how hot Chanyeol is and how he would look better in your bed, you would know that I have a class with him since the debut of the year." Kyungsoo replied without bothering a glance at his roommate. Knowing that it was a matter of second before his laptop was harshly shut close, Kyungsoo saved his files. He soon found out that it wasn’t what he should have saved from Baekhyun’s hands as they grabbed his collar to lift him up from his seat. Kyungsoo was about to give his roommate a lesson with his own fists for nearly killing him from strangulation when the latter brought him into his arms for a bone-crushing hug.


"Oh my God! Oh my God! He looked at me and smiled at me and said my name and he knows me and he’s so perfect and oh my God!"


Kyungsoo sighed on Baekhyun’s shoulder. His resolve to kill his roommate gone as he returned the embrace. It was great that his roommate was happy, but Kyungsoo wanted to finish his composition and Baekhyun’s rambling with his high-pitched voice was quite painful for the musical student's ears...












Sehun groaned on Jongin’s pillow. He lifted his head a bit to show his friend his begging eyes because maybe words were not enough for Jongin to comprehend how desesperate he was. Sehun stared at him for a good minute but to no avail as he clearly understood that, either it was given by his mouth or his gaze, Jongin’s reply was still ‘No’. Sehun dropped his head on the pillow and sighed.


Jongin, who came out of the bathroom a few minutes ago, sat at the edge of the bed and nudged Sehun’s leg with the hand that was not drying his hair with a towel. “What’s wrong with you? Luhan is nice.”


"Not when he starts pinching your cheeks as a thank you for remembering his favorite

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