Dear Difficulties, Keep out of My Way

Paper Heart
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Maybe it was because Luhan feared to never sense it again, that sensation of Sehun’s lips pressed against his, but oddly, his mind and heart weren’t arguing on whether or not he should let it happen. Neither were protesting his actions for once, and that gave Luhan the relief he needed to push whatever was on his mind aside to simply appreciate what was given to him.


Searching his way out to find an ounce of rationality when lost in an overwhelming amount of feelings wasn’t easy. Only through an external force would Luhan be able to do so, and this was proven when a foreign voice was suddenly heard.


“Aw, aren’t you guys adorable?”


Luhan gasped and pulled out of Sehun’s hold so fast, he fell back, his skull hitting the floor harshly enough to force a groan out of his mouth. Everything went black and because of the throbbing pain in his head, Luhan could hardly feel his upper body being lifted up by Sehun's careful hands.


“Hyung, are you okay?”


Luhan nodded, or tried to, he wasn’t sure if he did, but mostly, he didn’t care. He was massaging his temple with a fist, tempting to soothe the pain by roughly rubbing the area. As he opened his eyes and a blurry Sehun appeared in front of him, Luhan instinctively shut his eyes close and thankfully managed to adjust his vision after a few blinks.


Feeling dizzy, Luhan took in his surroundings, his hazy gaze hastily scanned the place, settled on Sehun’s concerned eyes a moment, then changed its focus to find the stranger still standing at the door. The latter seemed taken aback by Luhan’s reaction, and as he started advancing towards them, Luhan realized with a startled gasp that his face wasn't unfamiliar.


Luhan stood up hurriedly and sway on his hast, his embarrassment maintained him up as he reached for his bag, snatched it from the floor and ran outside, faintly audible , , leaving his mouth through the whole process.








“He’s your boyfriend?”


Sehun blinked at Lay. Not having a suitable reply, he asked back, “You know him?”


“Well, not really,” Lay answered as he sat next to Sehun. “I served him and Baekhyun a day ago, when they came in Paradise. I wondered why he looked so sad and Baekhyun said it was “because of his boyfriend”. I didn't know Baekhyun was actually talking about you.”


Sehun sighed. He could clearly visualize Baekhyun’s serious face while saying that.


“Anyway, I guess you two are okay now?”


“Uh," Sehun rubbed the back of his neck and averted his gaze. "Yeah?" he wondered dubiously, "Yeah, I think we are.”


“You think?”


“It’s complicated.” Sehun stood up and stretched his arms high above his head. “Let’s start?” he asked, opting to change the subject. Since Jongin was unable to dance because of his accident, both agreed on asking Lay to replace him for the Talent Show that was coming soon. Sehun needed to work well, but diligently in order to teach Lay the different choreographies in the short span of time they have left. Lay was known around the campus for his dance performances, thus Sehun had no worry over his friend learning and memorizing the numerous steps in time.


“Now? Don’t you have classes to attend?”


Sehun shrugged. “I already missed one and the last started minutes ago.”


Shaking his head in amusement, Lay got up as well to stand next to Sehun, taki

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