Dear Dream, I Wonder If You Will Ever Come True

Paper Heart
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Inner Baekhyun was screaming as he was currently on his man’s bed, drinking a glass of water handed to him by no one but perfection itself, but also suffocating because said perfection was sitting on the same freaking mattress, really close to Baekhyun’s freaking feet while watching over him and oh God, it was so ing adorable how concern was reflecting in his ingly flawless features.


But, of course, outer Baekhyun showed none of his inner struggles, faking indifference as he posed the empty glass on the desk next to him and put his focus on the white blanket covering his legs all while drowning the awkward silence with words that were supposed to reassure him. Strangely, the only thing his mind found to comfort him was that him and the cause of his quick heartbeat were alone in a closed room, or, in other words, that Baekhyun was living one of his greatest fantasy – minus the lack of clothes.


As expected, his imagination would wander in dangerous territory now out of all time. Baekhyun inwardly facepalmed.


“Are you feeling better?” Chanyeol asked, startling Baekhyun and stopping him from reprimanding his brain.


Baekhyun nodded meekly. A thankful smile was drawn on his lips to hide the fact that he was slowly dying.


Oblivious, the person responsible of his current state sighed in relief. It seemed absurd, how worried Chanyeol was about him. The mere thought elicited an emotion that jolted Baekhyun’s inside and had him put a hand over his chest. The way his heart was always in synchronisation with the emotions shown on Chanyeol’s face and the fact that it reacted positively whenever he was in Chanyeol’s presence could only mean that love was deeply established in his core. No matter the outcome, Baekhyun was certain his heart made the right decision by choosing Chanyeol.


“I’m sorry.”


Baekhyun looked up. Chanyeol’s smile was gone and replaced with an unreadable expression.


“I’m sorry about yesterday. I just had a hard time realizing what you told me. Your confession… I didn’t know what to do with it. I know I should have given you a response, and I did somehow, well, I thought I did, with the song but…” Chanyeol sighed. His eyebrows were furrowed, as though he was frustrated he couldn’t translate what was on his mind in coherent words. “I was so sure I still liked Luhan hyung, but then you came with those cheerful notes that made me feel so much better about everything and I was so confused. Liking you felt so wrong. It felt like I was using you to forget Luhan hyung, but at the same time, I felt like betraying my feelings for Luhan hyung, but I recently discovered that it wasn’t the case at all.”


Baekhyun pressed his hand harder on his chest. The air around him felt constricted and he was having a hard time breathing.


“Deep down, I knew I was attracted to you. In order to be in another relationship, I understood that I had to put a term on the one that ceased to exist years before. It was hard, to cut the ties that I once refused to let go. But after meeting you, after meeting the Baekhyun in front of me, the one I got to know and fell in love with, I realized that moving on was necessary if I wanted to give myself another chance.”


Baekhyun couldn’t have heard him right. There was no way Chanyeol actually confessed to him. But the gleam shining in Chanyeol’s eyes and the seriousness in his words seemed to disagree.


“I-I’m–” Baekhyun stuttered. “I don’t– which one of me do you like?” he blurted out, because, albeit he was a bit flabergasted by the situation, his curiosity was still present; like foam created by the agitation of his overwhelming amount of emotions. Surprisingly, Chanyeol’s answer was soft and sheepish, but immediate; a ray of sun that ignited hope, shock and great affection.


“I like every bit of you I encountered. So the answer is you. I like you.”


Baekhyun’s eyes widened. “H-how much do you think it’ll cost?” he asked in a low whisper, gaze blank and heart threatening to break his ribcage.


Chanyeol blinked. “What?”


“My ring! O-oh my God! Kyungsoo needs to know about our engagement!”


“Our… what?”


Baekhyun was too engrossed in his happiness to hear Chanyeol, his man, his Yeolie, his boyfriend. Baekhyun cupped his cheeks and squealed before hurrying out of the bed and running towards the door. When he was in front of it however, as he suddenly became aware of something important, he spunned around. Coming face to face with Chanyeol’s dumbfounded expression, Baekhyun grinned and, under the encouragement of his excited inner voice, took firm steps towards Chanyeol, hold his astounded face in his hands then closed the gap separating their lips.


Baekhyun didn't know where his sudden confidence came from, but he seriously didn't care as he was living what he had been practicing in his dreams for far too long. The kiss was simple, neverthless, it provoked a whirlwind of emotions and happy thoughts drapped in a warm, fluffy cover gifted to Baekhyun’s heart. When he pulled away, Baekhyun didn't wait for Chanyeol’s reaction as he skipped back to the exit, leaving the room and what he hopped to be a memory he would be happy to remember years from now.








“Where’s your other and kinder half?”


Sehun disregared the way Jongin referred Luhan as and simply answered his question. “Resting. He wasn’t feeling well this mo

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