Dear Plan, I Can't Follow You Anymore

Paper Heart
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“He’s so perfect. So so so perfect.”




“You don't understand! His smile, his laugh, his eyes, everything’s perfect.” Baekhyun sighed blissfully. Ignoring Jongdae’s warning of kicking him out, he took a spoonful of his strawberry ice cream before adding with an idiotic grin, “He held my hand on our way to the cafe and recounted me stories of his youth while feeding me his chocolate cake.”


Baekhyun squealed, earning a few stares from some customers behind him. Noticing that, Jongdae sent a glare in Baekhyun's direction, but ended up sighing because the boy was way too busy giggling in his hands to pay him attention. “Did he really?” Jongdae asked, knowing that Baekhyun tend to exagerate the reality–or confound it with his dreams.






“Okay, he may have held my arm instead of my hand because I stumbled on the sidewalk, making him laugh which gathered a crowd around us, but! He did recount me stories of his youth, embarassing ones that sounded quite inapropriate to tell in a public place, but his voice is so beautiful, I didn’t mind the judging looks from the waiter and that family sitting a table away from us.”


Aside from making him look crazy, the huge love-struck smile on Baekhyun’s face was so bright, Jongdae didn’t have the heart to tell him that his crush on ‘Yeolie’ was, obviously, one sided. Instead, he sealed his words behind an encouraging smile accompanying the pity painting his features. “He fed you his dessert. That’s nice.” That was true. At least, there was hope for their relationship to evolve into something more. But, as he got no reaction from Baekhyun who suddenly seemed to find his empty cup really interesting, Jongdae sighed.




“..He didn’t really feed me, per se...” Baekhyun mumbled, “I ate it because he was full, but he handed it to me!” he finished in a cry, his fist pounding against the counter startling a mother and his child taking their order a meter away. Jongdae bowed, sending them an apologetic smile before half hissing, half whispering at Baekhyun to keep his voice low. A warning that the latter, once again, ignored as he suddenly stood up to grasp Jongdae’s shoulders and stare at him with eyes sparkling in determination. “It’s the same thing, right?”


Baekhyun needed help. Jongdae had thought that for a long time–since he met him honestly–now but, as he watched Baekhyun’s hard expression morphing into a grimace as he started laughing hysterically, Jongdae never thought that he would have went as far as worrying for his life and those of the other employees and customers. A chance that the chatter covered the sound that would have certainly create a commotion if Baekhyun hadn’t plopped back down on the stool with a soft chuckle and scoffing a “Of course it is”, the sudden transformation giving Jongdae another reason to believe in his fears.


Someone entered the shop and Jongdae watched as the familiar person took casual steps towards the counter. “Hey, Sehun.” He greeted once the boy was near.


Sehun smiled back at him. “Is Lay hyung here?”


“No, he’s not working today.”


Jongdae’s answer had Sehun mouthing an ‘Ah’, a little frown finding its way on his face as he seemed to think of the different places Lay could be. Before Jongdae could give him a few suggestions, Sehun nodded and bowed his head at both him and Baekhyun then turned around, ready to leave, but the latter stopped him by grabbing his arm. “Wait, I’m coming with you,” Baekhyun said as he hopped off his stool. “Since I have a class in ten or three minutes.” he added nonchalantly as he linked arms with the younger.


“Don’t bother him with your love stories!” Jongdae called out just when they were about to step outside. Baekhyun stuck his tongue out in reply, making Jongdae laugh as he returned to his work.








It was with a small smile that Luhan arrived in front of his locker, all thanks to Chanyeol beside him, making him laugh every now and then with his jokes. Luhan had already heard most of them, but Chanyeol's serious descriptions emphasized by the stupidity of his puns was such a weird – and adorable – combination, they still sounded funny in his ears. Especially since they were told to make him feel better. 


They had met around lunch time. Luhan was alone, absentmindly listening the chatter filling the cafeteria when Chanyeol took the seat next to him. His friend probably saw that Luhan wasn’t his usual self because as soon as Luhan looked up from his untouched food to return Chanyeol's cheerful greeting, the older catched the corners of Chanyeol’s lips going down for a second before a wider grin spread on his face.


Luhan had said sorry countless times for not paying much attention to him, and Chanyeol had always waved his excuses off if he wasn’t loudly laughing because Luhan reacted to something he said seconds later.


Chanyeol didn’t ask what was the matter behind Luhan’s short replies and inattention, and Luhan was glad he didn’t. He, anyway wasn’t comfortable to talk about what was troubling his mind. Throughout all his morning classes, images of Sehun holding him, touching him, kissing him, loving him would loom up in his mind, and since seeing them was not enough

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