Dear Life, Take Pity on My Poor Soul

Paper Heart
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Sehun was putting on his slack when the alarm of his roommate rang.


Rolling his eyes, he walked to the other bed, turned off Luhan’s phone for the third time and decided that his roommate had slept enough – or more like the sound of his alarm was really annoying because Sehun couldn’t care less about Luhan’s well-being – as he called his name.


But Sehun should have known that if Luhan’s alarm, which must have woken up the whole dorm by now, wasn’t effective, his voice wasn’t going to be that much of an help. He soon noticed that so he started shaking Luhan, earning some protests that Sehun ignored by shaking him harder.


"Okay, okay, stop! I’m awake!" Luhan huffed while shoving Sehun’s hands away. His yawn ended with a sigh as he still needed a few hours of sleep to function properly. Blinking tiredly, he removed his blanket then put his feet on the floor with the intention to get up but the sight in front of him stopped his new-found motivation.


Luhan’s eyes were absorbing too much information for his slow brain; broad shoulders, toned back, milky skin, too much skin. A soundless gasp left his parted lips when he was met with the other part including defined colarbones and deep abs.


"Are you done staring?"


It wasn’t Sehun’s voice that had Luhan closed his mouth, but his hands making the flawless alabaster skin disappear behind a white cloth so agonizingly slowly that Luhan had to wonder why a shirt needs so many buttons. Luhan’s gaze went up to the last amount of skin he could find but, as the neck was not enough, his stare pursued their way up a pointed chin, rosy lips, thin nose and judging eyes.


Luhan could clearly read the question in those chocolate orbs. The creased eyebrows added the confusion that made Luhan’s cheeks grew pink in embarrassment as he became aware of his staring. He wished Sehun didn’t notice but his little smirk crashed all his hopes.


"I was not staring," Luhan replied at last. He stood up and stumbled his way to his wardrobe. It must have been a funny sight judging from Sehun’s laugh. Forunately, the younger didn’t try to fluster Luhan more with words. Though it should have surprised him, Luhan was just glad and quickly locked the bathroom’s door with a sigh.








"You look tired."


Luhan almost didn’t hear Baekhyun’s voice over his yawn. He turned around to greet his friend only after putting his books in his bag.


"You still receive these?" Baekhyun asked, surprised to see Luhan getting out a few letters from his locker.


Luhan simply hummed. He didn’t think it’ll ever stop and anyway, he didn’t mind giving them to Sehun. It was just that, the ironic situation of handing letters to Sehun felt so awkward the first time that since then, Luhan had settled on posing them on his desk where Sehun could see them easily – but ignored most of the time.


"What happened?"


"Sehun happened." Luhan sighed as he started regretting using his feet so early in the morning. The chatter filling the hallway were giving him an headache and just, which school start their classes at 7am? "He woke me up and…" Another sigh got out of his mouth. "He was so cute before. Now he’s a cocky, cold-hearted and arrogant jerk. He’s so rude and uncomfortable to be with. So unbearable, so–"




"Yes." Luhan heaved a sigh for the umpteenth time today. It was true.

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