Dear Friend, Thank You

Paper Heart
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Luhan was wearing a bright smile. The comfortable atmosphere around them created by the sweet smell of food and the murmurs of student’s talks could be the reason behind it indeed, but not only; sitting at the table he used to look at from afar was actually the biggest purpose.


“I can’t believe you two are together,” Jongin said suddenly, rousing Luhan from his daydream. The boy was sitting in front of him, reading and jotting down Sehun’s notes from the classes he missed on monday, when he was at the hospital. Several words could describe the warmth spreading in his chest that could simultaneously answer Jongin’s statement, but Luhan didn’t know which one to use.


Thankfully, Sehun, didn’t wait a second to ask, “Who told you that?” It was a simple question, yet, it had Luhan’s eyes shining with joy that Sehun didn’t bluntly ignore the question like he would so often do when asked about an unwanted topic. Although Sehun already showed him through words and actions how he felt about their relationship, the fact that he acknowledged it once again, and in front of his closest friend, had Luhan’s heart beat with nothing but pure love for his Sehun.


“Lay hyung.”


“Yeah? Well, he lied.”


Luhan’s grin, along with his fond thoughts, instantly faded away. “What?!” he cried, punching Sehun’s shoulder with enough force to make him wince in pain. Sehun scowled at him and Luhan pouted. He wouldn’t apologize for something Sehun deserved.


“Wow, and you guys are supposed to love each other?”


Ignoring Jongin’s remark, Luhan stabbed at his meat with enough force to show that he was done with the subject. What Luhan shared with the stupid person he was unfortunately in love with didn’t need a word anyway. This same stupid person who had barged in the bathroom earlier this morning and dismissed Luhan’s shriek by climbing in the small bathtub while insisting that they had to shower together in order to save time. This could have been a good idea, had not Sehun deemed it necessary to finish what they’d started minutes before. Except earning a laugh and more kisses from Sehun, Luhan’s complaints had no effect, which resulted in the both of them being late for their first class.


Abruptly, Sehun stood up and wordlessly walked away. Luhan glared at his retreating back, his unhappy expression certainly the cause behind Jongin’s wholehearted laugh.


“Don’t make this face, hyung. Sehun loves you. Though he didn’t admit it, he can’t hide how much happier he is now that you’re here.”


Luhan looked at Jongin with a doubtful frown. Now that he thought about it, since it happened when they were in high school, Jongin had certainly witnessed their separation from Sehun’s perspective. Sehun may had shared his feelings on the situation with him, and if it was the case, Luhan couldn’t understand how Jongin could sit in front of him with a thankful smile on his face. Surely, their relationship wouldn’t be that good if Jongin knew what occured six years ago.


As though he could read the confusion in Luhan’s eyes, Jongin chuckled. “Whatever happened, hyung, Sehun’s happier now that you’re here. It’s a fact and that’s what matters.”


Before Luhan could say anything, Sehun came back with a little, transparent bag full of cookies in his hand. He wordlessly dropped it in front of Luhan who blinked at it curiously.


“In Sehun’s language, this means ‘I’m an idiot but I love you. Please, forgive me.’”


“If you don’t want another broken arm, I suggest you to shut up.”


“See, hyung?” Jongin said while wiggling his eyebrows, unfazed by Sehun’s threat. “He’s not denying it.”


Luhan watched their interaction with an amused smile. It was obvious that Jongin’s taunts weren’t well received if Sehun’s tight glare was anything to go by. Luhan thought it was cute how Sehun would always avoid being confronted with something unpleasant by using ignorance; as if returning on eating would lessen his apparent want to strangle Jongin.


Even with a hand on his mouth, Luhan was unable to contain his laugh. Because the muffled s

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