Dear Promises, Maybe...

Paper Heart
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“He’s so perfect. So so so perfect.”




“Like, can you believe that? He held my hand and confessed his love to me. It was so romantic, I swear! We shared a passionate kiss and he vowed to stay by my side forever…” Baekhyun sighed blissfully. “He’s perfect…”


“That’s great, Baek, I’m happy for you.” Jongdae smiled. Though he didn’t believe everything Baekhyun just said, the dreamy look his friend had on his face plus the fact that he, for once, didn’t ask for an ice cream meant that, as Baekhyun had first told him minutes ago, something akin to a miracle must have happened to him.


Baekhyun hummed. “You should fall in love too, Jongdae. Really, it’s a wonderful feeling.”


“I’m in love with my work.”


“Oh, please. Don’t be so old fashioned. You’re young, Jongdae! Try new things, be wild, ask a stranger out, I don’t now, for exemple, him.”


Jongdae followed Baekhyun’s stare. When he saw who Baekhyun was suggestively looking at, Jongdae turned his head back towards his friend with a scowl. “Who, Minseok?”


Baekhyun gasped. “You already know his name! Now go get his number!”


Jongdae drifted his eyes back to the oblivious Minseok taking orders, checking again just to be sure Baekhyun was talking about him.


“He’s cute, huh?”


“Hmm… yes?” Jongdae narrowed his eyes at a grinning Baekhyun. “Yes, but, hm… Baekhyun?”




“Firstly, I already have his number; he’s an employee.”


“Wow, then ask him out on a date?”


“Secondly, I’m straight.”


“Wow, then– wait, what, for real?” Baekhyun gaped. “Wow… what a pity… you’re missing out, dude.”




Just then, Luhan entered the shop. Baekhyun grinned and beckoned him over with a wave. Luhan greeted Jongdae then sat besides Baekhyun.


“Hi, Baek. Sorry, I was at the library and only saw your text now. What did you want to tell me?”


“Do you want to be my bestman?”


Luhan blinked. “What?”


“For my engagement.”


“Your what?”


Jobgdae sighed. “Baekhyun here is–”


Baekhyun proudly interrupted, “Park Baekhyun.”


“–in his delusional world, getting married to the love of his life also known as the perfection itself.”


Baekhyun scoffed. “I’m not delusional. Yeolie is mine and you’re just jealous.”


“Really?” Luhan asked with wide eyes.


Baekhyun grinned. “Yes! And now, we can go on double dates! Isn’t that exciting?!”


Luhan chuckled. “Indeed, that would be nice.”


Baekhyun smiled but it gradually went away as he looked around, finally noticing that Luhan was alone. “Where is Sehun by the way? I wanted to tell him the news too.”


“Hum,” Luhan checked the clock on the wall. It was a quarter past six. “He should be in practice.”


“So Lay’s with him, right? Perfect! Let’s go see them!”


Before Luhan could even open his mouth, Baekhyun had grabbed his hand and led him out of the shop.








When they arrived in front of the practice room ten minutes later, they could hear the music from outside.


“I think they’re in the middle of practice,” Luhan said. “We should wait to not bother–”


Baekhyun opened the door and yelled, “Park Baekhyun and his cute baby deer are here!”


As Luhan had just told Baekhyun, Sehun and Yixing were dancing in front of the grand mirror, but were now facing them because of Baekhyun’s loud voice.

Luhan wanted to apologize but, albeit his stunned state wouldn’t have allowed him to do much, he quickly realized that it would have been of little utility as Baekhyun swayed his way to the front, taking everyone’s attention with his attempt at what appeared to be a ballet.


“Guess who’s getting married?” Baekhyun asked in between two spins; his gracious moves a weird contrast with the up beat song blasting in the background. Luhan would have drag Baekhyun to the side to – even though his friend most likely didn’t care – save him from further embarrassing himself, but the former found himself laughing instead and blocking the sound with his hand, for he didn’t expect the two dancers to go back to their practice as if they were used to Baekhyun’s behavior.


Baekhyun noticed their lack of consideration after opening his eyes at the muffled sound of Luhan’s laugh, making the latter unable to contain it when Baekhyun spunned around, gaping indignantly. To Luhan’s surprise, Baekhyun let them be and stomped towards the side, keeping his complains to himself as he leaned against the wall, glaring. He refused to sit down next to Luhan because “sitting on the floor is dirty”.


Anyway, they both watched Yixing and Sehun dancing in synchronisation but in their own way, complimenting each other's moves with their different styles. Luhan clapped at the end, impressed by their improvement considering the high level they already had.


“You guys are good but not better than us,” Baekhyun said as Yixing stopped the music.


“What do you mean?” Sehun asked, panting slightly.


“What, you don’t know? We’re participating to the Talent Show!”


Sehun raised an eyebrow, gaze now directed towards Luhan. Luhan swallowed thickly. With the corner of his lips tugging upwards in a small, bashful smile, he mumbled, “Surprise?”


It didn’t sound like a good one judging from the expression on Sehun’s face, but they thankfully dropped the subject when Baekhyun started talking about his love life, getting a bit too carried away as he spoke about details that should only be talked about in the confines of a bedroom, like personal information regarding his boyfriend that Baekhyun apparently had no shame to share with his friends. The boy couldn’t even hide his excitement to “discover” Chanyeol’s body.


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