Dear Bond, There's This Feeling Called Love and I'm Thankful It Kept You Intact

Paper Heart
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After bringing Luhan back to the dorm and making sure he safely reached his room, Chanyeol had walked to his own. It was late when he put a step in since he had spent a few hours with Luhan at the cafe simply appreciating the view outside and talking in between laughs, teases and a good atmosphere.


Chanyeol had found a liking on watching Luhan’s funny reaction whenever the name ‘Sehun’ was brought up, so he slipped it in their conversation once in a while, acting nonchalent while inwardly enjoying the blush that would always bloom on Luhan’s face. Luhan had frown everytime that happened, and Chanyeol wasn’t sure if the older was angry at himself for reacting like someone caught having odd fantaisies, or angry at Chanyeol for flustering him in the middle of their meal with a subject that Luhan would certainly never admit is his favorite.


Maybe it was both.


The sound of the door had Chanyeol stop writing to look at the person who entered with a huff and kicked the door close before plopping down on his bed. Chanyeol wondered what the wall did for Jongin to glare at it and send curses its way as he sat up from his sprawled position to blink at him.


“Hey, you okay? What’s wrong?”


Jongin slowly turned his head aside, his bleary eyes meeting Chanyeol’s curious gaze for a moment. Jongin scrutinized Chanyeol’s face as though he was searching for help, but realizing that he was going to get none, sighed and looked away.




Chanyeol blinked. “Baekhyun?”


“Yeah,” Jongin sighed as he fell on his bed and groaned once he remembered he had a cast. He sighed again. “Kyungsoo was about to give me my well-deserved kiss when Baekhyun came in and–”


“Wait, what? You were about to kiss his boyfriend?”


Jongin silently looked at Chanyeol's astound expression for a good minute. “What are you talking about? Kyungsoo is my boyfriend. Did Baekhyun brainwash you into thinking otherwise? First, he kidnaps me and now he steals my boyfriend? The guy seriously needs to stop.”


“What? No! I saw them– I mean– a day ago, when you had your accident, I went to their room to ask them where you were since it was late and you weren’t picking up your phone, and I saw them in the same bed and I thought–”


“That they were together?” Jongin completed while frowning at his phone. He rolled his eyes and threw the device behind him, not caring where it landed. “Well, no, they’re not.”


Even after Jongin went in the bathroom, Chanyeol was pondering over their discussion. Oddly, as he continued to write down lyrics for a song, the only thing that truly mattered was one simple information Jongin rectified and manifisted itself in the form of three words twirling in his mind.


Baekhyun was single. 








From: Jongin
Tell your crazy friend Baekhyun to get his hands off my Kyungsoo.


To: Jongin
Why don’t you tell him directly? Are you scared?


From: Jongin
Please, the dude is half my size.


To: Jongin
Then go tell him yourself. I'm sure he'll be glad to hear that.


Sehun checked his notifications and upon seeing no reply from Jongin after the last message he sent him ten minutes ago, he put his phone back into his pocket, persuaded that Jongin was certainly too pissed to answer back with a curse or his usual recomendation of books like Guide to be a good best friend or Ten steps to stop being an .


“I’ll be going now.”


Sehun looked up and smiled at Lay before bowing as a thank you for his hard work and using his free time to practice with him. Lay laughed and ruffled his hair, urging him to straighten up and stop with his formality.


“Don’t thank me, I love dancing so it’s a pleasure to help you.”


A grateful smile on his face, Sehun waved and watched him leave. Working with Lay was stressful, but Sehun wanted to take it as a challenge since he was, after all, teaching the person who inspired him to dance after watching one of his performance two years ago. That day had changed Sehun who, used to spend hours doing nothing, started filling this time by practicing his new-found hobby. He had poured all his problems into training, forgetting them by aiming for the top and still trying to reach it today.


The sun was long gone when Sehun entered his room, thus he knew that Luhan was surely already there, and perhaps sleeping. Sehun wasn’t wrong about that as his roommate was in his bed, the blanket covering his body and half of his face. The sight brightened Sehun’s expression with a thin smile.


After changing into his pajamas, just as Sehun was about to climb on his bed, he heard noises that had him instantly stop his movements and his eyes following the little sounds to see Luhan mumbling in his sleep while tightly clutching the blanket around him. The latter would often do that while in slumber and Sehun never thought much about it, always telling himself that it was either because the older was cold, or having a nightmare, but again, not once did Sehun had the sudden urge to wipe off that little frown on Luhan's face that would occur from his disturbance.


Sighing in defeat, Sehun walked the small distance separating their beds and carefully lay beside his roommate, scooting closer till Luhan could snuggle to the heat of his comfort if he needed to – which was what Luhan did almost immediately as he turned around, unconsiously attracted to Sehun's warm invitation.


Having a sleeping Luhan so close to him reminded Sehun of their numerous sleepless nights spent talking and laughing while enjoying each other’s company. Those were Sehun's favorite nights, notably because he loved waking up to that so endearing smile Luhan would have on his face the next morning, eyes sleepily staring back at what seemed to be his most valued sight.


Suddenly, Luhan burrowed his face in his neck, his rhythmical puff of air hitting Sehun's

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