You are my Everything

It's been three weeks since Jungkook knew about Jinam liking him. He was so nervous to ask her out he waited and waited and waited. He really didn't know when to ask her or how to even approach her. He didn't really talk to her and kind of left her to be by herself. Jimin and Taehyun were a little irritated they didn't like how Jungkook was ignoring her and giving no attention like he said he would.

Today is Feburary 10 and it is the Jungkook is going to ask Jinam to go out on the 11 so he can ask her out. Jungkook didn't talk much in the morning. As they were walking to school in the morning Jimin, Taehyun, and Jinam were talking happily to each other while Jungkook was so scared with himself. Jinam looked at Jungkook and smiled. She hasn't been talking to him, but she just wants him to know that she isn't mad at him and that she is forgiving him. Jungkook made eye contact with Jinam and freaked out a little but still he smiled at her. 

Jinam and Jungkook went through class without talking then lunch came. They both went to get lunch then went up to the roof top and eat their lunch. Jungkook sighed out of nervousness. 

Jinam looked at Jungkook, "Kookie what's the matter?"

"Umm well Nammie I was wondering if you wanted to go out tomorrow like a day together"

"Oh of course Kookie I would love to go out with you," Jinam smiled.

"Great well start at noon," Jungkook smiled and continued eating his lunch.

Jinam smiled and ate her food. She was so happy that she couldn't stop stealing glances at Jungkook.

Jungkook's POV:

I just asked her and she said yes. Oh my god she said yes. I'm so happy but I have to hide it. I can't show her how excited I am. I keep eating my food and looking at her. At some times we would make eye contact and all I could do was smile. I can't stop smiling my cheeks are starting to hurt. Now I have to worry about how I look tomorrow. I asked her but I don't have a definite plan. I don't know what to do. 

Jinam's POV:

Did Jungkook just asked to go out with him tomorrow? Why does this feel so exciting? It's like normal we always hang out together. Nothing's different we are still friends. I'm so excited to go out with Kookie. I keep looking at him. He really has caught my eye. I don't know what to do. Sometimes we would make eye contact and all we could do was give each other a big smile to each other. I have to look pretty tomorrow just for him. What should I wear? A Dress? A skirt and a crop top? I really don't know. I just have to look nice for Kookie. 

Date Day:

Jungkook woke up and got ready. He dressed in his usual white t-shirt, black jeans, and combat boots. He grabbed his phone, back pack and beanie and went to sit down stairs to wait for Jinam. He was so happy he had a smile on his face and he couldn't stop smiling. 

Jinam woke up and got ready. She just  let her hair down naturally without doing anything to it. She put on a white shirt, ripped jeans, and white shoes. Jinam looked at herself and smiled. She didn't know what to expect but she knew it was going to be fun. Jinam fixed her hair once more then went down stairs.

"Good morning Nammie," Jungkook smiled.

"Morning Kookie," Jinam smiled.

"Wait wait wait," Jimin came down in pj's and his camera.

"Aw~," Taehyung teased them.

"Hyung," Jungkook hit Taehyung's shoulders.

"When are you guys leaving?" Seokjin asked.

"Noon," Jungkook smiled.

"You guys are ready so early," Yoongi rubbed his eyes.

"Yoongi Oppa it's already 10am," Jinam gave Yoongi a look.

"Ah~ really," Yoongi turned to look at the clock.

"Well let's eat the maid cooked for us," Namjoon came from the kitchen.

"Ne," everyone went to the kitchen and ate.

The whole time they were eating Jimin was recording. They were talking happily and enjoying their time together. Then suddenly Jimin thought about asking the 2 youngest where they were going.

"So, Nammie Kookie where are you guys going?" Jimin smiled.

"Ummm," Jinam looked at Jungkook.

"It's a surprise. I don't want Nammie to know," Jungkook smiled.

"Ah ok," Jimin nodded his head.

"I hope you guys have fun," Hoseok smiled.

"Come back before it's to late," Seokjin kept eating.

Jimin looked at the camera smiled and gave it a thumbs up. After everyone finished they put their plates in the sink. Jinam went to the sink and started to wash the dishes. As she started to wash Jungkook came to her side and helped rinse and dry the dishes. Jimin caught them and kept the camera on and some where were they wouldn't notice. Jimin smiled and went to his room.

As they continued to wash the dishes they started to play around. Jinam would playfully splash Jungkook with water. He didn't do anything and just laugh and hit her lightly witht he towel. Jinam then splash quite a lot of water on Jungkook and he looked at her and smiled. He then went towards her and picked her up and put her over his shoulder. Jinam was laughing and playfully hitting Jungkook. He then put her down and pinned her to the counter.

He leaned in closer to her, "Splash water on me again and it'll be worst"

Jinam laughed and stuck out her tounge,"Ne"

"I'm waring you," Jungkook released her and contiuned to dry the dishes.

"I'm done, do you want me to help you?" Jinam dried her hands. 

"Yeah if you want," Jungkook smiled.

As Jinam was finishing drying the last plate Jungkook rolled the towel and hit Jinam on the . Jinam quickly turned to Jungkook.

"Yah that hurts," Jinam put the plate down and rubbed her .

"Aw did it?" Jungkook walked closer to Jinam.

"Meh," Jinam put the towel down.

"I'm sorry Nammie," Jungkook then put down his towel.

"It's fine," Jinam sighed.

Jungkook then walked closer to Jinam just to make sure that she is ok. As soon as he was close enough to her she wrapped her arm around his neck and pulled him down lower than her.

"Yah~ what the hell," Jungkook was shocked.

"This is what you get bully," Jinam smiled.

Jungkook then picked her up, "Yah Kook put me down," Jinam yelled.

"Who told you to do that? Now you'll pay for it," Jungkook chuckled.

"Ok ok ok I give up," Jinam was scared.

"You better not lie," Jungkook slowly put her down.

"I'm not," Jinam fixed her clothes.

"Humm, should we go?" Jungkook looked at the clock. 

"Sure," Jinam smiled.

They both grabbed there things and got ready to go. They bid their farwell and left.

"So Kookie what are we going to do?" Jinam kept walking.

"What's your ideal date?" Jungkook walked looking down.

"Umm I don't really have one," Jinam looked at Jungkook.

"Well......then...umm let's go to the amusement park," Jungkook scratched the back of his neck.

"Sure that sounds fun," Jinam smiled.

Jungkook looked up,"Really?"

"Yeah it's been a while since I have been to an amusement park," Jinam smiled.

As they were walking Jinam walked close to Jungkook. She kept brushing his hand. Jungkook looked down at her hand and grabbed it. She looked up at him and he smiled. He then interlaced their hands together and kept walking. Jinam smiled and looked down at their hands. She was so happy she didn't say anything and just kept walking.

When they got there Jungkook paid for the both of them and they went in. As they were walking Jinam looked around.

"Kookie let's take a photo," Jinam pulled Jungkook's arm.

"Fine fine let me ask someone," Jungkook smiled.

They were walking and wondering what to do. As they were walking the person taking their photo took a picture. They then just looked at the camera and smiled. 

Jungkook's thoughts. A normal picture is fine right? I don't know?

"Keep going," the stranger smiled.

"Come on more"

Jungkook then picked Jinam up on his back.

Jinam giggled and then posed for the picture. She couldn't stop smiling at how cute Jungkook was. Jungkook then put her down and pulled her closer to him. He pushed his face closer to Jinam. She giggled, covered her face, closed her eyes, and pulled away. Well she tried to.

As they finished. Jungkook smiled and went to get his phone and thanked the stranger. Jinam smiled and looked at Jungkook. She was so happy. She didn't know how to feel or even express herself even more. Jungkook smiled at her and they continued to walk.

"So what rides should we go on today?" Jungkook looked around.

"Anything," Jinam looked around as well.

After a couple of rides Jinam began to feel hungry. She looked at Jungkook and didn't want to say anything but Jungkook could feel something was wrong.

"What's wrong?" Jungkook lowered himself to Jinam's level.

"Nothing Kookie," Jinam shook her head.

"You can't lie to me. Are you hungry?" Jungkook smiled.

Jinam nodded her head slowly in embarrasment.

"Ok then let's go eat," Jungkook smiled and pulled Jinam along.

They went to go buy a drink at a stand then went to a resturant in the amusement park. They sat down and ordered their food and waited. Jinam then went in the drink the drink and so did Jungkook.

Jinam was a little shock and her eyes widen. Jungkook just stared at her and smiled. They both smiled and pulled back from the drink. Jinam was shy and began to blush. She tucked her hands under her thigh and looked away from Jungkook. Jungkook chuckled and just stared at Jinam. As the food came they both smiled and ate their food. Jinam was happy to eat. Jungkook noticed and took out his phone took a photo of her and laughed. 

Jinam quickly looked up at Jungkook and smiled. She was unsure but didn't really care she was just excited to eat. Jungkook smiled and started eating his food. Jinam looked at Jungkook and watched him eat. She began to laugh at him as he was eating.

Jungkook made eye contact with Jinam and chuckled. He covered his mouth and finished eating. Jungkook looked at Jinam and smiled at her. He couldn't express how happy he was when he is with her, especially today.

"Are you done eating?" Jungkook smiled.

"Ne," Jinam nodded her head.

"It's already dark time what do you want to do?"

"Already?" Jinam looked outside, "Umm I don't know"

Jungkook laughed,"Let's go home then"

"Ok," Jinam stood up.

As they were leaving the fireworks began. Jinam was amazed she turned around and watched the fireworks. Jungkook smiled and turned to look at her. He watched her as she watched the firework. Jungkook just couldn't wait to make her his. He then thought about asking her to be his girlfriend. Jungkook walked closer to her. He took a deep breathe then back hugged her. Jinam jumped a little bit but smiled.

Jungkook chuckled and whispered, "Nammie," he paused, "It would make me so happy if you were my girlfriend"

Jinam turned around and looked at Jungkook. She smiled at him, "Ne"

"I mean I know...." Jungkook blinked a couple of times, "What?"

"I said yes silly. I would love to be Jeon Jungkook's girlfriend," Jinam giggled.

Jungkook smiled and kiss Jinam all over the face,"I love you so much," Jungkook hugged her tighter and lifted her up.

Jinam laughed,"Ok ok now let's go before we get in trouble"

"Ok," Jungkook smiled and held her hand tightly.

Jinam and Jungkook didn't talk as they were walking back. They were to happy to say anything to each other. They didnt need to say anything to each other to be as happy as they are. Being together was the best thing they ever had. When they got home the lights were off. No one was near. Jungkook and Jinam looked at each other and just shrugged. They went to the living room and the lights. The boys jumped out from hiding behind things.

"Surprise!" They all yelled. Jungkook and Jinam jumped a little.

"Yah," Jinam went and hit Jimin's arm.

"Congradulations," Hoseok hit Jungkook's arm.

"Hyung~" Jungkook hit Hoseok's arm.

"So?" Namjoon smiled.

"We just went to an amusement park," Jinam smiled.

"And?" Taehyung sat on the couch and put his chin on his hand.

"We went on rides," Jungkook nodded his head.

"And?" Jimin asked.

"We ate food over there as well," Jinam looked at Jungkook.

"And?" Hoseok smiled.

"Guys leave the kids alone," Seokjin laughed.

"Go do couple things now," Namjoon laughed.

"We can't do anything," Jinam gave them a weird look.

"Yeah. They can't do anything. If they do I'll kill Kookie," Jimin pretended to hit Jungkook.

"Yah Oppa," Jinam hit Jimin on the head.

"Hey don't hit your Oppa like that," Jimin rubbed his head.

Yoongi laughed, "You deserve that punk"

Everyone laughed with Yoongi except Jimin.

"Ok enough guys. Go to your room," Seokjin smiled and pushed everyone to go up stairs.

Everyone went to their room and got ready to sleep. Jinam and Jungkook were so happy they just laid in bed and looked up in at the ceiling just smiling like a crazy person. 

Jungkook's POV:

Everything went perfectly. She grew feelings for me and things just naturally flowed together. I'm so happy that she is mine. I could hold her and cherish her without having to worry about how she would feel. Everything is going to be greater than ever. I love my Nammie. She's my everything and nothing can change that. 

Jinam's POV:

I can't believe I fell for my best friends. I can't believe it took me years to realize how I really felt. Everything is just so beautiful. I fell in love with a handsome man. Someone any girl would no doubt fall in love with. I don't even have to worry because he is all mine. He belongs to me and only me. He's my everything that I'll cherish. 




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