Let it happen

You are my Everything

Jinam's POV:

I walked back home. I don't get what BamBam and Yugyeom were hinting at. I hope they don't say anything to Jungkook. I don't know how to feel. I need to talk to Minnie Oppa maybe he'll know. Or I'll just talk to Jin Oppa. I don't know either way I just need an answer from someone. *sigh* Am I really falling in love with Jungkook? No no this can't be I mean we have been friends for so long. He porbably doesn't even like me. Yeah that's correct he doesn't like me he has all thoes other girls around him.

I walked to my room and set everything down. I sighed and walked out to Jin Oppa's room. I knocked on the door hoping he was home early today. I didn't hear an answer. I popped my head in and notice that he was sleeping. I sighed and just let him rest. He is always busy and I don't want to bother him. As I was walking away I heard him call my name.

"Nammie," Jin Oppa came out of his room.

"Ah Oppa did I wake you up?" Gosh I didn't mean to wake him.

"Anni I was getting hot so I woke up," Jin Oppa smiled.

"Oh ok. Well rest up," I walked away.

"Did you need anything?" Jin Oppa pulled my arm.

"Umm," I do but I want you to rest, "anni"

"You can talk to me Nammie," Jin Oppa smiled.

"It's just I don't know," I looked at Jin Oppa.

"Then let's talk," he dragged me to my room.

We both sat down and he smiled at me, "So what is it Nammie"

"Umm so I meet Kookie's friends and they seem to know something that I don't. Oppa do you know something that I don't?"

"Ne I do, but I can't tell you unless he lets me"

"How is he?" I said out loud.

"Umm you'll know soon," why won't Jin Oppa just tell me.

"Why can't I know?"

"I have no right to tell you"

"But," I had pleading eyes.

"There's no buts Jinam that's just how it is," Jin Oppa had a firm voice.

I sighed,"Ok fine"

"How are you feeling Nammie?" He asked me. Does he know? How?

"Umm good," I think.

"Tell me the truth," What do I do now? Oppa's on me.

"Well....I guess I'm starting to have feelings for Jungkook"

"Ah~" Jin Oppa nodded his head.

"And today we ate inside for the first time. It was so annoying, all the girls came and they were loud and everything. I gave Jungkook a look and he made them go away, but still he knows that I don't like the attention and lately he has been getting a lot of that attention by all the girls and it's just bothering me so much. I guess you can say I'm jealous because I hate being around Jungkook when all the girls are always around him. He's suppose to be watching over me, but I feel like I'm watching over him. He treats me like how he treats all the other girls and I just want to be at least somewhat different to him. I don't want to just blend in with all the other girls. Soon he won't even notice me then what am I suppose to do? I'm doing my all to not be mad but today got me really mad because he asked me why couldn't I just accept it, but what am I accepting? That all the girls are always around him and he has the attention of all the girls? What am I suppose to do? I have no where else to go if people start knowing where Jungkook is. Then I met one of his friends at school in the dance room. As I walked out I saw Jungkook standing there. All I could think was why he was there and why he didn't say anything to me. I really don't get him I don't understand why he's acting this way. He got really defensive and asked me what was wrong with him. He couldn't even stop me and talk to me he just let me walk away. I'm just so irritated I really don't know anymore." I sighed.

"This happened all today?" Jin Oppa asked me.

"Ne," I nodded.

"Then why did you just get home?"

"I was in the dance studio"

"Trying to release the stress?"

"Ne," I nodded and looked down.

"Well did you meet his friends there too?"

"Ne I did and that's why I asked you this," I looked at Jin Oppa.

"Ah....well I'm pretty sure RapMon will talk to Jungkook," Jin Oppa patted my head.

"Huh? How do you know Oppa?" I'm a little confused.

"Go open your door," Oppa whispered.

I went to open the door and as soon as I open the door Monnie Oppa, Suga Oppa, Minnie Oppa, Hobie Oppa, and Tae Oppa all fell to my feet. I looked at them a little surprised but just backed up and looked at Jin Oppa. I sighed and just sat on my bed.

"Yah why are you guys listening to our conversation?" I'm a little irritated.  

"Well something good is going to happen," Minnie Oppa smiled.

"Like what?" I asked.

"We still can't tell you," Monnie Oppa smiled.

I sighed,"I guess"

"I'll talk to Kook and tell him to treat you better," Monnie chuckled and walked out of my room.

"Well come eat I tried to cook," Hobie Oppa smiled.

"Oh gosh I hope it taste good," Jin Oppa smiled and went out my room.

We all ended walking out of my room and downstairs to the kitchen. When we went down we saw Jungkook come inside. I just sighed and kept walking. I heard Jungkook sigh, but I don't care. I shouldn't care.

"Ok let's eat," Hobie smiled.

"Ah, Kook I need to talk to you after this," Monnie Oppa said before eating.

We all ate and everyone except me talked. I just listen and everyone was happy like usual. I guess I should act that way to but just not right now. Not tonight I really can't.

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