I'm The One

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Y/N is best friends with Kim Donghyun ever since elementary. They are always together and always supporting each other throught whatever they want to do. Donghyun has always been into singing and dancing and Y/N is always there to listen and watch him. As for Y/N she doesn't have much interest in things. Donghyun is always trying to encourage her to sing or dance with him but she always refuses and he just gives up trying to get her to join him. 

Youngmin and Y/N met at a festival on accent because he bumped into her. Right away Youngmin was attracted to her because of her cute innocent looks. After bumping into each other they just hung out together that day. After a while with Y/N he noticed that he has seen her around school and realized that she was a hoobae that went to his school.


A/N Kind of inspired by MXM's music video kind of not. Their music video is very cute and the song is very nice. Give it a listen and maybe you'll like it too :) Also check out their other songs like Good Day and I Just Do. This is also a one shot but with short chapters which are going to indicate different days and times :) I hope you enjoy 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hm3NfHbc9UU MXM (BRANDNEW BOYS)- I'm the One


Date: September 08, 2017





  • Quiet bubbly girl who is always with Donghyun
  • She never really likes to try things with Donghyun because he's always doing something
  • Always goes along with Donghyun on his "adventures"
  • Tries to sing and dance when Donghyun isn't there 
  • Always makes fun on Donghyun

Kim Donghyun

  • Always singing
  • Always dancing
  • Always smiling
  • Plays Guitar

Lim Youngmin

  • Tall
  • Looks like an alpaca
  • Tells people his nickname is alpaca
  • Likes to rap
  • Likes to swim and play basketball


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