Senior Year

You are my Everything

Jimin's POV:

I took out the camera and began to record, "I can't believe I'm still doing these but I haven't let yet so I'll continue till you turn 18. You are finally starting senior year and I know no one wants it to end. I'm happy that you are growing up well. We all did our best making sure you were safe and that you grew up well. We will never forget our beloved little one. I won't walk you to school anymore because I want you to be more independent, but I don't know what is going to happen after you and Kookie graduate. I don't know what father has in mind but I know that they will try to quickly pull Kookie in to train and work along side Yoongi Hyung and Hoseok Hyung. I'm just worried for you I don't want you to be alone. I don't like the thought of it at all."

As I stopped and sighed Namjoon Hyung walked in. 

"Oh are you recording? I want to say something," Namjoon smiled.

I laughed and gave him the camera, "Ok Hyung"

"Hi Nammie. Soon we will all record our good bye message and it'll be sad. I know you will cry but remeber we love so very much and we will do our best to make sure that you are always ok. I know that your parents don't live in Korea but we all will. All of our parents just moved around the world to make sure that things are good and that they are safe so no one knows where they are. But even though things are like this Nammie don't be scared or worried we will all be ok," Namjoon Hyung smiled and gave the camera back.

"Thanks Hyung," I smiled, "I guess that's it. Oh I forgot I hope senior year treats you well. As for me I'll start training like everyone else. So I'll see you soon," I smiled sadly and turned off the camera. Namjoon looked at me and smiled but I could see the sadness in his eyes. Everyone feels the same about leaving you like this. But we all know Jungkook will do a good job watching over you.

Narrator's POV:

A couple of months have pass since school started. Everyone morning there was always breakfast waiting for Jungkook and Jinam. There was little sticky note letters for them. Jinam would save them in a little diary just for the notes they leave her. Jungkook wasn't as bothered by these things because every since he was little it was always something his parents always talked about. As for Jinam she was never introduced to these things. She never knew exactly what her parents did and she didn't know if she will play an important role in the company like her brother. Ever since her brother has been gone she has been thinking about what roles she will be taking over soon. She wondered what her mother did at the company. She wanted to know if she needed to do it too.

As for school the both of them were doing good. They weren't the top in their class but they were passing their classes. As they were a new couple many people talked about how cute they were. Some were jealous of their relationship and some even spread rumors about them. Things got to them but Jungkook told Jinam not to worry about it because he knew that these things bothered her the most. 

Jungkook took good care of Jinam. He made sure that she wasn't hurt and that she was safe. He knew that since everyone was gone it was just up to him to take care of her. Everyday he is always nervous of losing her and he always makes sure she is in his sight. He may be a little over protective, but lately in the business world there has been talk about Jimin taking his dad's place and Jinam being his sister. She wasn't talked about much because they knew this would happen.

One day during lunch Jungkook was eating, but wasn't paying attention to anything. Jinam was sitting with him but didn't say anything because she thought that whatever he was thinking about was important.

Jungkook's POV:

I know that Jimin Hyung hasn't talked about his sister yet. He has been so busy trying to learn everything to be the Co CEO. So how did the rumor of Jinam being his sister go out so fast? I don't get it. Should I call and ask Namjoon Hyung? What about Jimi Hyung? What will happen to Jinam? Am I doing a good job protecting her? I know nothing will happen right? Gosh Why do I keep doubting myself. I need to believe in myself. I can take care of Jinam. I will make sure that she is safe and sound with me.

"You'll be safe," I said out loud.

"Ne?" Jinam looked at me confused.

"Oh umm nothing sorry," I rubbed the nape of my neck.

"What were you thinking about so seriously?" Jinam asked.

"Oh nothing just school," I had to lie to her.

"Oh ok," she smiled so sweetly to me.

I don't know what to say to her. Has everyone at this school found out who we are? All they know is that we own a famous company. Well we aren't bad we just have a lot of men because we have to deal with things that are very dangerous on the other hand. But other than that we are runing a famous company.

Narrator's POV:

As Jungkook continued to think about these things the year just slowly went along. Nothing has happened to them. They have been getting good breakfast cooked by Seokjin and notes from everyone. One each day. 

One day Jungkook decided to go visit his brother and Yoongi. He didn't want to take Jinam with him so he dropped her off at the dance studio and made sure that Kino was there with her before he left. As he got there he was greeted by all the men and then his brother and Yoongi. As he looked around he noticed the Halo Hyungs and Pentagon Hyungs. Jungkook smiled and looked at Hoseok.

"Hyung what are they doing here?" Jungkook asked.

"What else," Hoseok said with sarcasim.

"Well they can be here for anything gosh I was just asking," Jungkook pouted.

As Jungkook asked that question Halo and Pentagon walked up to them.

"Annyeong Jungkook," Everyone smiled and said at the same time.

"Annyeonghasayo Hyung," Jungkook bowed to everyone.

Jungkook smiled and looked at everyone,"Why are you guys training?"

"Some of us were contacted to come train and protect Jinam," Heecheon smiled.

"And some of us were contacted to come and train to protect the rest of you guys," Hongseok smiled.

"Oh so who's going to work for Nammie?" Joongkook asked.

"Me," Heecheon smiled brightly.

"I am," Dino smiled.

"The three of  us," Jinho pointed to himself, YeoOne, and E'Dawn.

"Ah Jinam would be happy to see you guys again," Jungkook chuckled.

Hoseok smiled,"She would be so excited."

"I can already see her smiling so brightly," Yoongi smiled.

"You guys must really miss her," Hui questioned.

"Oh yeah you can say that," Yoongi ruffled his hair drying his sweat.

"Yeah I guess so," Hoseok smiled sadly.

"Well it was nice seeing all of you guys but I have to go and get Nammie before she thinks somethings up," Jungkook smiled.

"We will come along," Heecheon smiled.

"Yeah our training ends here today," Dino agreed.

"I can't wait to see this pretty girl," YeoOne smiled.

"Stop acting like that YeoOne," Jinho smacked YeoOne's arm.

Everyone laughed as the 6 of them got ready to leave. As everyone said goodbye to each other, the rest who stayed behind continued to train.  As they got to the dance studio they noticed that Kino was hugging Jinam and had water in his hand. Everyone smiled except for Jungkook. He was a little jealous but knew it was all because they were friends.

As they walked in both Kino and Jinam turned around. Jinam had excitement in her eyes as she saw the 5 guys. She quickly ran to them and hugged Heecheon first.

"Wah. What are you guys doing here?" Jinam asked.

"We are here on a secret mission," Heecheon smiled.

"Like what," Jinam asked as she hugged the rest.

"It's a secret we can't tell you," Jinho laughed.

"I guess," Jinam giggled.

"So how have you been?" YeoOne asked.

"Good as always," Jinam smiled.

"How's senior year?" E'Dawn asked.

"Eh boring because none of my Oppas are there," Jinam pouted.

"Hey," Jungkook looked at Jinam.

"I mean fantastic with my lovely boyfriend," Jinam giggled and hid behind Heecheon.

Kino sighed,"Well thanks for the hello Hyung"

"Oh sorry we forgot about you Kino," Jinho laughed.

"Where is Yuto and Wooseok?" YeoOne asked.

"Working out because they think dance is girly," Kino pouted.

"Well they missed the best opprotunity to see me today," Jinam smiled.

Everyone laughed at her comment as they sat down and watched Kino and Jinam continue to create their piece. They all enjoyed it and really miss just seeing the happy Jinam. As they watched her they were thinking about things that would happen and making sure at all times that she was safe. They didn't want anything bad to happen to her and they were scared that if they fail what would happen to them. They all let a deep sigh out and watched Jinam happily.

3 month have passed since Jinam was reunited with the 5 guys. She has notice that they have been around a lot. They don't really leave her side only at school is when they aren't there. She has notice that Kino, Wooseok, Yuto, and Yoondong have been around a lot lately too. She didn't really question it but she just let it go. Jinam didn't really care she was just happy to see them again. She got to dance with all of them and work on pieces with each and every one of them. She was most happy about this because she would only dance with Kino so it was a different experience with the others.


A/N Welp it's been a while and I'm really sorry. Senior came and ended quickly for me and I was stress and then now I'm starting college so bleh more stress....


Date:Aug 21, 2017

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