First Day of High School

You are my Everything

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Jimin woke up early to record himself getting ready, making breakfast, and waking Jinam up for her first day of school.

"Good morning it's Jimin here. Today is the day Jinam goes to High School with us. All of them  are still sleeping but I want to make breakfast and help Jinammie to get ready for school too so I'm going to get ready now," Jimin said rubbing his eyes, "Ok, so I am in the restroom. I am brushing my teeth right now so sorry. Oh I will lso use some fash wash today so that I go back to school fresh." Jimin washed his face then looked at the camera, "I look totally handsome don't I?" Jimin giggled and went to wake up the older ones first.

"First is Jin Hyung and Suga Hyung," Jimin woke them up but as he walked out they went back to sleep, "Next is Rap Mon Hyung and J-Hope Hyung," these two where easier to wake up, "Finally V, Jungkook, and Jinammie," Jimin woke V up in a hurry and went to shake Jungkook up and nicely woke up Jinam.

"Jinam-ah wake up"

"Ah~ Oppa wae?" Jinam twist and turned.

"Jinammie it's time for school," Namjoon walked in.

"Chinja?!" Jinam woke up in a hurry.

"What day did you think it was?" Jimin recored her still.

"I thought it was Sunday," Jinam rubbed her eyes as she went to look for her clothes.

"Your clothes are hanging by the door," Jimin walked out.

"Gomawo Oppa," Jinam picked up her clothes and closed the door.

Jimin walked back into Seokjin and Yoongi's room and wake them up again then looked into the camera, "Aish these hyungs are the hardest to wake up they always go back to sleep," Jimin pouted ten went down stairs to make sure that the food was still warm. Jimin didn't know what to do so he had to call down Seokjin. "Jin Hyung I need help cooking," hearing that Seokjin woke up and ran down stairs to help Jimin warm up all the food. After Jinam and Jungkook were ready for school they came down stairs ready. Jimin fed them and they waited for the rest of their Hyungs (Oppa for Jinam).

"Ara is everyone ready to go?" Seokjin check all the kids.

"Ne Umma," Yoongi joked around.

"Ah Minnie Oppa do you have the camera?" Jinam asked.

"Ne it's in my backpack wae?" Jimin searched his backpack.

"Can I record?" Jinam asked.

"Ah ne," Jimin handed her the camera.

"Annyeong Jinam here, and today is the day of a new start in high school. Right now I'm with all my Oppas and Jungkook. We are all walking to school while Jin Oppa and Suga Oppa has to take the bus to their college. I hope today goes well and nothing bad happens. I'll be sad though because Jin Oppa won't be there to be nice to me and feed me really good food I just hope my other Oppas are as nice to me as Jin Oppa. Well let's make today a great day guys. HWAITING!!!!!" Jinam said to the camera and giggled as everyone said hwaiting with her.

"Araso now it's time to go," Namjoon looked at his watch.

"Ne," Jinam put the camera away.

"Let's go," Taehyung pumped his fist.

"Ah~ someone's happy," Yoongi smiled.

"Yeah just to go to school with Jinam," Hoseok rolled his eyes.

"Yah that's not a bad thing," Jimin hit Hoseok's arm.

"Yeah Hyung I have been going to school with her for 10 years now," Jungkook backed Jimin up.

"Yah what's the deal? Ppali," Jinam was way ahead of them.

All the guys looked at each other and ran to Jinam. Everyone was in a rush and went to school. When they got there Jinam and Jungkook stopped together at the front of the gates and took a breath. THey looked at each other and put up a fist and whispered hwaiting. They smiled and walked in together. Everyone went to go get their school scheduel. As usual Jimin and Taehyung got the same classes together, Namjoon and Hoseok got their's together, and the maknaes were together.

"ASA!!!!" Jinam pumped her fist into the air.

"You were just lucky," Jungkook smiled.

"Wae? Without you I would be a loner," Jinam pouted.

"With or without me you are a loner," Jungkook stuck out his tounge.

"Ay~," Jinam hit Jungkook's arm and giggled.

"Ara you guys let's get to class now," Namjoon motioned everyone to get going.

Everyone walked to class together. When class started the teacher let them pick their seats and of course Jungkook and Jinam sat together. All they boys and girls in their class was staring at them. Jinam notice the stars and looked down. Jungkook notice and looked at everyone staring. Jungkook smiled and waved at everyone. The girls all squealed while the guys rooled their eyes and turned around.

"Nammie they aren't looking anymore," Jungkook smiled.

Jinam looked up, "ara gomawo, this is already bothering me"

"Why don't you make friends?"

"Have you seen how they dress?"

"Maybe you can learn," Jungkook chuckled.

Jinam hit Jungkook on the head, "Unless you want to see a hoe around the house aish"

"I'm fine with that," Jungkook giggled and rubbed his head.

"Yah~ shut up," Jinam looked at their home room teacher.

"Good morning guys and welcome to high school," the teacher smiled.

"Good moring Ms. Boo," the class greeted back.

"Ok well right now this is a free period so you can do whatever you like"

One student raised their hand,"Don't we have to learn the rules?"

"Anni everyone is already laid out just be on your best behavior"

"Ne," everyone answered together.

After the teacher let them go a bunch of girls made their way to Jungkook. They were saying hello and introducing themselves to him. Jungkook was smiling and being nice and greeting them. They then started asking for his number. Jungkook smiled and politely told them no. He then looked at Jinam and notice she was across the room sitting somewhere else. Jungkook just looked down and hoped no guy would talk to her. As soon as his eyes were taken off of her someone approched her.

"Annyeong Yoondong-imida," he held out his hand.

Jinam looked up and saw a fair skinned boy she smiled and greeted him,"Annyeong Jinam-imida"

"I see that your friend over there is popular," Yoondong pointed to Jungkook.

"Ah ne with the ladies," Jinam smiled.

"Why aren't you over there?"

"I'm just going to leave a girl magnet for some personal space," Jinam looked at Jungkook then back at Yoondong.

"Ah~ well it's nice to meet you. If you ever have any problems just call for me", Yoondong smiled.

"How will I do that?" Jinam tilted her head.

"Easy~," he took her phone and entered his number.

"Yah~ why would I call a stranger?" Jinam tried to grab her phone.

"We aren't strangers. Starting today we are friends," Yoondong smiled and gave her phone back.

"Aish you're really demanding," Jinam looked at her phone and whispered.

"I heard that," Yoondong smiled, "you want to meet my Hyungs?"

"Huh? Sure," Jinam smiled and stood up.

As sook as she stood up Jungkook looked up and saw that she was walking out with someone. Jungkook stood up but saw that they were walking out to he people he doesn't want to get involved with. Jungkook quickly pulled out his phone and contacted Namjoon. As Namjoon got the message he quickly ran to their home room and saw him friend who goes by Ooon.

Namjoon quickly smiled,"Jinammie, I see you have made friends"

"Ah Rap Mon Oppa," Jinam turned to look at Namjoon.

"Namjoon don't worry about it we won't hurt her," Ooon smiled.

"I see that you have meet the little girl I always talk about," Namjoon looked at Ooon.

Everyone smiled.

"You weren't lying she's pretty," Heecheon said.

"Yah don't you dare go after her," Jimin came smiling.

"Minnie Oppa," Jinam smiled.

"Aigoo everyone knows each other," Hoseok smiled.

"I don't," Jinam shook her head.

"Where is Jungkook?" Hoseok asked.

"Ah inside with all the girls," Jinam pointed.

"Then how did you meet him?" Taehyung pointed to Yoondong.

"I was sitting by myself," Jinam pouted.

"Aish that boy, I'll get the girls off," Jimin walked in.

"What does he think he's doing?" Jinam turned around to watch her brother.

As she turned around she notice that all the girls looked and notice her brother and they flooded around him. Jungkook got away and went outside to them. He then looked at Jimin and notice that the girls weren't around him anymore.

"Hyung how did you do that?" Jungkook asked.

"Easy you just tell them that you are busy and they walk away," Jimin smiled.

"Ah~ I'll try that next time," Jungkook nodded his head.

"Ah  you guys should greet yourself," Namjoon pushed the three youngest to the front.

"Oppa wae~~?" Jinam whispered.

"Just do it," Hoseok smiled.

"Ara," Jinam smiled and bowed, "Annyeonghasayo Park Jinam-imida. I'm Jimin Oppa's younger sister"

"Annyeong Jeong Jungkook-imida. I'm Hoseok's younger brother"

"Annyeong Kim Yoondong-imida. I'm Jaeyoung's younger brother"

"Annyeong Lee Inhaeng-imida"
"Annyeong Jung Younghoon-imida, but you can call Ooon Oppa"
"Annyeong Kim Jaeyoung-imida"

"Annyeong Kim Heecheon-imida"

"Ah~ we should introduce ourselves as well," Namjoon smiled, "Annyeong Kim Namjoon-imida, but call me Rap Monster"

"Annyeong Jeon Hoseok-imida, but call me J-Hope"
"Annyeong Park Jimin-imida"
"Annyeong Kim Taehyung-imida, but call me V"

"Ah~ we have a hyung in college his name is Jo Sungo Hung but we call him Dino," Yoondong smiled.
"Ah~ us too, but we have two Oppa in college. Their names are Kim Seokjin and Min Yoongi, but we call them Jin and Suga," Jinam smiled.
"Oh I think we met thoes two before," Ooon smiled.

"Chinja?!?!" Jungkook was shocked.

"Ne," Inhaeng smiled.

"Then I guess they aren't that old," Jinam laughed.

Everyone laughed with her.

"We are friends," Ooon smiled.

"We aren't that far apart from each other," Inhaeng said.

"Ne they just recently finsihed school," Jaeyong smiled.

"Oh yeah that's right," Jinam smiled. "Namjoon Oppadid you ever meet Dino Sunbae-nim?"

"Ne he is as old as Suga Hyung," Namjoon answered.

"Ah~ how come wenever meet them?" Jinam asked.

"Because we didn't think you guys would care," Hoseok rubbed his head.

"Aish we aren't that mean," Jinam pouted.

"Kid you are," Jimin laughed.

"How do you guys know them?" Yoondong asked.

"Our parents all work together," Namjoon said.

"Ah~" the three maknaes nodded their head.

"Everything makes since now. We should hand out after school today I want to meet Dino Sunbae-nim," Jinam smiled.

"Call," everyone said in unison.

"I'll call Jin Hyung and Suga Hyung," Namjoon got on his phone.

"I'll call Dino Hyung," Inhaeng got on his phone.

"Oh, Jinam-ah you can call us Oppa," Ooon smiled.

Jinam smiled,"Ne"

"You took Jungkook call us Hyung," Ooon asured him.

Jungkook nodded his head.

"Ah you too Yoondong-ah just call us Hyung," Hoseok smiled.

"Ne," Yoondong smiled.

After the greetings it was time to go back to class and finally start learning. oondong was already sitting next to Jinam so he was happy about that. Jungkook felt a little off with Yoondong around. He was scared something might happen and things won't go as he planned it to go for his high school year. He's hoping nothing happens.

Jungkook's POV:

Anyways we are just freshmen so everything will be puppy love right? No, it can't be I really really really like Jinam that's not puppy love. I know it's true so things can happen and I'm scared about it,  but I shouldn't be right? Because I'm not her gardian I'm just here to assist her with her life. Aish I'm going crazy because of her. I also have a bad feeling about Yoondong but since his parents work with mine I should be nice. Aish this is hard. Jinam why much you be so pretty and attract other guys? You should look at me, I only look at you but you seem to not notice. I guess things are going to take some time. I just hope he doesn't plan on asking her out any time soon.


Time: 10:18pm Date: September 06, 2016

I'm really really really sorry about this not coming out till like 3 years later. My computer has been acting up so I had to wait for a while to get a new one. I hope you guys like this still and I hope people are still reading them.


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