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"Hi my name is Park Jimin and umm you are probably wondering how old I am. Well I will tell right now I am young. Well yeah I kind of am I am only 8 and you see her there, well she's 6 but it doesn't really matter because she doesn't play with us. Now her and Jungkook grew up together, well we did but her and Jungkook are the same age. Jinam, my sister, was born in December while Jungkook was born in September. They were basically together since birth. They were born at the same hospital and they even slept next to each other. I am just kidding my sister was born 3 months after Kook so they didn't sleep next to each other. But yeah I'm suppose to tell you guys about me and my friends not including Jinam and Jungkook because they are to young right now. 

Well we have the Kim Family. They are really nice and it includes Seokjin Hyung, Namjoon Hyung, and Taehyung. Me and Taehyung are the same age and well kind of like Jungkook and Jinam. Next is the Jeon family which include Hoseok Hyung and Jungkook. We also can't miss the only child Min Yoonki Hyung. And then there is my family too, do I have to tell you? Eh I will anyways well there is Park Jimin and my little sister Park Jinam. She is really cute when you get to know her but as of right now no. Humm what else should I tell you guys? Well I don't really know."

"Jimin-ah what are you doing?" Seokjin yelled. 
"Oh umm nothing", Jimin scratched his head. 
"Don't lie", Yoonki looked into the room. 
"I'm not I'm all done just packing it up", Jimin turned around. 
"Ok hurry we are getting ready to go play", Taehyung popped his head out. 
"Araso", turned back to the camera, "Well see you next time", Jimin waved to the camera and shut it off. 

Jimin quickly put on his shoe and ran down stairs. He was ready with his jacket and hat. 
"Min can you take Jinam along", Jimin's mom called Yoonki. 
"Ah~ araso"
"Oh take Jungkook as well", Hoseok's mom pushed Jungkook to Yoonki. 
"UMMA!!" Jimin and Hoseok stomped their feet. 
"Come on guys it's fine", Seokjin help Jinam's hand. 
"Hyung I wanna go on the swings", Jungkook pulled on Yoonki's sleeve. 
"Araso wait till we get there", Yoonki smiled.
"Ne", Jungkook smiled. 

They all walked to the near by park. Jungkook and Jinam quickly ran to the swings and sat down next to each other. They were trying to swing by themselves. Namjoon and Taehyun laughed and 

went to them and pushed them a little then went to play tag with the others. 

"Umm so Jinam how old are you?" This was Jungkook's first attempt to talk to Jinam. 
"I'm 6", She bluntly answered him. 
"Oh me too", Jungkook put on a smile wanting to talk to her more. 

After a while of swinging along side Jungkook Jinam became bored and got off. She was having a hard time stopping. She was scared so she called for someone. 

"Oppa!" Jinam yelled.
"Ne", all of them answered. 
"I want to get off", Jinam yelled again. 
"Coming", Seokjin ran to Jinam. 
"Araso Oppa", Jinam just kept swinging. 
Seokjin came to Jinam and took her off, "What about you Jungkook?"
"Anni Hyung I want to stay on a little longer" Jungkook kept swinging his legs. 

Jungkook stayed on the swings the whole time. He didn't know what else to do in the park. Every where he wanted to go Jinam was there and he felt kind of weird with her there. When the older 6 were done playing around they went to Jinam and Jungkook. They were both at separate parts of the park so they split it half and half to get them to go home. Jimin, Yoonki, and Namjoon got Jungkook. Seokjin, Taehyun, and Hoseok got Jinam. They both walked separately home. They wanted to talk to the 6 year olds without being around each other.  

"Jinam-ah" Seokjin looked at her. 
"Ne Oppa?"
"Do you like Jungkookie?" Taehyung asked.
"Huh? Anni Jungjkookie is just a friend"
"Are you sure?" Hoseok asked. 
"Ne, he makes things weird", Jinam pouted. 
"Ah he isn't a very good talker huh?" Seokjin asked. 
"Ne I felt weird that's why I asked to get off the swing"
"Ah that makes since", Seokjin rubbed his arm. 
"Why did you guys ask?" Jinam looked up at them. 
"Oh we just wanted to know" Taehyung smiled. 
"Ah~ araso", Jinam nodded her head and held Seokjin's hand. 

"Jungkookie-ah" Yoonki looked at him.
"Ne Hyung?" 
"Do you like Jinammie?" Namjoon asked. 
"Huh? Ah~ anni", Jungkook freaked out a little. 
"Are you sure?" Jimin asked. 
"Ummm anni?" Jungkook shook his head. 
"Did you try to talk to her?" Jimin asked. 
"Ne I did but she answered my question quickly", Jungkook pouted. 
"Aish that girl will never get a friend like that", Jimin shook his head in anger. 
"Don't worry Hyung she will soon", Jungkook smiled. 
"Why do you say that?" Namjoon asked. 
"Because she is pretty and cute", Jungkook blushed. 
"Ah so you do like her. How cute", Yoonki smiled. 
"Ok maybe I do but Hyung you can't tell her", Jungkook looked at Yoonki. 
"Araso I won't", Yoonki pinky promised Jungkook. 
"You guys too", Jungkook looked at Jimin and Namjoon. 
"Ne", they both nodded. 

When everyone got home they all went to wash up and came back down to eat dinner. Their family all lived together in a house. There were many rooms it looked liked they lived in a castle. All the kids got their own room and the parents all got their own rooms, with their spouse of course. The kids all ran down stairs like it was a race to see who got down first. Well everyone except Jinam was running down the stairs. Jinam just didn't felt like racing with them today. She was to tired to. 

"Ok kids you guys eat, the adults have to go out and work", Seokjin's mom set the table. 
"Who will be watching us?" Seokjin asked. 
"We got you guys a babysitter", Yoonki's mom went to the door. 
"Oh who is it this time?" Jimin stood on the chair.
"Jimin were is your manners?" Jimin's mom hit his head. 
"Ah, mianhae Umma", Jimin sat back down. 
"This is Tiffany she will be taking care of you guys when we have to work from now on", Hoseok's mom smiled. 

All the kids got out of their seat and stood up. They looked at Tiffany and bowed and  greeted her. Tiffany smiled at their politesse. 

"Hi kids. Now I have some questions."
"Ne?" They all answered. 
"Who is the oldest?" 
Seokjin raised his hand, "I'm 11"
"And who is the youngest?"
"Me. I'm 6", Jinam smiled. 
"Me too", Jungkook smiled. 
"Ah you guys are the same age. Are you guys brother and sisters?"
"Anni we are just friends", Jinam smiled. 
"Um ne", Jungkook nodded his head.
Tiffany smiled and told the kids to go back to eating. 

As the kids were eating their parents were getting ready to leave. They told Tiffany everything she needed to know to be safe and to keep the kids sane. She also had another job to do while she watched the kids. Now the parents didn't mind because their kids got along perfectly fine and it wasn't a big deal because they all played together. They rarely fight with each other and they know when to stop messing with each other. 

After the kids finished eating Seokjin and Jinam washed all the dishes that were used. Seokjin always washes the dishes with Jinam, if she wasn't washing the dishes then Seokjin would tell Yoonki or Namjoon to wash the dishes. 

Soon all the kids were up stairs playing their video games together. Jinam just sat there and watched them. She didn't have much of an interest in video games. Feeling bad Jimin went over and sat with Jinam. Jinam looked at Jimin and gave him a weird look. She was confused as to why Jimin came to sit with her. 

"Jiminnie Oppa why are you sitting here?"
"Because I just want to sit with my sister is that a crime?"
"Ne it is because you never do this", Jinam nodded her head. 
"Woah what's going on?" Seokjin looked at them. 
"Oppa, Jiminnie Oppa said he wanted to sit with me", Jinam stood up. 
"Jimin is everything ok?" Namjoon asked. 
"Ne everything is fine", Jimin looked down. 
"Are you sure?" Yoonki put his hand on Jimin's shoulder. 
"Ne, I'm just going to go do a recording", Jimin walked out of the play room.

Jimin sat down in front of the camera, "Hi guys it's me again, Park Jimin. Well I do not really know what is wrong with me. I sat next to my sister today feeling bad that she did not play games with us and it's a little weird because I never do it. I think I'm starting to feel bad because Jinam doesn't really have any girl friends and she is always with me and my friends. I do not want to make friends for her but she needs at least one girl friend that can help her with boy problems. But, she is still young so it doesn't matter but I'm worried that she is going to like Jungkook. I mean it is not as bad as it seems but I know Jungkook he is a Noona magnet and I feel like he will be a player. Jinam please be careful I don't want you to get hurt araso?"

Jimin looked into the camera and a tear rolled down his cheek. Tiffany went to check up on them and she saw Jimin and she stayed and listen to what he said. Tiffany smiled and was glad to see that Jimin actually really cared about his sister. Tiffany then walked away before Jimin could see that she was standing there. Tiffany then went to the others and checked up on all of them to see if they needed anything or wanted snacks. 

A/N A new story. I hope you guys like it. Also if you like listening to music with it please tell me because my computer is being a so I will recommend songs to be listened to while reading my chapters. 
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