The Attack

You are my Everything

The school year was almost over. Nothing has happened to Jinam after Jiwoo approached her. Jinam was still scared going to school. Whenever she would walk with Bangtan she would walk close to Jungkook or Jimin because they were more bulit than the others. When they would get to school she would stay near Heecheon because he was able to protect her from many girls not liking her. Jinam was careful with what she did and she would always look around to make sure that someone was near her.

Jungkook has gotten better at not caring as much about how Jinam is around Halo. He isn't jealous anymore about how she acts he is just happy that she feels safe with them around her when he is not around to protect her. Jungkook would also have days after school where he just takes Jinam out to eat ice cream to relax her and make her feel more at ease.

Today is another boring day at school for everyone. It was the last class of the day and Jinam forgot her book in her locker. Jungkook offered to go get it for her but she told him no and quickly ran to her locker. When Jinam got to her locker she took out her book and closed her locker. She turned to leave but she bumped into Jiwoo. Jiwoo smirked and pulled Jinam up.

Jiwoo knocked the book out of Jinam's hands and laughed, "Forgetting something?"

Jinam didn't answer. Jiwoo spoke, "Schools almost over I can't let you go that easily"

Jiwoo pushed Jinam to the lockers and kicked her. Jinam whimpered quietly. Jiwoo then began to punch and pull Jinam's hair. Soon her girls gained up on Jinam. Jinam was very weak and couldn't defend herself, she was laying on the ground. All the girls stopped and laughed at her.

"Oh come on Jinam this is to easy," Jiwoo howled.

Jinam stood up with all the strength she had and looked at Jiwoo and her friends. Jinam forced a smirk on her face and stepped foward.

"So you finally want to fight your own fight huh? I couldn't get to you because of Halo and Bangtan and now they aren't here. Let me see what you can do, you little piece of ," Jiwoo threated.

"And why do you care so much that they are around me? Why are you doing this? They are just my friends"

"Because they are meant for me only not you. You weren't here and I had Namjoon Oppa and Hoseok Oppa all to myself. Then two years later came Jimin and Taehyung and I was fine. I even had Seokjin Oppa and Yoongi Oppa to myself. They never mentioned you and now that you attened this school they are always around you. I will do anything to have them back to myself even if that involves getting rid of you"

"I have always been in their life. You can't do anything to change it. If you wanted them that bad you should have said something. I would have just told them to be with you. But why are you involving Halo as well?"

"They were all mine to. No one belonged to you. They all belong to me but they seem to be playing with a new toy now. Just wait till they drop you to come back to me"

"Ok whatever you say, but you can keep trying," Jinam walked passed them and hit her shoulders with Jiwoo.

Jiwoo stood there shocked. She didn't know what to do. Jiwoo needed to do more to get Jinam away from Bangtan and Halo. Jiwoo's eyes grew darker than usual. Her girls looked at her and they were scared. They didn't know what Jiwoo was planning they didn't think she would go any futher than this.

Jinam came back to class late. Jungkook looked at Jinam and noticed that her lips were still bleeding and saw scratches on her face. As soon as Jinam sat down Jungkook looked at her and examined her face.

"Yah what happened?" Jungkook whispered.

"Don't worry about it Kookie," Jinam just started to take notes.

Jungkook sighed and just kept paying attention in class.

Fast Forward in time:

Two months pass from the last attack on Jinam. She didn't tell anyone about it and kept going on with her life not caring. One day Jinam was walking alone. This was unusual for her but she didn't mind. She wasn't as scared as she was when this all first started. It was around six and Jinam was heading home from staying at school to study. Jinam felt that she was being followed and turned around, she saw no one and kept walking home. Soon someone grabbed her and covered . Jinam was kicking and screaming. She tried to hit who ever grabbed her but she couldn't. Jinam tried her best to fight back. As she was trying to fight back she felt something sharp scratch her face and her arm. She didn't know what it was but continued to fight. The guy who had grabbed Jinam then put a hanker cheif around Jinam's mouth and within a few seconds Jinam passed out.

Jinam woke up tied to a pole. She was sitting on the ground, she looked around and couldn't figure out where she was. She looked at her body and notice that her legs were bruised up. She tried to look at the rest of her body but she couldn't move as much. Jinam sighed and knew right away she was kidnapped and was beaten while she was unconsious. Jinam couldn't remember much from what happen and if she even woke up as they were beating her up. Jinam tried to stand up but her body was to weak to support her. Soon a silhouette came out of the dark. Jinam couldn't recongized the person. They stepped more into the light and removed their hoodie she saw someone she knew. 

"Wooseok?" Jinam spoke up.

"I see you remeber me," Wooseok smirked.

"What do you mean? We went to school together," Jinam questioned.

"And we still do," Wooseok walked closer to Jinam.

"We do?"

Wooseok chuckled, "We'll we use to now I attened Cube High"

"Wooseok what are you doing talking to her?" Someone else came in.

"She woke up and started the conversation," Wooseok looked down.

"Ah I see. Well I'm YeoOne," He chuckled and revealed himself.

Jinam gasped, " were Namjoon Oppa's friend"

"That's right baby girl, and I would see the photo of you on his phone and gosh you are just so pretty," He smirked.

"Hey stop talking to her," another man spoke.

"How many of you guys are here?" Jinam questioned.

"Enough to hurt Bangtan and three extra just incase," someone chuckled.

Someone approached Jinam,"wow you're just so pretty I'm captivated," he smirked.

"Kino-sshi?" Jinam got a better look at him. 

"Jinam?" Kino backed away.

"You know her Kino?" someone asked.

"Huh? No. I don't know her," Kino looked down.

Jinam's POV:

*sigh* I'm scared but I know Kino wouldn't hurt me. We always danced together and we were dance partners. He didn't notice me at first though. Why? Oh that means he wasn't around to see them abuse me. I looked at Kind one more time with pleading eyes. I can see in his eyes that he cares for me and doesn't wish to hurt me. How can his group of friends be so harsh? Kino please don't be like them, please save me, I didn't do anything wrong.

Someone then approached me. They grabbed my shoulders roughly and lighted me to stand up. He looked me right in the eye and didn't say anything until someone stood next to him.

"Yuto what are you doing?"

"I've seen her before Hyung," Yuto said. 


"Her brother, her father, her family they are CO-Owners of the biggest company and they have dangerous hitmans," Yuto looked at me up and down trying to figure out why I am here with no one protecting me.

"She knows Mr. Kim?"

"Yes her father is Mr. Park. He has a range of hitmans around Seoul," Yuto let go of my shoulders.

"That means she can fight"

"Ne, Hongseok Hyung," Yuto looked down.

Ah so his name is Hongseok. They all look handsome I don't get why they are like this. There isn't even ten of them. Well that I have seen so far. There's Yuto, Hongseok, YeoOne, Wooseok, and Kino-sshi.

"Jinho Hyung, Hui-ah, Shinwon-ah, E'Dawn-ah and Yanan-ah come here," Hongseok called for them.

Finally I can see all of them.....woah they all are so handsome. Who hired them? Wait why am I even asking the one behind all of this is Jiwoo of course. I stare at them for a while then my phone starts to ring. I panic as I try to release my hands from this tie. I look up and notice Kino right in front of me. I gasped as I looked at him frantically, something was stuck in my throat I couldn't speak. Kino grabbed my phone from my pocket and picked it up. 

"Oh Jimin Hyung, it's Kino." "Ah ne she's at the dance studio" "Ne I'll make sure she gets home safe" "Ne Hyung good bye"

I looked at Kino in disbelief. Did he really just lie to my Oppa? Kino how could you be like this. I looked Kino in the eyes as tears streamed down my face. Kino sighed and closed his eyes as he whispered sorry to me. He then left me there still tied up.

"Kino you aren't like this. Why are you acting this way?" I said out loud. Kino turned back to me with big eyes. 

"I thought you didn't know her Kino?" E'Dawn asked.

"I....I don't," Kino looked down.

"Kino," I cried even harder, "How can you be like this to me?"

"KINO!?!" Hongseok yelled.

"OK! FINE! I KNOW HER! ARE YOU HAPPY?" Kino yelled and walked away.

They all sighed, "So almost everyone knows her," the guy named Hui walked towards me.

Wooseok grabbed my chin and made me look at him,"So princess how have you been?"

"Wooseok let her go," the one I believed name Yanan yelled at Wooseok.

Wooseok harshly through my face to the side. I whimmpered as I blinked a couple of times. I tried to gain more control of myself. I remebered that I didn't eat lunch so it makes me weaker. No wonder why I couldn't stand up earlier. 

"Have you eaten?" the small one asked me. I believe his name is Jinho.

Did he read my mind? I just shook my head without answering. Why are some of them so nice to me? What is their intension of having me here like this all beat up? If my Oppa finds you guys with me like this you guys are dead. I sighed and looked down. I can feel how weak my body is I can barely stand even with this pole behind me. I feel my legs giving out on me but someone catches me. I look up and I see Yanan trying to help me stand up again.

"I see you haven't eaten in a while," Yanan smiled at me.

"Why are you so nice to me?"

"Because I actually have a heart," Yanan chuckled. I giggled with him.

"Then who is this for?" I whispered.

Yanan looked around for anyone,"Jiwoo assigned it to Wooseok because he use to like you"

I titled my head to the side, "So the note was from him? I feel so bad there was no name on it"

"Ah so you know about it?" Yanan smiled.

"Ne I do. I want to apologise to him I didn't know," I sighed.

"It's ok. We have a plan," Yanan started to untie me.

"What are you doing?" I start to panic.

"Don't worry you need to eat," Yanan smiled.

Jinho then came to me with food in his hands, "Here eat up"

I sat on the ground with the food on my lap. I looked at the two of them. They seemed so nice to me. Why? What is their plan other than hurting me? They smiled at me and I smiled back at them.

"Please eat before they come back," Jinho assured me.

I just nodded and began to eat. They must be on Kino's side as well. How are they going to do this? Three against seven they will for sure lose to the others who are on Wooseok's side.

Kino came back with a smile on his face,"Don't worry we got this under control Jinam. And I'm sorry for earlier I didn't know it was you and it really got me. And I didn't mean to lie to Jimin Hyung. I messaged him and he is on his way so don't worry"

"Huh? Oppa? He's on his way? Kino why did you do that? I don't want him to be hurt," I stood up.

"Jinam he cares for you as well. He was really worried when he heard that I picked up instead of you. Please eat"

I sighed and continued eating. They really are trying to help me right now. Maybe I should ask who is on their side.

"So who else is going to be nice to me?"

"YeoOne," Kino smiled.

"But?" I looked at Kino.

"Don't worry he's really into acting and he would never do anything to hurt the one his old friend loves," Jinho smiled.

"You guys are really different from the rest," I smiled as I continued to eat, "may I also ask who did this to me?"

"None of the guys hit you. It was all Jiwoo and her girls," Yanan reassured me.

"Ah ok because I was going to say they are so cruel for this," I chuckled as I ate.

Yanan sighed, "I saw them do this to you. And I'm sorry I couldn't stop them, but I want you to know I still saw in Wooseok's eyes that he still cares he's just really hurt"

"Ah," I nodded.

I started hearing foot steps and paniced. I stood up and they motioned me to sit on the chair as they began to tie me to it. I sighed as I was tired from being tied down, but I have no choice I have 4 that are willing to save me they are just doing that they are suppose to do. I was sitting there looking down as I heard Jinho eating the food. I could hear him sigh as he watched me weak and defenseless. 

Someone lifted up my head to look at them. "Ay~ you're so pretty I don't understand why we are keeping you here," YeoOne smirked.

"Aish you scared the out of us," Kino sighed.

"Here," Jinho continued to feed me. I smiled and ate one last bite until they finally heard six foot steps coming out way. 

"So Jinam do you have anything to say?" Wooseok said.



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