Graduation Recording

You are my Everything

Jinam's POV:

My Oppas are graduating today. YAY!!! Well only some of them are. There's Monnie Oppa, Suga Oppa, Ooon Oppa, Inhaeng Oppa, and Jaeyoung Oppa. I'm so excited because I get to watch them. Then I'll be a sophmore. I actually just want to be a senior like Jimin Oppa, but I can't leave Kookie alone. But I'm still happy for them I just envy Minnie Oppa that's all. Oh I should go record before Minnie Oppa does it. I quickly ran into his room and grabbed his camera.

"Hey hey hey that's mine," Jimin Oppa ran towards me.

"Let me record," I pouted.

"Fine," Jimin sighed.

"Thank you," I smiled and went to my room.

I the camera,"Good morning. Today Monnie Oppa, Suga Oppa, Ooon Oppa, Inhaeng Oppa, and Jaehyun Oppa are going to graduate I think E'Dawn Oppa, Shinwon Oppa, YeoOne Oppa and Yanan Oppa are graduating today too I don't really know. I should probably ask Yuto-sshi. Bleh oh well. But today I'm super excited for all my Oppas to graduate. I'm going to be a sophmore next year. I just wish I can be a senior like Minnie Oppa. I'm jealous Minnie Oppa is a senior. I don't want to graduate like Monnie Oppa and Suga Oppa I just want to be with Jimin Oppa. I mean I'm not sad to be with Kookie. I love him and I don't want to leave him so I should be happy to ge stuck with Kookie. Bleh I'm just so excited because I have one more year with Taehyung Oppa, Jimin Oppa, and Heecheon Oppa. They will take care of me. I know they will. Also I don't think anything will happen anymore. Things were solved and I have been safe with everyone around me."

"Jinam come on it's time to go," Jungkook walked in on me.

"Ah ok ok I'm coming," I looked at Jungkook, "I'm sad they are always rushing me. Well bye I'll see you later," I pouted then smiled and turned off the camera. I packed it up and brought it along with me. I smiled and handed it to Jiminnie Oppa before he got made at me.


A/N Short updates are what I am going to do because they are going to be recordings :)


Time: 1:20pm          Date: 01/30/17

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