First Approach

You are my Everything

It has been two weeks since they knew about the threat to Jinam and nothing has happen to her. Today Jinam went to school alone. All of Bangtan were called into the company and only Halo were around. Jinam felt safe but not as safe because Jungkook and Jimin weren't there with her. She was fine with Halo she just wished her Oppas were there with her.

Jinam's POV:

Man I don't want to walk to school alone. I'm kind of scared that something will happen since none of my Oppas are around me. Bleh I shouldn't be nervous I know how to protect myself I trained for so many years. Anyways Minnie Oppa said I was safe even when they aren't around so I guess I am safe. I finally at school. I was scaring myself the whole time. I just want to feel safer with Kookie and Minnie Oppa with me. I don't mind Halo Oppas and Yoondonggie but I just want Bangtan Oppa and Kookie to feel even safer. Gosh I should be greatful I have other Oppas to protect me even when my own aren't around me. *sigh* this is scary and school barely even started.

"Jinammie," Heecheon called my name. 

I smiled and ran over to him and hugged him. I know when I'm around him I am safe because a lot of the girls like him and he already warned them about hurtting me. But I wounder why Jiwoo isn't around to hear that from Heecheon Oppa.

"Heecheon Oppa where is everyone else?"

"On their way. I just came early because you always come at this time," He smiled at me.

"Oppa you're really the best," I smiled at him.

"I know," He chuckled, "let me walk you to class"

"What about the others? Wouldn't they be worried? We can wait out here"

"Anni I'm pretty sure they wouldn't want you getting sick come one it's fine," Heecheon pulled my arm with him.

"Aish I guess so," I just gave in.

Heecheon Oppa walked me to class. A lot of girls who were there early kept looking at us. I looked at Heecheon and he was smiling. He seem to really enjoy this. I tugged on his sleeves and he looked down at me.

"Oppa I'm not comfortable with all this staring," I pouted.

"I know," he laughed at me, "but they won't do anything because I am here so I'm proud"

I smiled at him. He seems so proud of himself that I can't stop him from it. We got to my class and I went in, but Heecheon Oppa followed me inside. I heard some of the girls squeal as he walked passed them. I turned around to look at him, but he didn't look at anyone else but me. Heecheon Oppa smiled at me. I turned around and sat in my seat. He sat in the seat in front of me and just looked at me without saying anything. Oppa is so weird today. Why is he being like this? Is something up? Why won't he say anything to me? Did he eat anything funny?

"Oppa? What's wrong with you?"

He chuckled at me,"Nothing. I'm just happy to have met you. And I'm just proud that I have a little sister to look over"

"Oppa you don't have any sibilings huh?"

"Nope, none. I only have Halo and we are all close in age so it doesn't really matter. But Yoondong is like my little brother and so is Jungkook, but you are my little sister and it makes me happy I can be an Oppa to someone"

I smiled at him. He is so cute to be so happy about that. I can't say much he has taken me by surprise. As I took out my things for my first class the rest of Halo came in. By the time they got there a lot more students arrived and the class was almost full. Heecheon Oppa was still sitting in front of me. The girl who sat there didn't mind, instead she was star-struck and couldn't say anything to Oppa. I knew Halo was coming because I heard a lot of squealing and a lot of girls were going crazy. I smiled as I tried to hide myself because they always embarrase me if my Oppas aren't here.

"Oh my dear Jinammie where are you," Ooon Oppa yelled.

I giggled and didn't look up. I don't want them to see my flushed pink face. They always know how to embarrase me no matter what the situation is. All of Halo walked over and I could feel their presence around me. I heared a chair get pulled out, I'm assuming it's Yoondonggie sitting down getting ready for class.

"Annyeong Yoondonggie," I said with my head still down. 

Yoondong chuckled, "Morning Jinammie"

"Hey hey hey what about us?" I heard Jaeyoung Oppa.

I slowly looked up and smiled, "Ara ara ara annyeong Oppa"

"Annyeong," They all said together with a smile.

Author's POV:

The bell rung and Halo went to class. Everyone settled down as the teacher came in. As soon as the teacher put his things down he began to call roll everyone was here until he got to Jungkook's name.

"Ah Mr. Im Jungkook isn't here today," Jinam quickly said.

"Ah yes. Darling why are you here if your brother isn't here either?" Mr. Im asked.

"Oh umm because my dad only asked for the boys today," Jinam had an awkward smiled.

"Ok now that everyone is here let's start"

After three hours of learning it was finally lunch. Jinam got lunch with Yoondong, but she left quicker and Yoondong lost her in the crowd. As Jinam walked with her food in her hand she looked up and noticed that Jiwoo was in front of her. She stopped in her foot steps a little scared. Jinam took in a breath and showed that she wasn't scared of Jiwoo. But soon the rest of Jiwoo's friend came around her and Jinam got scared.

"Ha I see that you have no one here with you today. Not even Namjoon Oppa is here to protect you," Jiwoo smirked.

"And what does that have to do with anything?" Jinam snapped back.

"Everything darling," Jiwoo slowly shook her head.

"Why don't you just enjoy your lunch," Jinam tried to walk away.

Jiwoo pulled Jinam's arm and made her stumble backwards. Jiwoo grabbed Jinam's drink and poured it over her head. Jinam just stood there not knowing what to do. Jiwoo laughed and threw the cup at Jinam.

"I warned you Jinam and I'm serious about it," Jiwoo walked away.

Jinam took a big sigh and looked up to see a bunch of worried eyes staring at her. Since Heecheon said something about Jinam some people are worried for her, while others are staring at Jinam laughing at her. Jinam put her head back down and just walked out and went to the roof top. When she got there all of Halo was there waiting for her. Tears were flowing down her cheek as she was all wet and sticky from the drink. Inhaeng noticed Jinam and quickly went to her with a smile. He then saw that she was a wet and lifted her chin up.

"Yah who did this to you?" Inhaeng asked.

"Umm......I acidently spilt it on myself," Jinam tried to lie.

"You spilt it on yourself? From your head down? Really Jinam, you can't fool me," Inhaeng sighed.

The rest of Halo walked over to them,"Yah what happened?" Ooon asked.

"Nothing really don't worry about it I'm fine," Jinam didn't look at anyone and walked to were they were sitting.

Heecheon walked over to Jinam and he told the rest of Halo to wait,"Jinammie, talk to Oppa"

"Anni I'm fine let's eat I'm hungry," Jinam said while tears were flowing down her cheeks and she ate her sandwhich.

Heecheon sighed and motion everyone to come. They all ate in silence. Jinam wouldn't talk to them. She didn't dare say anything to them. She hated that they had to watch over her but she hated the most when all of them started to worry about her. She knows she can fight her own fight she's just not so sure of it right now since she is dealing with a Sunbae.

Jinam kept eating her food while tears kept flowing. All of Halo sighed because they couldn't do anything to help her. She wouldn't even tell them what happened. They can already tell what happened they just want her to tell them so that they know for sure. They also wanted to gain Jinam's trust as much as they can so that she doesn't feel unsafe with them around her. Yoondong looked at Jinam and sighed. He was upset with himself because he had lost Jinam and didn't think about looking for her. He just assumed that she will be ok. Yoondong continued eating his food looking down, as he was ashamed of himself. Heecheon was sad, he thought he had Jinam's trust but she wouldn't even tell him what happened. Halo sighed again together and just ate their food in silence. 

After they were done eating Yoondong cleaned up after everyone and threw it away. Heecheon tried again to get Jinam to say something.

"Jinammie, please talk to me," Heecheon kneeled down to Jinam.

She wouldn't look at him. Heecheon lifted up her chin and saw the sadness in her eyes. Heecheon couldn't say anything and just hugged Jinam. As soon as he pulled her into the hug Jinam began to cry. She was so hurt and embarrased that it really killed her. She didn't know what to do. Jungkook wasn't there, Jimin wasn't there, Seokjin wasn't there, no one was there but Halo. She really had to put her trust in them now.

"Jiwoo, she did this to," Jinam said in between sniffs.

"That's all we needed to hear Nammie," Heecheon rubbed Jinam's back, "now please stop crying."

Jinam sniffed, looked at Heecheon, and wipped her eyes. Heecheon gave her an encouraging smile.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you guys earlier. I was just so ashamed I didn't stand up for myself"

"Don't be. We are here to protect you not make fun of you," Ooon smiled at her.

"Thank you guys so much. You guys are the best. Thank you for being here for me when Bangtan isn't here. I really appreciate you guys so much I don't know what I would do without you guys around," Jinam smiled.

"Now let's go get you new clothes and you need to wash up," Jaeyoung pulled Jinam up.

They took Jinam to the nurse and told her what happen. The nurse nodded and didn't say anything. She gave Jinam extra clothes and lead her to the bathroom to wash up. Halo stood there and waited for Jinam just incase anything happened. They just want to be there for her and make sure that she feels safe.

After a long and hard day school was finally over for them. Halo walked Jinam home and waited till Bangtan got back home. It was around seven when they all came back. Bangtan thanked Halo for watching over Jinam as Halo was leaving. Jinam greeted Bangtan and then went up to her room. Jimin felt that something happened, but didn't want to ask. As soon as that happen Jimin got a text from Heecheon telling him what happened at school. Jimin sighed and went up to his room. He needed to record.

Jimin's POV:

From: Heecheon

Hey Jimin, I just wanted to let you know that Jiwoo

finally approached Jinam. She poured juice on Jinam

and it really affected her. She wouldn't talk to us and

she ate her lunch quietly, but I got it out of her. She

might not tell you guys since she is embarrased and

ashamed of herself. I'm very sorry we didn't do a good

job protecting her today.

To: Heecheon

Thank you for just even looking over her today. It was

going to happen soon. I'm just glad you guys were there

to comfort her and be by her side when we weren't around.

I'm pretty sure you guys made her feel even safer by doing

that. Thank you again for being there for my sister.

*sigh* Why didn't she tell me this? Why would she keep it a secret? From her own brother? Why is she so embarrased towards us? Gosh Jinam you make me so worried. You won't even tell us what happened today. I need to record, I don't know what but I need to do something.

"Hello there Jinam. I know today wasn't the best for you Jinam. You can't hide things from your Oppa. I will always know when something is wrong. Things happen and this was ment to happen. We will defeat this together. I know you want to fight your own fight but Oppa is still here, so please let Oppa help you. I know you are a strong girl but I want you to know that I will always be here. You can't forget us, we live with you. If you can't even tell Halo then what about us? We have always been here for you but instead you keep it from us? Come on Nammie, I know it's hard but Oppa is worried for you so let's get through this together. *sigh* I love you with all my heart Jinam so please don't leave me out of things especially if people are bullying you like this."

Tears began to fall down my cheeks. I quickly wipped them and smiled at the camera, "Goodbye for now. I'll come back soon to update things." I turned off the camera and sighed. I really can't see my sister like this. It really kills me to see that she is that way. I don't know what to do when I leave her at school. I know Jungkook is around her, but I need to be around her as well. I don't like seeing her like this. I have this year and next year to take care of her then I'm leaving it to Jungkook like I always do. *sigh*



A/N Another update :) Because I have been keeping you guys waiting for so long


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