Chapter 15

My Idol Boyfriend
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With a swift turn, Kyungsoo spun you around and hid you with his body. You saw a woman staggering towards you with obvious hatred burning in her eyes. The weird thing is, she was worryingly familiar.

You heard stomps getting louder and louder and from the corner of your eyes, someone was charging towards you. With quick reflexes, you turned around to see it is the same girl with the cap you saw downstairs, her hands gripping on to a penknife tightly. Now that you could see her face, she had a very dramatic make-up on that carries a vicious look. As she ran closer towards you, she shoved the penknife towards the direction of your face and instinctively, you shield your face with your arms causing the penknife to cut a deep slit onto your arm and blood was gushing out as you fell on the ground.

The vivid memory of the bad encounter you had few weeks back flashed through your mind and everything seems to make sense now that realization has dawned upon you.

As she approached closer and closer, she raised her arm that clenched around the penknife diving it in the direction of your face. She was determined to disfigure that ty looks of yours, or so she thought. Why else would you be able to hanging around her oppas? It didn’t made sense to her. But from your angle, it seems as if her angle was disoriented and is shoving towards Kyungsoo’s shoulders instead.

“Oppa!” You shrieked in horror. Instinctively, you struggled to get your hands out of his tight grasp and held on to the penknife with your bare hands, stopping her from hurting Kyungsoo. “Ahh!” You yelped as the surging pain got your injured palm numb in seconds.

The sasaeng tried to pull her weapon back but you held on tighter to prevent her from another attack because you’re not sure if you can stop her the second time.

“What are you doing?!” A security guard yelled from the entrance of the building. She retreated her steps and scurried for her attempt to escape before the guard could catch her. But letting her go scot free the second time would be stupidity. Kyungsoo grabbed her by the arm just in time for the guard to apprehend her.

You wriggled out of Kyungsoo’s embrace, turned to the guard and said, “Please don’t reveal any information about EXO’s Kyungsoo or the other members. If the police need anything, ask them to contact me instead.” You then handed him your business card.

“Get away from them, .” She hissed.

The guard pulled her arm and shot back, “Keep quiet!” Kyungsoo was fuming with anger by then.

The guard nodded and thanked you while you bowed in return. After she was being dragged away, Kyungsoo lifted your injured hand causing the pain to gush in your veins again, you could feel the wound probing. “Ouch!” You winced a little like an injured puppy and a tear stayed stationary at the corner of your eye.

“Are you dumb or stupid?” He spat, rolling his eyes.

“Is there a difference? Why are you mad at me, oppa?” You felt terribly wronged. Excuse you, who just saved him from an injury?

“Or do you not have enough common sense to tell you to dodge danger and not dive into danger? You held on to the penknife with your bare hands, mind you! You even gripped on it tighter when she was fighting back! I honestly do not know what goes through your head. Do you think you’re made of steel?”

You were the one who asked me to stand five feet away from you, psh. You pouted to the ground before looking back up. He stared straight into your eyes and strangely, you felt a little , as if he could read through your mind.

“She… She was aiming for my face but it seems like she is going to miss it and hit your sh- shoulders inst-tead.” You stuttered nervously.

Without a word, he held on lightly to your wrist and pulled you in the building to head for the elevator. That few minutes seemed to last an eternity and the silence was making the tense atmosphere thicken by ten folds.

Kyungsoo unlocked the door and you followed him behind and closed them in. The others were sitting in the living room, watching television programmes.

“Hello everyone~” You tried to ignore the incident just now and cheered. “Look what I’ve got for you guys?” You asked with wriggled brows and held up the delicately designed paper bag up with your uninjured hand which successfully got everyone’s attention.

“Chocolates!” Luhan tried with glistening eyes.

“Nope~” You cooed.

Kyungsoo ransacked the cupboard for th

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