After the break up
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Unable to focus on the tv, an anxious Karina would look at the kitchen every two seconds to see her ex preparing dinner for her. Seeing her doing that made the blondie so nostalgic cause Winter used to cook for her whenever she stayed over. 


Due to Karina's parents being complete busy with their careers, Karina was most of the time alone at home, and since she was a scaredycat she would invite Winter over most of the time. 


Finished with everything, Kim Minjoeng put everything on tray and brough it to the living room. "I prepared you kimbap." she told her with a smile as she sat next to her. 


"Here" She said, handing her some chopsticks. 


"What about you? Aren't you hungry?" 


"No. I'm still a bit stressed." 


Karina grabbed her glass of juice "Why?" she asked concerned. 


Winter looked at her "Well, i was really worried." she admitted softly. 


The two looked at each other for some time until Karin turned her attention to the tv, destroying the odd vibe. It was obvious she didn't want to fall for that "She's so good at making me soft." she thought scared of the effect Winter has on her. 


The brown haired also turned her attention to the tv "Hey, i'm watching this show too." she let out with a smile. 


Karina ignored her and continued eating, however sooner than she expected more momories came to her mind making her sensitive. Unexpectedly, things turned more awkward when the main character was unfaithful to his girlfiend.


An irritate Kim Mnjeong wanted to change the tv show, but she wasn't capable of moving or doing any kind of noise. She couldn't feel more unlucky tonight. 


"Was expected... She didn't want to have with him yet, so he went to look for another girl." 


A trembling Kim Minjeong heard that, and for some reason it felt like stab to her "It's not like that! He's a and you know it since chapter one!" she told her


"It's okay." The black haired said, then gave her the tray. "I can't walk to the kicthen with all that." she added


Winter took a deep breath, then grabbed the tray with the dishes and walked to the kitchen to wash them. She couldn't help to think about that night and how she was an idiot. "I didn't want anyone else." she thought as she did the dishes. 


"What happened that night with me?" She asked to herself as she tried to remember something useful, but everything was a mess in her head and now she was doubting of herself. What if Karina is right and she did that like the main character of that show? Will Karina be able to firgive her for that kind of betrayal?



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winselle the dumb and dumber duo
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Chapter 30: I just finished this one, I liked how it was different from the other stuff you have done. They’re all dummies and I love them for that
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Chapter 25: they are sooo cute🐶🩷😭
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