After the break up
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Listening to her best complaining as she grabbed some books of her locker, Uchinaga Giselle could do nothing but to space. It was annoying how confused she was since saturday night. 


"I'm telling you, we were so close to...I wanna cry." Winter let out, going crazy for Karina. 


Giselle closed her locker's door and looked at her best friend "What kind of idiot put her address on Facebook?" she asked with a frown. 


"I created it when i was 13. I'm a idiot. I know, nothing new! Help me!" Winter spoke in panic. 


"I thought you were a genius" 


Winter pouted and looked down to her feet sulking at her bad luck. "I'm back on square one." she whispered hopeless.


"Yeah, you ar..." 


Suddenly, someone pushed Giselle back and made her hit her face against her cold locker. 


"What the.." Winter couldn't complete her sentence, while Giselle turned her head to see who did that to her. 


"I'm sorry. My bad." Yunjin let out acting concerned with a smile on her face. 


Giselle rubbed her forehead "What is your problem?" she asked, raising her tone of voice and getting the others' sttention. 


"You really wanna know?" She asked, standing way too close to Giselle. 


Winter looked at the two sensing that nothing good might if they continued like that "We need to.. calm down." she tried to speak. 


"Winter, don't get involve." Giselle said serious still having eye contact with Yujin. 


The brown scratched her head "It's okay.. It was an accident. We need to be peaceful. You don't want to turn this into South Korea and North Korea thing. We are all the same" she said nervously and looking around cause she wanted a teacher to come soon.


"Giselle. Let's meet after class without your mascot and let's resolve this." 


"Did you call me mascot?" Winter asked annoyed, but Yujin didn't listen and just walked away. 


Giselle only looked at Yujin's back until she heard Winter's tantrum "You should have scratched her face. You were really disappointing, G." she told the japanese girl. 


"You're calling me disappointing? Who was talking about being peace?" 


"That was before she called me mascot. You were way too docile." Winter answered, acting up. 


Giselle smiled "Seriously? You have never fought someone before. What do you know about it?" she asked, finding her friend hilarious. 


Winter smiled too. "There's no need to know how fight. I mean everything it's only about attitude." she answered acting cool. 


"Fascinating. Tell me more." 


The brown haired got serious "Well, everything starts with a good posture, and the eyes. You can not forget them. You have to look at the other person as if you want to kill he

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