After the break up
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Waiting at the shopping mall with her best friend, Kim Minjeong looked around for their dates "She was so annoying and look at her coming so late." she let out upset. 


"I don't get what am i doing here?" Giselle asked annoyed. 


The brown haired turned her attention to her best friend "Aren't you my best friend?" she asked her with a frown on her face. 


The japenese didn't reply and ignored that. 


"Are you seriously going to abandon your friend, your sister, the dumb for your dumber?" Winter asked acting dramatic


Giselle sighed in defeat with that type of manipulation "Yes, i am your bf but the last thing i need is meeting another girl and you.. Don't you want Karina back? Isn't she going to get more upset after this?" she asked. 


"She's already angry at me for beating her lover's in class. This is plan b." Minjeong answered, then looked around searching for the ones she was waiting for. 


"Plan b?" 


"Yes, plan A failed because of Yunjin. I was so close to..." Winter said with a long sigh wanting to touch to Karina again. 


The japanese girl nodded "And plan be is..."  she asked confused


Winter smiled "Getting her in the mood and make her confess. I am going to record everything." She answered pointing at her jacket's pocket.  


"Do you think she's a fool?" 


"No, but my plan is great." 


"What if she doesn't confess? Do you have a plan C?" 


"Totally. I will tie her up until plan D come to my head." Winter answered, showing her dimples and her thumb up. 


Giselle facepalmed herself "Idiot." she murmured., not believing how they have become each other's person. "I knew this person wasn't in her right mind when i saw her paying a lot of money on animal corssing. Who does that?" she reflected until her best friend shook her shoulder. 


"Okay, charming and nice." She told her, seeing how the two approached. 


Suddenly, Yunjin hugged Winter "Finally." she said with a smile, while the brown haired did her best not to push her away fro invading her space. 


Yunjin stopped hugging her, while Giselle and Yunjin's friend looked at each other. "This is Juria." she told her with a smile. 


"Nice to meet you." 


"Nice to meet you too." Giselle let out awkward cause she didn't want to be there.


Winter exhaled "So, what do we do?" she asked with a smile and wrapping her arm around Giselle's neck 


"What about cinema?" Yunjin asked excitedly and taking that arm for herself. 


Giselle had no thoughts 


"Cinema would be fine." Juria let out with a bright smile, since Giselle was her type and she wanted to spend time with her.


"Really? What a cheesy thing! We can do better! Besides, i brought my dad's car and also got something else in there." Winter spoke, doing her best to not choke Yunjin with her arm. After all, she needed her alive to confess. 


Yunjin looked at her "And what do you have in mind?" she asked curious. 


"We can go somewhere else. Observe the stars and drink whatever i have in my car." Winter answered with certain flirty tone, while Giselle couldn't believe what she was hearing. She just hated that side of her loser friend. 


Juria nodded "That sounds really nice. What do you think?" she asked to Giselle "Yeah. Totally." she said not so happy. 


Just like that, the four girls walked to the parking lot where they got in the car and talked as Giselle drove around the city. Of couse, Winter told her to which place first. 


"Aren't scared?" Yunjin asked. 


"Yes, terrified." Winter answered as she thought about losing Karina forever. 


Juria tried talking to Giselle, but this one was completely uninterested driving. Yes, some other time she would be playing along and do something about Juria's gaze on her, h

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