After the break up
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Surprised at the cold treatment her best friend was doing to her ex, Giselle couldn't help to be curious about it "What happened? why aren't you saying something stupid?" she asked as Winter observed at the other students having lunch around them. 


The brown haired turned her attention to her best friend "This is plan D." she answered. 


"And it consists in.." 


"Ignoring her." 


Giselle sighed "Didn't you do that already?" she asked, sittig next to her on a bench


"No, this is different. I will make her miss me like crazy, and then i will buy her the nicest ring ever and propose, so she will say yes right away because by that time she will know that she needs me like nothing else in her life" 


"What did you say?" Giselle asked in panic and even stood up, but Winter seemed to be very calmed about it


The japanese girl grabbed her friend by her tie and pulled her up "Why do you want to do something like that? We are teens... there's a lot to live in college." she tried reasoning with her. 


"I don't care if i'm young. I wanna marry her." 


"You don't even have money. Yes, you're freaking smart... but that won't pay off until you graduate from college."


Winter shrugged "I made some money online and also sold all my rare pokemon cards." she let out. 


"All of them? Wouldn't be better to fix your phone than proposing and acting dumb?" Giselle asked still weirded out. 


The brown haired pulled her tie "Why would i do that? Even if i repair the phone, Karina is way too stubborn. I need to prove my love, for her to have no doubts" she explained as logical she could. 




"I rather be dumb and fight for what i want than being dumber hiding my true feelings." 


Giselle took that to heart "You don't know !" she let out pushing her to the bench where Winter sat. 


"All i know is that you fought for Ningning's honor, but still you refuse to acknowledge your feelings." 


The two looked at each other intensively as if they wanted to kill the other, however seconds later Giselle blinked. 




The japanse girl exhaled "Then what do i do?" she asked. 


"Go big or go home" Winter told her , crossing her arms 


"Big? I... i have never gone big." 


Winter smirked "I know... that's why you will work at my uncle's coffee shop with

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Chapter 20: si delulu 😭
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Chapter 14: 2 idiots
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Chapter 1: gonna start reading this one while waiting for bad romance
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Chapter 30: I just finished this one, I liked how it was different from the other stuff you have done. They’re all dummies and I love them for that
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Chapter 25: they are sooo cute🐶🩷😭
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Chapter 24: wow that's a different level of being an idiot Winter? seriously? I SO HATE WINTER IN THIS FIC. does she even use her brain? or does she even have it? she fr is the most annoying since the very beginning. i think i might stop reading after this chapter, im so stressed bye