After the break up
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An angry, Kim Minjeong looked at the girl sitting in front of her. "You can't do this to me! You need to tell my girlfriend what you told me" she spoke, doing her best to control herself. 


"C'mon. Giselle is hot, but i barely know her. I want you to be my fake girlfriend." 


Winter hit the table with her fist "I told you i can't. I want my girlfriend back." she said serious, but Yunjin shrugged "I want to get rid of my ex. So please help me. She won't find out. I promise." she let out. 


The brown haired scratched her head desperately. 


"It's only two weeks." Yunjin added. 


"!" Winter mumured angry before standing up. "No kissing or touching." she added before leaving the coffee shop very mad at the world for this situation. She wanted Karina and no one else. 


As she walked to the bus stop, she couldn't stop blaming herself for being such a fool. Even if she didn't do anything with that girl. It was really stupid going to that party just because she was missing Karina like crazy in her room.  


She saw her bus picking up the people at the stop, but she didn't mind on running or anything. She just didn't care and walked on the same pace. 


Once there, she sat to continue blaming herself for everything that's happening, however memories of all the things she did to keep Karina by her side started displaying in her head. "No. I'm not going to lose you.  I really worked hard for you." she spoke as she thought about how she stole her ex from Jaemin.They were three at that time so for her it was the same as today. 


Not depressed anymore, she pulled out her phone of her pocket and checked her ex insta to see where she was. Her eyes widened when she saw that Karina was in a ice cream store in the same area. 


The brown haired stood up and went there as fast as possible. When she entered to the mentioned place, she clenched her fists seeing how Yeji was whispering things in her ear, then she tood up and walked to the ladies' room


"This ." She mumured furious, then walked to their table and sat next to Karina


Karina looked at her ex "What are you doing here?" she asked shocked. 


"Long time no see. Where were you? I texted you in the morning" Winter asked irritated and controlling herself, but she was burning up.




"Great. That's one of my favorite places. We should go there together.. Like now!" Winter told her, then grabbed her arm and pulled her with her. 


Karina tried to refuse, but her ex was a savage and took her out against her will. "Stop! stop!" she spoke, but Winter didn't l

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jushshhh 20 streak #1
Chapter 20: si delulu 😭
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Chapter 14: 2 idiots
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Chapter 20: this fanfic is purely comedy 😭
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Chapter 1: gonna start reading this one while waiting for bad romance
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Chapter 30: I just finished this one, I liked how it was different from the other stuff you have done. They’re all dummies and I love them for that
blanketlove 93 streak #8
Chapter 25: they are sooo cute🐶🩷😭
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Chapter 2: Oh my god she’s a queen for the soap move, lmaoo I’m crying
Chapter 24: wow that's a different level of being an idiot Winter? seriously? I SO HATE WINTER IN THIS FIC. does she even use her brain? or does she even have it? she fr is the most annoying since the very beginning. i think i might stop reading after this chapter, im so stressed bye