After the break up
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In the hall, Kim Minjeong looked at her ex talking to Yeji. "! she's not joking." she thought seeing how both were laughing and flirting. "What should i do? what should i do?" She thought angry at the two being together. 


The brown haired shook her can of soda before approaching the two "Hello. How are you?" she asked 




"Yes, Minjeong came here to apologize for telling you that stupid rumor." Karina let out with a smile on her face. 


Winter raised an eyebrow, but then just agreed "Yeah.. I gotta admit those rumors were unfounded, so i wanted to aplogize to you Karina. Here, your favorite soda." she spoke offering the can in hand.


Karina's smile faded cause it was indeed her favorite one "Fanta" 


"This is nice." Yeji spoke with a smile. 


"Yeah. Now everything cleared, i will see G." Winter let out acting dumb. "See you in class." she said before walking away. 


Karina looked at the can of soda, having many thoughts about it. 


"Drink some." Yeji said. 


Winter gave only three steps and soon she heard some gasps in the hall. The fanta splashed on Karina's uniform and face. "Omg!" she said, giving her best act and getting closer to her ex. 


Yeji was open mouthed. 


"Let's go... I will help you!" Winter let out, pulling Karina with her, then took her to the nearest restroom, where Winter grabbed some wipes of her bag to help the taller. 


Karina stopped her hand "What the hell? Kim Minjeong!" she called ready to go balistic. 


"Calm down! It was an accident." Winter lied, wiping Karina's face tenderly.


The taller grabbed the wipe of her hand harhsly "I don't believe you." she answered, then turned around to see the mirror. 


"I'm sorry, Karina. It wasn't my intention to stop your flirting time." Winter lied again, hoping her nose won't get bigger. 


Kairna looked at her through the mirror "You don't fool me. You must be jealous..." she said angry. 


"Jealous of what?" Winter asked, acting dumb. 


"Of Yeji." 


Winter frowned "Oh please.. " she answered. 


"Yeji likes me and i like her, so better get used to it." Karina told her, getting hurt at those words cause she didn't like Yeji. 


The brown haired scoffed "Get down of your horse.. Yeji likes anyone." she let out. 


"Oh really?" 


Winter gulped, but soon recovered "Yes, at the party we were having so much fun without you and i think i like her too." she told her, wantiing to hurt her just like she did seconds ago. 




"Yes,yes, yes" 


Karina threw her the wipe "You think you have

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winselle the dumb and dumber duo
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Chapter 1: gonna start reading this one while waiting for bad romance
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Chapter 30: I just finished this one, I liked how it was different from the other stuff you have done. They’re all dummies and I love them for that
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Chapter 25: they are sooo cute🐶🩷😭
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